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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 121 – Is this a corpse party? 2/2 Bringing along his five sect disciples, Xing Tian walked out of the bar. “Pfft!” Right after stepping out of the bar, Xing Tian couldn’t endure it anymore as blood began gushing out from his mouth. That attack from that boy just now caused my vital energy to become heavily wounded, this is too frightening! “Elder! Elder!” “Quickly! Quickly return back to the sect!” Right now, Xing Tian had to quickly return back to the sect to find his sect master to help save his life, if not, he was going to die from spurting out too much blood. Within the leisure bar, there were still three elders left. The elders were all sitting on the floor cross-legged. This young boy’s strength is formidable, although Xing Tiang’s acting skill was pretty good just now, he wasn’t able to conceal his expression well, he definitely suffered an internal injury when he clashed against this young boy. The situation is not looking good… “My turn!” With a look that was viewing death as his fate, Traceless Pavilion’s elder, Tu Rong, walked out. “Are you picking me or him?” Lie Gu asked excitedly. “Him!” Tu Rong pointed to Wei Chang and said. Lie Gu sighed, “You actually picked this sickening pervert, congratulations.” (The 'sickening pervert' here does not really mean pervert, but more of like describing that the person is super overpowered/strong) The corner of Tu Rong’s mouth twitched. This security guard is smiling so warmly, thus, he should be at least a bit better compared to this high school student right? Suddenly! A sound rang out from the staircase. Wei Chang’s and Lie Gu’s expression sunk, we didn’t disturb till His Honor right? Everyone discovered Lie Gu’s and Wei Chang’s expression, they are actually feeling nervous!!! Everyone looked towards the staircase, and the first thing that they saw was two small feet. These two feet are truly well-shaped. Followed by, they saw a pair of long legs. My god! Isn’t this one of the twins who went upstairs just now? “Shoot! Are you all having a corpse party? This is a bit interesting.” Qing Yutong still hasn’t removed her makeup. Because her in-game character died, she came downstairs to get a packet of spicy sticks. Lie Gu did not know how to address His Honor’s sister-in-law, and thus, he chose to just address himself as subordinate. “Subordinate saw that the leisure bar was too quiet, therefore subordinate invited some performers over to the bar to lighten up the atmosphere.” Lie Gu said while stammering. Everyone was greatly astonished, subordinate! These two sickening perverts are actually that woman’s subordinates! I truly did not expect this! Their boss is actually a woman! If that is the case, doesn’t it mean that this woman’s strength is even more frightening compared to the two! Qing Yutong sized up Lie Gu and Wei Chang, then looked towards the airplane chess and severed limbs that were on the floor. After taking the spicy sticks, Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “It’s about to be 12 am soon, don’t overdo it.” “Subordinate understands.” Lie Gu smiled. After Qing Yutong walked back upstairs, Wei Chang and Lie Gu let out a breath. It is fortunate that it was not His Honor. “Speak, how do you want to compete!” Wei Chang hurried. Everyone didn’t dare to pant at all. That woman actually didn’t even wrinkle her brows at all when she saw the scene just now, from that, it can be seen just how cold-blooded that woman is! Tu Rong calmed his mind down, then took out a bottle and said, “My Traceless Pavilion specializes in raising poisonous gu insects. This gu insect within my hand is the king amongst tens of thousands of vicious gu insects. Anyone who is attacked by this gu insect, the gu insect will slowly devour the person's flesh and bones, until nothing remains! Leaving behind but a puddle of blood."

Translator: Wigglegui



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