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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 127 – The outside world is too scary 1/2 Qing Ya sat on the chair and drank plain water. In actuality, thinking back to a lot of things, during the first time where I met him, he was sitting here too. It was also from that time onward that my life began changing. Although he is very cold and rarely smiles, during those past few days, he had indeed treated me very well. What my sister said is reasonable too, Ye Hua is the kind of person who would dead on want to keep his face no matter what. For him to lower his head, it was practically out of the question. Perhaps, the reason that he became angry was because I provoked him last night. However, even if he was angry, it is not an excuse for him to treat me like that. He didn’t even bother to explain anything too. Suddenly! The sound of steady footsteps rang out from the staircase. Qing Ya quickly adjusted her posture. I cannot let Ye Hua look lightly on me. I definitely won’t forgive him so easily this time, if not, I am definitely still going to get bullied by him in the future. Ye Hua slowly walked over. When he saw that arrogant expression that was on Qing Ya’s face, he laughed in his heart. You probably do not know, but your sister had already sold you out to me, and yet you are still putting on an act here. It is not your fault for falling in love with me, after all, I am indeed just too outstanding, you won’t be able to find another person like me in this world. Seeing that Ye Hua just stood there and remained silent, Qing Ya pursed her lips. I will see just how long you can hold out for. If you love me, just say it out to me then, what is there to even feel embarrassed about. However, it is not surprising. Because I became even more pretty recently, it caused Ye Hua to become even more embarrassed. This man who just dead on want to keep his face! I will see just who can persevere the longest! Oh? This woman sure can endure when she obviously loves me to the point that she even tried to kill herself just now. Right now, seeing that I came downstairs, I reckon that she is most likely feeling happy to death. I will see just how long you can endure! The two wasted 10 minutes just like this, and in the end, it was Qing Ya who could not endure it anymore. “I want to go to the hospital.” A slight arc appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. Aren’t you very good at enduring? In the end, you still prostrated yourself under my charm. Waving with one of his hands, the light blue color barrier disappeared just like a bubble that got popped. Qing Ya pouted her mouth, weren’t you very formidable? If you have the guts, don’t remove the barrier and continue locking me up here in the bar! Don’t even dare to say that you love me when you love me. Would saying ‘I love you’ kill you? Picking up her bag, Qing Ya walked out of the leisure bar, and Ye Hua followed along. Before walking out of the bar, Ye Hua shouted to the upstairs, “Yutong, come downstairs and clean up the mess.” Qing Yutong who was upstairs was about to start crying. Not only do I have to act as the mediator, I even have to act as an attendant, and when my brother-in-law is in a bad mood, I have to offer up my little butt. I am practically the most miserable sister-in-law in this world. It was still the same Audi A8, with Qing Ya driving the car, and Ye Hua acting as the big boss. After finish setting up the route, Qing Ya started the car and began driving to the hospital.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui`



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Translator's note: Schedule will be half a chapter every day until I'm done with a 50+ chapters novel that someone commissioned me to translate. Left like 30+ chapters to translate, so should be done within 1 or 2 more weeks.

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