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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 120 – You murderer! 2/2 You Yinguang felt like his chest was on fire, and because he could not release the fire within his chest, his body was gradually swelling up again. Without long, You Yinguang who was still skinny and bony just a while ago swelled up to the point that he looked just like a 100kg fatty. This kind of change caused everyone to become astonished. Forget whatever new style of Fight the Landlord, or whatever Happy Airplane Chess, this is what a true torture is really like, a fate worse than death! Lie Gu sighed, “Old man, didn’t I told you already? The antidote is right there, and yet you stubbornly want to use your hand instead, is it even worth the trouble?” Everyone looked towards the few insane women who were hiding at the corner, then looked at the You Yinguang whose body was still continuing on swelling up. Just what is this place, why is this place so frightening and eerie, these two are practically demons! You Yinguang of course understood what Lie Gu meant, however, once I did a thing like that, my reputation will be tarnished! If words of it were to spread out, what face would I even have anymore!!! Also, just what is this f**king yang strengthening pill, to actually be able to allow the person’s mind to maintain cool-headed and allow the person to think over things just like a normal person. If it was the kind of yang strengthening pill that makes one lose all their cool, I wouldn’t have the need to think so much now. But… but… if I lose my life here, what use would keeping my face even do for me!!! You Yinguang turned his head around and looked towards the few women who were trembling at the corner, then rushed towards them, not caring about anything else anymore. Because of the placement of the lights, the corners were comparatively dim. Everyone was not able to clearly see what was happening in the corner, however, everyone was able to clearly hear the wonderful melody that was playing in the corner. “This old fellow sure is dissolute.” Lie Gu laughed. The faces of the elders were solemn. This You Yinguang is too shameless, to actually undergo such an act in public, do you not want that old face of yours anymore! After quite a while, Cloud Sect’s elder, Xing Tian, felt that it was more or less enough already, no matter how strong the medicinal effect is, it should have been dissolved already. Thus, while with one of his hands still placed behind his back, Xing Tian waved his other hand towards You Yinguang. You Yinguang who was still busy detoxifying the poison suddenly fainted onto the floor. Lie Gu was very unhappy as he asked gravely, “What are you doing? The old man was still busy detoxifying the poison!” “It’s more or less enough already.” Xing Tian said coldly. That sound that they are making in the corner is making my stomach feel sick. Alright… In actuality, I’m just feeling jealous. “What do you mean by it’s more or less enough? You truly do not understand this I Want It Everyday Pill of mine. Originally, the old man was busy detoxifying the poison, and yet you actually suddenly break him off while he was busy with detoxifying the poison!” Lie Gu sighed, seemingly like he was feeling sorry for the old man. Wei Chang said calmly, “You murderer.” “I!!!” Xing Tang opened his eyes wide. I have never seen someone so shameless before, to actually say that I am the murderer! Lie Gu said, “Everyone saw it just now right? I pointed the right path to the old man with kindness, and yet, this guy actually stopped the old man from trying to save his own life. May I ask, if this person is not a murderer, what is he then?” “A bunch of nonsense!” Xing Tian shouted out angrily. Traceless Pavilion’s elder, Tu Rong, said, “Elder Xing, regarding this matter, you are indeed the one who is in the wrong.” “Elder Xing, although Elder You’s action was unsightly, he did it in order to save his own life. Why did you have to go and cut him off.” South Alliance’s Gao Shuang spoke out too. “That’s right, since Elder You chose to do that, I’m sure that he understood the consequences that would follow by afterward. Elder Xing, isn’t this action of yours basically severing Elder You’s chances of surviving?” Raising Thunder Sect’s elder, Wen Rui, said lightly. Xing Tian’s eyes were opened up wide. I didn’t expect that during such a crucial moment, those people would suddenly attack me! However, after thinking about it, it makes sense! My sect discovered a treasure, and yet, my sect chose to secretly dig out the treasure. It would be strange if they didn’t hate us for doing that. Furthermore, the action that I just did just so happened to give them a chance to attack me! Wei Chang and Lie Gu were not very clear about the details of those peoples’ situations, the two just felt that it was very interesting to watch those people fight amongst themselves. Wei Chang and Lie Gu could be counted as having achieved Ye Hua's requirement, which was to get those people to fight amongst themselves. Lie Gu held onto the bottle of beer and laughed, “Elder Xing, it’s not like that the old man is unsavable anymore. Since you were the one who broke him off while he was busy detoxifying himself, you should go and help him detoxify the poison now.”

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