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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 120 – You murderer! 1/2 It could be seen that, after You Yinguang ate the pill, he sat onto the floor with his legs crossed and began revolving his martial skill to quickly dissolve the medicinal effect. After a while had passed, You Yinguang stood up and laughed, “I’m done.” “Are you sure that you are done?” Lie Gu drank a mouth of beer and looked towards You Yinguang’s crotch. Everyone couldn’t help but looked towards You Yinguang’s crotch. Immediately, they were startled. I didn’t expect that this old fellow would be rather packed. You Yinguang’s face turned pale with fright. I actually didn’t sense it until he mentioned it to me! Suddenly, the heat that disappeared just a while ago returned with a heat that was a few times hotter than before!!! You Yinguang’s entire body was bright red right now. Not daring to be careless, You Yinguang ate a few pills in succession, then sat down cross-legged and refined the pills. However, not only was doing that useless, You Yinguang felt like his body was about to explode. Furthermore, his body was starting to swell up! “How could this be! Why would this happen! Just what kind of pill is this!!!” You Yinguang questioned angrily, he felt that he was going to explode any time soon. Lie Gu said leisurely, “Didn’t you said it yourself just now? This is a yang strengthening pill.” The four elders were startled. I didn’t expect that the medicinal effect of that black pill would be so exceptional, to actually be able to allow an elderly who is over 90 years old to regain his youth, this is too mystical… “You! You! You are shameless!” “Don’t speak nonsense already, your antidote is right over there.” Lie Gu pointed to the few women who were by the corner. Those women were the women who were scared to the point that they went insane. You Yinguang was someone who has his own dignity, therefore, how would he be able to do something like this? Having his reputation destroyed at such an age was not a good thing! “Where is the toilet at?” You Yinguang asked gravely, he couldn’t endure the medicinal effect anymore. Wei Chang pointed to the passage at the side, “The toilet is right to the left of the passage.” You Yinguang moved, and in a blink of an eye, he had already entered into the toilet. The others were even able to hear the sound of the toilet door closing. The other elders wrinkled their brows and turned their faces to the side. Vulgar! This is truly vulgar! However, is the medicinal effect of that pill really that good? That You Yinguang practically seemed like he had completely regained his youth. A comfortable moan rang out from the toilet, and without long, with a comfortable expression on his face, You Yinguang walked out of the toilet. You Yinguang’s old face was rosy, seemingly like he had cured an ineradicable disease that had been troubling him for years. A trace of envy appeared on the faces of the other elders. When they got to such an age, hardly anything could pique their interest anymore. However, when they saw You Yinguang’s expression, they couldn’t help but think back to the time when they were young. However, the mightiness and vigor they had once possessed were now but a thing from the past. “Oh, old fellow is rather quick huh.” You Yinguang’s brows wrinkled, what do you mean by quick, I obviously took more than three minutes, and yet you are saying as if it took me only a few moments. “You think that a mere yang strengthening pill would be able to make me embarrass myself? You overestimated your capabilities.” You Yinguang stretched out his right hand and stroke onto his beard. The numerous disciples couldn’t help but feel disgusted. Lie Gu laughed lightly, “Old fellow, you are looking down too much on my I want It Everyday Pill.” Right after Lie Gu finished speaking, You Yinguang felt that a certain part of his body was having a reaction again, and his expression turned pale, “You! You! Just how did you concoct this pill!” “What? Are you thinking of selling this pill of mine? I’m not going to tell you.” You Yinguang gasped heavily. The medicinal effect is coming too quickly! This won’t do! I have to go back into the toilet and settle it! Three minutes later. You Yinguang slowly walked out of the toilet. And this time, his expression didn't seem to be looking great. However, right after coming out for a few moments, he immediately ran back into the toilet. Two minutes later. You Yinguang slowly walked out of the toilet. This time, his right hand was somewhat trembling and his breathing was urgent. However, before he had even walked back to the bar, he ran back to the toilet again. A minute and a half later. You Yinguang slowly walked out of the toilet while holding onto the wall. His face was still flushing, and even his legs were trembling right now. However, only after a few moments of coming out, he immediately ran back into the toilet again. A minute later. You Yinguang was more or less crawling out of the toilet right now. This is practically a torture, if this continue on, don’t need for my body to explode, I will die from exhausting up my life force. “Antidote… Give me the antidote…” You Yinguang stretched out his skinny and bony right hand, and on his right hand, there was actually some sparkling and translucent liquid on it. Upon seeing that, everyone couldn’t help but feel sick in their stomach. The 20+ disciples knew that this would be the result. Elder! Why are you so naïve! These two are basically big swindlers!


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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