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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 126 – Sister-in-law to the rescue 1/2 This bastard is not a human! I will destroy this bar of yours today!!! Qing Ya could be seen running angrily to the bar counter. At the bar counter, Qing Ya began picking up the alcohol bottles one by one and throwing them onto the ground. Immediately, the sound of glasses shattering continuously rang out within the bar, and in no time, a dense alcoholic smell filled up the air of the entire bar. Qing Yutong who was upstairs was currently applying medicine onto her little butt. Upon hearing the sound of glasses shattering ringing out downstairs, she thought that her brother-in-law and big sister were fighting with each other again. She knew she couldn’t attend to her little butt anymore and immediately rushed downstairs. I didn’t expect that big sister would actually trash the bar, big sister is formidable… “Big sister, what are you doing, cool your temper.” Qing Yutong hurriedly walked up to her big sister and persuaded. From the looks of it, big sister and brother-in-law won’t be patching up with each other any time soon. Qing Ya shook off her sister’s hand and said angrily, “Don’t hold me back, I am going to burn this worn out bar of his today!” “Big sister, don’t be agitated, you are pregnant right now, you cannot be agitated.” Qing Yutong wrinkled her willow brows and persuaded. Even if big sister doesn’t care about herself, she also has to care for her child right. Qing Ya shook off Qing Yutong once again. To Qing Yutong’s surprise, her little butt bumped onto the bar counter, and immediately, her soul almost flew to the sky and her eyes were rolling upward… This soreness... it feels so painful… Qing Ya who was angry did not discover her sister’s peculiarity and shouted out angrily, “Child! He only treats me as a tool for giving birth to the child! Yutong, do you know how painful big sister’s heart feels…” Qing Ya couldn’t take it anymore as she threw herself into her sister’s embrace and cried out bitterly, seemingly like she was going to cry out all of her grievances. Qing Yutong lightly consoled her big sister. It feels like the two of them had a misunderstanding with each other. When I saw brother-in-law’s expression, he seemed to be quite wounded too. These two are simply mutually hurting each other, and in the end, I am the one who has to mediate between the two. My butt hurts... “Big sister, let me tell you, I have already given brother-in-law a lesson. I even cut onto his neck with a knife to help you take revenge!” Qing Yutong said, seemingly like she had won over her brother-in-law. Right now, her butt was still swollen… Qing Ya went into a daze for a while, then whimpered, “You are acting too recklessly, what will you do if it had led to a fatality.” “Tsk, tsk, tsk, didn’t you wished that brother-in-law would die just now? Why are you suddenly worried about him again in a blink of an eye.” Qing Yutong said with a face full of disdain. Big sister is really a woman who does not have a firm conviction. “I was worried about you!” Qing Ya said petulantly as she wiped her tears. Qing Yutong took out a napkin and passed it to her big sister, “After being threatened by me, brother-in-law said something to me.” “What did he say?” Qing Ya turned her head around and said coldly. Although it seemed like she didn’t care, in actuality, she cared about it a lot. How would Qing Yutong not know about that? These two people just dead on want their faces and are not willing to lower their heads. “Brother-in-law said…” “What did he say?” “Said…” “Qing Yutong! Are you going to say it or not?!” “Don’t be so rush, let me adjust my emotion and imitate brother-in-law’s state.” Qing Yutong could be seen imitating Ye Hua, with her expression sunk, she said faintly, “What happened last night was my fault, but when I heard her said the word divorce, I immediately felt incomparably angry. After all, I do indeed love her!” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong took a glance at her big sister and discovered that her big sister was stupefied. “Did he really said that?” After quite a while, Qing Ya asked. “Of course. You didn’t see that look of regret on brother-in-law’s face. He just merely doesn’t want to reveal out that kind of expression in front of you.” “Humph! In any case, I won’t forgive him that easily this time!” Qing Ya pouted her mouth, seems like most of her anger had already dissipated. “That’s right, we won’t forgive brother-in-law that easily this time.” Qing Ya nodded her head in silence. “Then, big sister, you stay here and think things through first, I will head upstairs first.”

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