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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 125 – Spare my life… Brother-in-law, you are shameless… 1/2 Ye Hua said coldly, “Come over!” “Brother-in-law, if you have anything to say, we can talk it out nicely. We are people who have to mind about our own face, it wouldn’t be good to be physical right?” Qing Yutong’s aura from a while ago had completely disappeared. Ye Hua decided that he definitely had to give this sister-in-law a lesson today. To actually dare to take a dagger and pressed it onto my neck, this sister-in-law must have eaten too much dragon meat! “Lie down!” Ye Hua pointed to his own legs and shouted. Qing Yutong became startled and her expression collapsed as she pouted her mouth, “Brother-in-law, Yutong knows her mistake already. I want to make a report, I have a lot of big sister’s black histories, will those be able to cover for my wrongdoing?” “Lie down!” Qing Yutong hung her head down dispiritedly as she lied onto Ye Hua’s legs, “Brother-in-law, go easy on me.” “Raise your butt up!” Qing Yutong raised her butt, being relatively cooperative. Smack! Ah! “To dare to hold a dagger against me! I will see if you still dare to do it again!” Ye Hua shouted out deeply, I have to ruthlessly give this sister-in-law a lesson! “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts… Brother-in-law, don’t hit so hard.” Smack! Ah! “Brother-in-law, spare my life, Yutong won’t dare to do it ever again!” Smack! Ah! “Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Daddy! Daddy, spare my life!” Qing Yutong was speaking incoherently right now. It really hurts… On the other hand, the more Ye Hua hit onto Qing Yutong’s butt, the more excited he was getting. The sound of ‘pa, pa, pa’ began ringing out from the office. Within the sound, the sound of Qing Yutong moaning in pain was mixed in it too. How was this a punishment? This was basically a reward disguised as punishment. “Congratulations master, you have completed the first task.” Qing Yutong who was currently getting her butt smacked immediately went into a daze. “Master, your brother-in-law touched your thigh by accident just now.” Qing Yutong suddenly came to a realization, brother-in-law is good in scheming, to actually eat my tofu so openly like that! Formidable! Brother-in-law is truly formidable! Ye Hua wants to express that it was merely that his hand slipped just now. This Qing Yutong’s skin is rather smooth, it feels rather good when I hit onto her, the bounciness is ample. On the other hand, Qing Yutong was suffering in pain. Isn’t brother-in-law using a bit too much strength? It feels like he is releasing all his anger onto his sister-in-law’s butt, brother-in-law is shameless… Qing Yutong only had herself to blame for rushing into the muzzle of a gun. Originally, Ye Hua’s mood was already not pretty good. It was definite that I wouldn’t beat Qing Ya, and just nice, the sister-in-law just so happened to send herself over to me. As expected, it feels much better after smacking the sister-in-law’s butt. “How long are you going to lie on my legs for?” Ye Hua had already stopped for quite a while, and the sister-in-law was still lying down on her brother-in-law’s legs and not moving. Qing Yutong’s pretty face was red through and through as she said in a low voice, “I… I can’t move.” “If you dare to act like this again in the future, even your big sister also wouldn’t be able to save you!” “Brother-in-law, Yutong knows her wrong already, I guarantee that there won’t be a next time.” Qing Yutong used all her strength to stand her body up. Right now, not only is my butt hurting, I even feel that… I have to go and change to another pair of pants… Ye Hua waved his hand and Qing Yutong walked out of the office while limping. While walking out, in her own mind, she scolded her brother-in-law for being shameless. Which brother-in-law would even beat their sister-in-law like this? Didn’t I already apologized? The pain is hurting me to death… Aiyo~ My little butt is swollen… After sitting for a while, Ye Hua walked out of the bar. Ye Hua was feeling a bit hungry, and luckily, the store that sells Chinese crepe was still opened for business. “Add egg and ham sausage.” Ye Hua walked to the store and said. The big aunt took a look at Ye Hua and began making the Chinese crepe. While making the crepe, the big aunt said nonchalantly, “Young fellow, you have eaten breakfast at big aunt’s store for quite a few years already, and big aunt feels that you don’t seem like a bad guy.” Ye Hua was stupefied. If I am not a bad guy, who else is a bad guy! Does everyone feel that I have been acting too nice during this period of time!!! “However, it is wrong for you to beat your wife.” The big aunt added. Ye Hua almost spat out blood, which eye of yours saw that I beat my wife? As the Supreme Overlord, if I were to actually beat my wife, where would my face even be! Right when Ye Hua was about to retort, the big aunt did not give Ye Hua the chance to retort and continued speaking, “You have also been single for quite a few years. Now that you have finally found yourself a good lady, you should treasure and cherish her. Wife is used for doting and loving, and not for venting your anger. Big aunt is an experienced person. In the past, there was a time where big aunt was beautiful too.” Saying that you are an experienced person and that you were once beautiful too. Big aunt, can you be a bit less narcissistic and be a bit more honest? Also! Do I, the Supreme Overlord, look like someone who lacks women? With a wave of my hand, who knows how many women would come and fawn upon me. You are speaking as if I have no one who wants me!

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