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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 121 – Is this a corpse party? 1/2 After listening to what Lie Gu said, Xing Tian’s expression turned extremely ugly. He is actually telling me to go help that You Yinguang out! What does he want me to help You Yinguang out with!!! “Elder Xing, if you don’t help him out, you are going to be guilty of being a murderer. If you are guilty of being a murderer, you will have to go to jail!.” Every word that Lie Gu spoke caused Xing Tian to get angrier and angrier. Right now, Xing Tian wished that he could eat the high school student that was in front of him! While everyone was talking, You Yinguang who had lost his consciousness began to swell up even more again. The speed that You Yinguang was swelling up at was frightening, in just a short while, You Yinguang became just like a ball. “It’s too late.” Lie Gu sighed. Bang! The sound of an explosion suddenly rang out. The few women who had gone insane still did not understand just what had happened, and they were still giggling foolishly by themselves while their bodies were covered with blood. “Tsk, tsk, tsk… Refusing to help even when you saw that the old fellow was dying. The disciples of that whatsoever Zen Sect can leave now.” Lie Gu waved his hand. However, not a single person left the bar. “Are you all waiting to eat supper? You all can leave already.” Lei Gu rushed. One of the person said in a low voice, “Only a total of four people from Dry Zen Sect came to the bar, three men and one woman.” Lie Gu went into a daze, this is too tragic, say, why did you all even try to probe out the bar? His Honor’s territory is not something that you all can afford to try and probe out. “Alright, alright, bring that woman out of the bar.” A few men walked to the corner and pulled onto one of the women who had gone insane, then led the woman out of the bar. Right after the woman left the bar, an exaggerated laughter rang out from outside of the bar. And without long, the ear-piercing sound of a car hitting onto the brakes rang out. Lie Gu let out a long sigh, “A young lady in her prime of youth is gone just like this. This is all you elders’ faults, to anyhow give orders, and even more, doing nothing to save them while watching them suffer. Sigh…” In actuality, the two didn’t intend on killing anyone because what they wanted to do was just merely intimidate. Just a while ago, Lie Gu had already revealed the answer to the old fellow, and yet, the old fellow was still murdered by one of the elders, the old man was truly pitiful. “My turn!” Xing Tian shouted out gravely. Lie Gu’s interest was piqued again as he said, “Are you picking him or me?” “You!” Xing Tian pointed to Lie Gu and shouted. “Hehe, I will count that you have eyes. What do you want to compete in?” Lie Gu raised his eyebrows toward Wei Chang, Gluttonous Monster, I suggest you go to one side and play by yourself, it seems like they prefer to play with a handsome little guy like me. “In sword!” “In who is cheaper?" (剑 & 贱 have the same pronunciation, 剑 - sword, 贱 - cheap/lowly/despicable) “What I mean is, competing in sword! Not in who is cheaper!" With his face slightly red, Xing Tian took out his sword. Lie Gu suddenly came to a realization, “Oh, so you are talking about sword, I thought that you were trying to say that you were cheap." “You! Little brat, I will show you just how formidable I am in a moment!” Xing Tian snorted coldly. Lie Gu pouted his mouth and turned his head around and asked, “Gluttonous Monster, where is my 11 meters long large knife? No, where is my 11 meters long large sword?” Wei Chang laughed, “I will help you bring it over.” Wei Chang could be seen walking into the storage room that was at the back. Shortly after he entered into the storage room, the sound of a metal dragging onto the floor rang out. When Wei Chang appeared while pulling onto a 11 meters long butcher knife, everyone was dazed. Comparing the butcher knife to the sword that was within Xing Tian’s hand, it was practically like comparing a giant to a dwarf. Lie Gu took the large butcher knife over from Wei Chang and said to Xing Tian, “How do you want to compete!” Xing Tian’s expression was grave, he suddenly recalled that his mission for coming to the bar was not to fight, and was to bring his people away from the bar. I must not cause another issue to arise, just exchanging a single blow will do, I must not end up like that Dry Zen Sect’s elder! “We will exchange a single blow with each other!” Xing Tian said gravely. A trace of bloodthirst appeared in Lie Gu’s eyes, “Alright! You can go ahead and slash onto me first. I will take my turn after you have finished taking your turn!” Everyone gasped, that thin sword of yours won’t be able to kill that guy, look at that guy’s 11 meters long large knife, if that large knife was to pierce through you, you would most likely die! “No, no, no, we are exchanging a single blow onto each other’s weapon.” Xing Tian hurriedly explained. Lie Gu’s interest that was piqued just a while ago immediately disappeared upon hearing that. “Boring!” Xing Tian laughed awkwardly, why do I feel so embarrassed? Xing Tian could be seen shouting lightly, and the sword within his hand began to emit out a sword cry. Everyone couldn’t help but reveal astonishment in their eyes, Cloud Sect’s swordsmanship is indeed formidable. Lie Gu took a yawn as he raised the butcher knife within his hand. There was no knife cry, and only a cold light could be seen emitting out from the knife. “Go easy, don’t disturb until His Honor.” Wei Chang reminded in a low voice, afraid that Lie Gu would disturb until His Honor if he didn't control his strength. Lie Gu wrinkled his brows and controlled his strength. However, when the others saw that, they thought that Lie Gu was feeling afraid. “Bang!’ The two weapons collided onto each other, and the floor that the two were standing on immediately split open. Lie Gu let out a breath, I controlled my strength well. Xing Tian gasped heavily, I didn’t expect that this boy would be so strong, “We can leave now right?” “Leave, leave, this is meaningless!” Lie Gu waved his hand and said. Lie Gu felt that the old fellow from before was much more interesting, it is a pity that the old fellow died.

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