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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 124 – Sister-in-law has become angry 1/2 Lie Gu immediately followed along, “Subordinate thinks so too.” Ye Hua tightly wrinkled his brows as he walked back and forth restlessly. “What are you two still kneeling on the floor for, quickly scram!” Wei Chang and Lie Gu rejoiced, it seems like His Honor has figured out everything. “Subordinate will scram now.” “Subordinate will immediately scram.” Ye Hua opened the computer and searched on Baidu about just what was the meaning of love. With this search, an entire night passed, and Ye Hua arrived at a conclusion. If you love her, hurt her. From the looks of it, Ye Hua must have been looking at illegal websites. The sun rose quietly, and Ye Hua was still sleeping while lying on the boss chair. Meanwhile, Qing Ya who was in the bedroom did not sleep for the entire night. Qing Ya felt that the entire bed feels ice-cold. Getting off the bed, Qing Ya went to wash up. After washing up, she opened the office door and discovered that Ye Hua was actually sleeping on a chair. Qing Ya did not make any sound and closed the door. Afterward, she walked out of the bar. Not sure how long had passed, Ye Hua finally woke up, and the first thing that he did was light a stick of cigarette. A sense of jittery could be seen within his tightly wrinkled brows. After finish smoking, Ye Hua walked out of his office and came to the bedroom. Within the bedroom, there was no one, and the bed was neat and tidy. Could it be that, this woman actually left home! Ye Hua opened the wardrobe and discovered that Qing Ya’s clothes were still there, and even Qing Ya’s shoes and whatever were all still there. If this woman dares to leave, I will have to tie her up! Coming to the sister-in-law’s room, Qing Ya was indeed hiding there. Just that, she wasn’t playing the computer game right now and was currently lying down on her sister’s bed and sleeping. From the corner of her eyes, it could be seen that it was still wet. On the table, there was a food box. It must have been the breakfast that Qing Ya went to buy today. However, the food within the food box had already been eaten. She didn’t buy my share, does she really intend on divorcing me! Do you think that I wouldn’t be able to continue on living without you! What a joke! Love, it is but a complete nonsense! Also, this sister-in-law is actually giving me faces, fine, both of you are fine! Qing Yutong naturally stood on her big sister’s side. Early in the morning, big sister came into my room while holding onto a packet of breakfast in her hand. Just that, there was something very wrong with big sister’s expression, her beautiful eyes were red and swollen. It was the first time that Qing Yutong had seen her big sister look like this. There is no need to think too much about this, big sister must have definitely been bullied by brother-in-law! In the past, whenever they quarreled, they would patch up and become fine within less than a minute. Today’s situation seems very bad, big sister didn’t say a single word and laid down on my bed. When I asked her what happened, she also wouldn’t say anything. This is really making me worried to death. Although the system wants me to push over brother-in-law, it isn’t a compulsory task. As the sister, when my big sister suffered such a big grievance, I definitely have to stick out for my big sister! Brother-in-law, if you piss me off, be careful that I bring my big sister and run away~ My pitiful big sister, she is pregnant and yet she still has to get bullied by brother-in-law. Big sister, don't worry, your sister will help you take revenge! Within Qing Yutong’s mind, the images of her brother-in-law abusing her big sister appeared. This cannot be tolerated! Qing Yutong could be seen standing up abruptly and speaking with a cold look on her face, “You! Come out with me!” Qing Yutong’s aura was pretty good, from the looks of it, it seems like she was going to put her life on stake. Ye Hua sneered. No one has ever dare to speak like this to me, even Qing Ya has also never spoken to me like this before. When the two walked outside, they began gazing at each other. Qing Yutong was totally not afraid at all, opening her eyes wide and glaring at Ye Hua. F**k, brother-in-law this sickening pervert doesn’t blink his eyes at all, my eyes are already starting to feel sore... Qing Yutong could be seen immediately changing her strategy as she held onto Ye Hua’s arm and said lovably, “Brother-in-law, I recently discovered a pretty good film called Black Cat Detective, it’s extremely interesting~” Ye Hua sneered in his heart, I will see just what this sister-in-law is up to. “Let’s go watch it.” Ye Hua said faintly. “En, en, en~” Qing Yutong pulled Ye Hua to the office, and when they arrived in the office, an exquisite dagger suddenly appeared within Qing Yutong’s hand. With the speed of thunder, Qing Yutong pushed Ye Hua down onto the sofa, then mounted herself onto Ye Hua and pressed the dagger against Ye Hua’s neck.

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