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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 125 – Spare my life… Brother-in-law, you are shameless… 2/2 “Here, your Chinese crepe. Your wife paid for the price of two crepes and only took one crepe just now. I presume that she knew that you were going to come to my store and thus paid for your share.” The big aunt said with a slight smile. Ye Hua took over the hot Chinese crepe and was a bit absent-minded. Did Qing Ya really paid for my share? “Young fellow, your wife treats you very well, you have to treat her well too.” After finish speaking, the big aunt began attending to the other customer, while thinking to herself, I have lost the money for one crepe today. Young fellow, if not for you looking handsome, I would have been too lazy to even bother helping you. While holding onto the hot Chinese crepe, Ye Hua returned back to the bar. While sitting at the bar counter, Ye Hua began dazing off. Have I been too harsh to Qing Ya? Forget it, forget it, as the bigger person, I will forgive Qing Ya’s wrongs. Later on, when she apologized to me, I will forgive her. After quite a while, as expected, the sound of familiar footsteps rang out from the staircase. Without having to think too much, Ye Hua knew that it was Qing Ya coming downstairs. Ye Hua secretly took a look at Qing Ya and thought to himself, I will count that you are tactful, to know to come and apologize to me. I, the Supreme Overlord, should be merciful and forgive you this one time and let bygones be bygones. Along with the footsteps getting closer and closer, Ye Hua assumed the posture of being ready to accept Qing Ya’s apology. A sweet scent floated past Ye Hua, and the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth twitched slightly. This woman actually walked past me just like this and totally did not have the intention of apologizing at all! Could it be that, you want me, the Supreme Overlord, to apologize to you instead? Wishful thinking! Picking up a drinking glass, Ye Hua threw it towards the floor that was not far away from Qing Ya. The sharp and clear sound of glass shattering rang out. Qing Ya stopped her footsteps. She did not curse, did not shout, she did not take any action at all. Seeing Qing Ya act like this, it caused Ye Hua to become even more unhappy as he asked deeply, “Where are you going!” Qing Ya remained silent. “I’m asking you a question! Where are you going!” Ye Hua shouted out. “Why do you have to care about where I go? Who are you to me?” Qing Ya asked coldly, there was not a bit of billow within her tone at all, seemingly like she was speaking to a stranger. This caused Ye Hua to become angry to the point that his veins were popping out. I can’t hit her, and it is useless to lecture her. This woman is really obstinate. Do you want me to give you the title of invincible! “Come back!’ Qing Ya ignored Ye Hua and continued walking forward. This caused Ye Hua to become really pissed off. With a wave of his hand, Qing Ya became unable to move. After being bound by magic, Qing Ya did not say anything, seemingly like she knew that this would be the result. The both of them remained silent just like this. After about half an hour, Ye Hua couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Walking to the front of Qing Ya and looking at that obstinate pretty face, Ye Hua asked deeply, “Just what do you want!” “Would you even care about a tool's thoughts?” Qing Ya asked in return. In actuality, this situation could be solved very easily. As long as Ye Hua gave in and admitted his mistake, everything would become fine, and the feelings between the two would perhaps even rise slightly too. However, who was Ye Hua, he was the Supreme Overlord. To let a Supreme Overlord to apologize to a female human, that was basically an impossible thing! After pausing for a moment, Ye Hua’s tone became much calmer as he said, “More or less is enough, don’t overdo it, if not, I am really going to become angry!” “If you have the capability, tie me up for the rest of my life then!” “Alright!” Ye Hua went into a daze for a while, and soon after, he shouted out heavily. A shallow blue light emitted out from Ye Hua’s palm, and the shallow blue light immediately enveloped the entire bar. Not only did this conflict not get resolved, it became even more critical. Ye Hua released the binding on Qing Ya, then turned around and walked upstairs. Qing Ya seemed as if her body’s entire strength had been used up as she slowly walked towards the bar’s door. When she stretched her hand out to touch onto the door, a shallow light blue ripple immediately appeared. He actually locked me up!!! How could he do this!!!

Translator: Wigglegui



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