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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 127 – The outside world is too scary 2/2 Within the car, the two did not speak at all. In actuality, they were waiting for the other to start speaking first. However, both of them were not willing to be the first one to speak, and thus, they kept on remaining silent. In actuality, Ye Hua didn’t expect that Qing Ya would love him to the point that she even tried to kill herself. This Qing Ya is truly a foolish woman, why even go to the trouble of acting cold and aloof? Qing Ya also didn’t expect that Ye Hua would lament to her sister. Aren’t you a cold and aloof cultivator? In the end, you just like to act cool! Without any words spoken on the journey, the two arrived at the hospital. Qing Ya had already arranged everything, and all she had to right now was to go and do the checkup. As for Ye Hua, he naturally accompanied along with Qing Ya. While on the way to the checkup room, who knows how many looks of envy Ye Hua had gotten from other men. Ye Hua really wanted to tell them that, just a while ago, this fool tried to kill herself because of me, and yet right now, she still wants to act cold and aloof, this is too funny. And when Qing Ya saw that other women were looking at Ye Hua with starry eyes, she really wanted to tell them that, all of you, don’t look anymore, this fool had already fallen in love with me to the point that he can’t free himself from loving me anymore… Seeing that Qing Ya walked into the checkup room, Ye Hua did not followed along into the room. In actuality, Ye Hua didn’t really like places like hospitals, he felt that there was always an unpleasant smell within the hospitals. Thus, Ye Hua walked out of the hospital and began taking a stroll outside of the hospital. Ye Hua’s mood was pretty good right now. At the lateral side of the hospital, there were a lot of elderlies who had their own stores set up, and all of them self-proclaimed to be half-immortals. “This handsome guy, do you want to have your fortune told? Don’t leave! How about I check your marriage fate for you? I am also able to check your prospects too if you want.” “This handsome guy, I have a few high-grade never falling pills here, guarantee that you would be able to last long through out the nights.” Boring humans, to use this kind of method to cheat your own kinds, you all sure are hypocritical. “Selling medicinal pills! Selling medicinal pills! They are all miracle pills that had been bestowed with divinity! 5 rmb for one pill! Eat just one pill, and I guarantee that you will be able to live longer! If it’s ineffective, I will refund your money! If you buy two pills, I will even give you a strengthening pill for free!” A bald little monk could be seen shouting out loudly. The 'half immortals' that were around the monk immediately revealed a look of dislike on their faces, however, the little monk did not mind them in the slightest bit. Ye Hua felt that this little monk was interesting. All those pills are emitting out a faint pure fragrant. Normal people would naturally not be able to sense it. “Big sister, quickly come over, there is an adorable little monk here.” “Sister, slow down a bit, don’t run so fast.” The adorable little girls ran towards the little monk’s store, and when the little monk saw that two beautiful women came to check out his store, his small eyes immediately started to shine. Ye Hua walked over unhurriedly. Of course, he wasn’t heading to the monk’s store. Those medicinal pills are still not worthy enough to enter into Ye Hua’s eyes. Ye Hua was just merely passing by. After all, there was only one path here. However, the little monk who was currently hitting on the two girls wrinkled his brows. I feel that there is an evil aura walking towards me. The little monk raised his head and looked towards Ye Hua. That faint evil aura is emitted out from this man’s body! I didn’t expect that I would come across a monster right after I had come down the mountain, it seems like my luck is very good. Killing monsters and devils is master’s goal, and of course, it is also my goal too! Let me use my discerning eyes to see just what kind of monster you are! The little monk’s eyes immediately turned gold color. Of course, normal people wouldn’t be able to see that the color of the little monk’s eyes changed. F**k, it is actually a skeleton monster! Good fellow! Just nice, I can let my staff see some blood today. However, skeleton monsters don’t seem to possess any blood, I’m not sure if they possess bone marrow or not. Ye Hua sensed the little monk’s peculiarity and felt quite curious towards the little monk. This little monk actually possess such a profound technique, where did he get the technique from? “Time to go back!” A familiar voice rang out from Ye Hua’s back. Ye Hua turned his head around and took a look. So Qing Ya came over to look for me. And this foolish woman still says that she doesn’t care about me. However, at this moment, the little monk cried out in fear. Without even caring about the medicinal pills, the little monk immediately started to run away, seemingly as if he had just seen a ghost. Ye Hua originally wanted to ask the little monk where he got the technique from. However, since the little monk had already run away, he was too lazy to bother to go and chase after the little monk. “Big sister, that little monk sure is adorable, why did he suddenly run away?” “Who knows? Perhaps, because his scam got exposed by us, he felt too embarrassed to continue on staying here.” “Sigh, big sister, let’s leave.” The little monk who was running away felt like he was about to start crying. The outside world is too scary, it is much safer in the mountain. Master, when are you coming back, your disciple just discovered a big secret! When the little monk opened his discerning eyes, he was indeed looking at Ye Hua. However, along with Qing Ya’s shout, the little monk’s gaze shifted towards Qing Ya, and immediately, he almost got scared to the point that his soul flew away. Thus, without any second thoughts, he immediately ran away. As for what the little monk saw, only the little monk himself knows. Qing Ya’s expression was cold. When I finished my checkup just a while ago and came out, this fellow actually disappeared. This guy keeps on saying that the child is important this, important that, and yet, in the end, who knows where he even ran to when I was having my checkup. However, not sure why, Qing Ya felt that Ye Hua was strolling around at the lateral side of the hospital. And when she came out of the hospital and came to the lateral side, as expected, she found Ye Hua there. This guy is a cultivator, and yet he is still so childish, to actually ran here to check his fortune. I really have to give it to him. “How’s the result?” Ye Hua asked indifferently. “Normal.” Qing Ya replied indifferently. If others didn’t know the two of them, they would think that the two were enemies. “I told you that last night.” Qing Ya remained silent, and the two began heading back to the bar. Meanwhile, on the street, a bald little monk whose gaze was filled with fright and astonishment could be seen running with all his might.

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