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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 123 – Quarreling for real 2/2 Arriving at the office, Ye Hua took out a bottle of vodka, lighted up a stick of cigarette, then sat by the window and looked at the moonlight. “Wei Chang! Lie Gu!” Ye Hua called out with a grave voice. Immediately, both Wei Chang and Lie Gu appeared at the same time. The two didn’t think too much and immediately kneeled onto the ground. They sensed that there was something wrong with His Honor’s tone, that tone made them felt like they had returned back to the past, back to the time where His Honor had no humanity at all. Ye Hua looked at the moonlight with his eyes squinted and exhaled out a mouth of smoke, “You two tell me, have I been too benevolent lately!” Wei Chang and Lie Gu turned pale with fright, just what happened, why did His Honor suddenly change so much in such a short moment of time, a few hours ago, His Honor was even still telling us that he was going to bring everyone to go on an outing. Lie Gu rubbed onto Wei Chang who was beside him, aren’t you very good at talking, quickly go on and say something. How would Wei Chang dare to anyhow speak right now? Right now, he was afraid that he would speak the wrong words and cause His Honor to go berserk. If His Honor were to go berserk, would Xiao Tang be able to still continue on living? The answer was obviously no. “Subordinate do not dare to try to fathom Your Honor’s thoughts.” Wei Chang said respectfully, All I can do right now is to first figure out what caused His Honor to suddenly change like this, then from there, think of the appropriate steps to take. “Seems like that Tang Wei has made you change a lot!” Ye Hua said indifferently, however, the temperature within the office suddenly dropped. Wei Chang was greatly startled, “Your Honor, Xiao Tang is innocent.” Ye Hua slowly stood up, then walked to the front of Wei Chang and looked at Wei Chang who was currently lowering his head, “You are actually pleading for leniency for a female human!” The huge pressure caused Wei Chang to sweat cold sweat, just what is going on with His Honor. “Your Honor, Wei Chang did not mean to intentionally go against you, I hope that Your Honor would let him off this one time.” Lie Gu said hurriedly. Ye Hua took in a deep breath, “Very long ago, I heard that the females of humans possessed the ability to bewitch others, it seems like it wasn’t wrong!” Wei Chang and Lie Gu took a look at each other, from the looks of it, the reason that His Honor is so angry right now is because of the Madam! However, the Madam is just a human, how is she able to make His Honor become so angry? Lie Gu rarely come into contact with the Madam and thus didn't know the Madam really well, while on the other hand, Wei Chang felt that the Madam was very gentle and was not the kind of woman that would make others become angry. Wei Chang paused for a moment, then said, “Subordinate feels that, for Your Honor to be able to be benevolent, it shows that Your Honor has taken another step forward towards understanding humanity. After all, amongst the humans, there are also people who are benevolent.” Ye Hua remained silent and lighted up another stick of cigarette. Seeing that His Honor remained silent, Wei Chang let out a breath of relief, “Just now, Your Honor said that the females of humans possess the ability to bewitch others. However, subordinate feels that Your Honor can try to look at this matter in another angle.” “Elaborate.” Ye Hua said faintly. Wei Chang was just saying whatever that came to his mind and didn’t expect that His Honor would ask him to elaborate about what he was talking about. Wei Chang secretly pulled onto Lie Gu who was beside him. However, Lie Gu shook away the hand that was secretly pulling onto him. What do you even mean by looking at it in another angle, I only know that, when on the bed, every angle looks fine. Doesn’t this Lie Gu have a lot of women? Would speaking about your thoughts on this matter kill you! Lie Gu expressed that, if I were to speak about my thoughts on this matter, I’m afraid that His Honor would start flipping out again. Right now, Wei Chang had no choice but to brace himself and speak. “If Your Honor look upon the ability to bewitch as love, perhaps, Your Honor will be able to understand everything.” “Nonsense!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. When Wei Chang saw His Honor’s manner, he felt that His Honor looked exactly like those overbearing chairmen within those tv dramas. So His Honor has the same worries as me, it seems like His Honor is no different from me when it comes to women. “Subordinate ought to die!” "Subordinate ought to die!” Wei Chang and Lie Gu immediately asked for forgiveness. However, although they were asking for forgiveness, they were finally able to let out a breath of relief. Because, when His Honor said the word ‘nonsense’, they sensed that there was evidently human emotion within His Honor’s tone. “Your Honor, love is the most complicated emotion that humans experience. If Your Honor is able to win over such an emotion, Your Honor will become invulnerable!” Wei Chang said solemnly.

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