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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 124 – Sister-in-law has become angry 2/2 No one would have expected such an unexpected scene. If Wei Chang and Lie Gu were here, they would definitely be scared stupid. His Honor has never encountered a situation like this before, and yet, you this little young lady actually dare to do something like this! Ye Hua also did not expect that the sister-in-law would suddenly make a move like this and was indeed currently a bit stupefied. However, this sister-in-law’s courage is not bad, I’m looking at her on a whole new level now. “Speak! Why did you bully my big sister!” Qing Yutong snorted coldly. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like she was joking around. The system covered its face… Master’s temper of not caring about her life is acting up again… Within Ye Hua’s deep gaze, a cold light appeared, “Do you know the consequences of your current action!” “I’m not afraid!” The cold light within Qing Yutong’s beautiful eyes was stronger. From small to big, big sister has always been lenient and nice to me. Although big sister does not have the same mother as me, to me, she is more kin than a blood sister. When I saw that big sister was suffering such a big grievance and was feeling so sad, I wished that I could fight it out to the end with brother-in-law. However, upon thinking of that pitiful nephew of mine, I resisted that urge of mine. But, when I saw brother-in-law entered in my room and just stood there without saying anything, I immediately felt angry again. Right now, I have indeed pushed over brother-in-law, just that, right now, the dagger within my hand is pressing against brother-in-law’s throat! “Qing Yutong, are you not afraid of death!” Ye Hua asked deeply. Qing Yutong slightly used a bit of strength, and a bit of blood dripped out from Ye Hua’s neck, “For my big sister, I’m not afraid!’ A trace of black fog appeared on Ye Hua’s finger as Ye Hua asked deeply, “How important is your big sister to you?” “She is my everything!’ Qing Yutong shouted. Do not think that the reason Qing Yutong chose to quit being an actress was just because she wanted to play around, and do not think that the reason she shamelessly stayed in her brother-in-law’s house was just so that she could push over her brother-in-law. All Qing Yutong wanted to do was to just protect her big sister. During Qing Yutong's childhood, she had always been taken care of by her big sister, thus Qing Yutong decided that when she grew up, she would take care of her big sister. Even if Ye Hua did not appear, Qing Yutong would still choose to shamelessly stick around with her big sister, followed by her staying into her big sister's house and eliminating everyone who had any bad thoughts towards her big sister. However, to Qing Yutong’s surprise, she discovered that her big sister has a man. After those few days of observation, Qing Yutong felt that her big sister and brother-in-law were quite fitting for each other. Brother-in-law is very strong, he is strong enough to protect big sister. Although they would quarrel from time to time, they would always patch up with each other shortly after their quarrel. However, today was different, and it caused Qing Yutong to become very angry! Hearing Qing Yutong’s shout, Ye Hua went into a daze, and the black fog that was on his finger also gradually disappeared. “Speak! Why did you bully my big sister! My big sister is so kind that she wouldn’t even step on an ant. Why do you not speak now!” Qing Yutong’s emotion had gone out of control as she shook onto Ye Hua. Ye Hua took in a deep breath, “Your big sister wants to divorce me.” “Because I wasn't willing to take wedding photos with her.” Ye Hua said faintly. Eh…… Qing Yutong was a bit stupefied right now. This is different from what I had imagined, shouldn’t it be that big sister was tied up and whipped by brother-in-law? And afterward, big sister angrily proposed to divorce? Looking at the bit of blood dripping out from brother-in-law’s neck… I’m finished… Master, best of luck to you, I’m taking my leave first. Qing Yutong’s gaze was swaying around as she embarrassedly kept her dagger away and said in a low voice, “Brother-in-law, it’s a misunderstanding, it is all but a misunderstanding. I forgot to turn off my computer, let me go back and turn it off first.” “Stand right there!” Ye Hua sat his body up and shouted out deeply. Touching onto his neck, then looking at the blood that was on his hand, Ye Hua did not know just what exactly he was feeling right now. My corporeal body’s first blood is actually taken away by the sister-in-law’s hands!!! Qing Yutong swallowed her saliva. Finished… I’m finished, brother-in-law is going to flip out. “Brother-in-law, you cannot trust the words that come out of my big sister, especially the words that she said in the moment of anger. Brother-in-law! I am standing on your side, we are a team.” Qing Yutong said with a smile on her face, immediately surrendering to her brother-in-law’s side.

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