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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 129 – I am currently online waiting… 1/2 “Master, is it collecting debt?” Death Mage wants to express that there is a lot of prospects in collecting debt, the income from collecting debt is very high. “No, all you have to do is to just go and have a seat.” “Master, do I not have to kill anyone?” Death Mage was very disappointed, why is there no missions where I have to kill people recently. “You do whatever that you see fit. The car is waiting outside you. Remember to buy a mask later on, don’t go around scaring people.” Wei Chang said. Death Mage seemed to be a little embarrassed, “Master, subordinate do not have any money.” Wei Chang sighed heavily and took out his wallet. A red light flickered within Death Mage’s eyes, since master is working under His Honor, master is definitely very rich, and yet I had to tell master that I had no money, it feels so embarrassing. Looking at the money within the wallet, Wei Chang couldn’t help but wrinkled his brows. Two 1 dollar coins, one 50 dollar note, and one 10 dollar dote, a total of 62 rmb. After getting a girlfriend, the expenses sure have gotten big. But, I feel too embarrassed to open my mouth and ask His Honor for money. I have to find a day and get Lie Gu to lend me a bit of money. Lie Gu’s women are all celebrities, therefore I reckon that he most likely doesn’t lack money. Wei Chang painstakingly took out a 10 dollar note. After watching the movie tonight, I still have to go and eat supper with Xiao Tang, 52 rmb should more or less be enough. Looking at his master taking out a 10 dollar note, Death Mage suddenly had a kind of strange feeling. Master seems to be having it hard too… I really cannot steel myself to take this 10 dollar note from master. “What are you still being in a daze for, quickly go and handle the matter!” Wei Chang urged as he secretly kept the 10 dollar note back into his wallet. I forgot that I still have to call for a taxi and send Xiao Tang back home too later on. Death Mage was just about to stretch out his hand to take the 10 dollar note, but he didn’t expect that his master would suddenly keep the 10 dollar back into the wallet. I feel so awkward right now… So master is actually this miserly… Walking out of the toilet, Death Mage walked towards the bar’s main entrance while with his head lowered. While passing by a table, he took the clown mask that was on the table. In other peoples’ views, they thought that Death Mage was cosplaying. That sickle sure looks real. Jiu Ye was very curious as to who Wei Chang would call over. I am feeling so f**king curious right now, this leisure bar truly has its own charm. Those who don’t understand this bar would think that this bar is a lion den, but after slightly understanding this bar, it would cause one to feel incomparably curious towards it. Taking out a stick of Cuban cigar, Jiu Ye placed it in front of his nose and took a sniff, then proceed to trim away one end of the Cuban cigar. When the underling that was sitting at the front saw Jiu Ye trimmed away one end of the Cuban cigar, he immediately helped Jiu Ye to light up the Cuban cigar. This underling has prospects. Right when Jiu Ye was smoking the Cuban cigar, a figure walked out of the leisure bar. The figure was enveloped in a black robe, and on his face, there was a clown mask worn. Looking at this dressing, Jiu Ye went into a complete daze while smoking the Cuban cigar, and completely forgot to open the car’s door for the figure. This person is most likely the black robe person who fought with Xiao Yi!!! That Wei Chang actually called over such a ruthless character, how did he even do it? Isn’t this just too f**king frightening already? Please don’t sit at my side, please don’t… please don’t… However, whenever you were afraid of something, that something that you were afraid of would always come. Death Mage opened the car door by himself and entered into the car. While entering into the car, Death Mage slashed onto the beginning to the end of the car roof. While slashing, the sickle just so happened to slash onto Jiu Ye’s Cuban cigar too, slashing the Cuban cigar into half. A Phantom Rolls-Royce was slashed just like this. After entering into the car, Death Mage proceeds to get out of the car. Another ear-piercing sound rang out in Jiu Ye’s ears. After the ear-piercing sound finished, Jiu Ye raised his head, and a full view of the scenery of the sky could be seen through the top of the back row of the car. The car roof of the back row of the car was removed by Death Mage. After turning the Sickle of Death into a crutch, Death Mage entered into the car and sat steadily onto the seat. Jiu Ye subconsciously move to the side. What should I say to this person right now? This person is someone who is able to fight equally against Xiao Yi, what should I do now? I am currently online waiting for help… I am in urgent need of help right now… While sitting in the car, Death Mage was thinking about another matter. Isn’t that subordinate of mine, Death Assassin, currently out on a mission? That Long Aotian is most likely rich right? After I finished tonight’s matter, I will go and extort some money from him. Long Aotian who was currently cultivating diligently felt a cold wind blew onto him and couldn’t help but trembled. “Jiu Ye, should I start the car?” The driver who was sitting at the front asked while trembling with fear. “Start… start the car…”


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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