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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 122 – Elder, why are you trying to court death? 1/2 A red color small insect could be seen within the bottle. The insect seemed just like a ladybug, and it even flew around for a bit from time to time. Looking at the insect, it seemed rather adorable. Lie Gu opened another bottle of beer while feeling sorrowful for this elder. On Gluttonous Monster’s body, the thing that he doesn’t lack the most is insects. Wei Chang himself was a monster, and the number of parasites that were on his body was enough to make one tremble in fear. Fortunately, the Wei Chang right now had changed into a human body. Wei Chang laughed as he stretched his hand into his crotch and scooped! A huge black color insect could be seen appearing on Wei Chang’s palm. The insect had countless antennas, and if one didn’t look at it closely, they would think that those antennas were hair. Also, the insect’s legs, they were like the legs of a centipede. Just looking at this insect was enough to make all of one’s hair stand on its end. Lie Gu turned his face around, that insect is too disgusting… Everyone let out a slight vomiting sound. How did you even scoop out such a big insect from your crotch? Or could it be that, you have nothing to do, so you raised such a big insect within your crotch? Wei Chang stretched out his other hand and teased the black insect that was on his palm. When Wei Chang touched the insect, the countless numbers of antennas actually wrapped themselves onto Wei Chang’s finger, just looking at this was enough to give one goosebump. “This is a digestion insect, after this insect entered into your body, it will begin absorbing your nutrition and in turn strengthen itself. In the end, it will substitute the original human and become the body’s main host!” Wei Chang explained with a smile. However, everyone who listened to the explanation was scared to the point that they were sweating cold sweat. Especially Tu Rong. How do I even swallow such a big insect? Just looking at it is already making me feel disgusted… Compared to this insect, my vicious gu insect is much adorable… Upon thinking of You Yinguang’s ending, Tu Rong began sweating cold sweat, I have to quickly think of a way to get out of this! That’s right! A light smile appeared on Tu Rong’s face. After keeping his vicious gu insect, Tu Rong said with a smile, “You have misunderstood, I was just merely showing my Traceless Pavilion’s gu insect to your distinguished and did not have any other meaning.” Traceless Pavilion’s disciples exclaimed to themselves, elder, good thinking! If you have eaten that big insect, you would have definitely died! The other two elders revealed out disdain in their expressions. Wei Chang expressed that it was no matter as he placed the big black color insect back into his crotch. Everyone who saw Wei Chang’s action gasped. “How do you want to play then?” “Recently, this one has been studying about rock paper scissors for a bit, so, how about we have a round of rock paper scissors with each other?” Lie Gu was dazed. Wei Chang was stunned. And everyone else was stupefied. A minute later, Tu Rong happily brought his disciples with him and left the bar. Those few idiots are really stupid to death, take a look at me, I won against the opposite side so easily and managed to leave the bar without any injury at all~ As a human, you have to use your brain~ You Yinguang’s indignant soul, “You are f**king shameless!” Raising Thunder Sect’s elder, Wen Rui, took a step forward and shouted out with an imposing aura, “My turn!” “What do you want to compete in!” Wei Chang was a little unhappy right now. I actually lost in rock scissor paper, cunning humans! With his hands behind his back, Wen Rui said gravely, “I can drink a bottle of beer in one breath!” Lie Gu who was drinking beer immediately spat out the beer. Wei Chang’s look became worse. Raising Thunder Sect’s disciples looked at their elder in admiration, Elder Wen Rui is so quick-witted, he is our model! Without any accident, Wen Rui drank a free bottle of beer in one breath and safely brought his disciples out of the bar. After walking out of the bar, Wen Rui even took a long sigh and said, “The first two are simply idiots, one has to know how to use their wits!”

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