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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 129 – I am currently online waiting… 2/2 While being blown by the natural wind, Jiu Ye was feeling very melancholy. Ever since I met the boss, it feels like I have become more and more not like myself. “Sir, how do I address you?” “JIejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Idiot.” Listening to the black robe’s weird voice, Jiu Ye’s back turned cold. “Top-grade Cuban cigar, sir, do you want a stick?” Jiu Ye asked nervously, his hands were currently trembling. Death Mage took a look and nodded his head. Jiu Ye let out a breath of relief, as long as he is willing to accept the cigar, I can feel much more at ease. After personally trimming off one end of the cigar, Jiu Ye passed it over to black robe’s hand. Wait a moment!!! That hand!!! Why is that hand white color!!! When Jiu Ye saw the black robe took off his face mask, Jiu Ye’s eyes almost burst out of his eye sockets. This black robe is not a f**king human! He is actually a skeleton!!! I am actually f**king sitting beside a skeleton right now! What should I do now, I am waiting online for help… Jiu Ye took out a dazzling looking lighter. With both of his hands holding onto the lighter, Jiu Ye helped Death Mage to light up the Cuban cigar. Just that, Jiu Ye’s hands were trembling quite hard. Death Mage inhaled deeply. This Cuban cigar is not bad, the flavor is quite ample. However, Jiu Ye could not remain calm and collected. This black robe’s entire body is emitting out smoke, if one didn’t know, they would thought that the car was on fire. How could Death Mage’s body not emit out smoke? Death Mage’s body was but a skeleton, even when drinking cold beer, the cold beer would leak onto the floor. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “All of those, I want it all.” Although Jiu Ye did not understand what Death Mage was talking about, Jiu Ye could see that Death Mage’s finger was pointing towards the Cuban cigar box. If Jiu Ye still did not know what Death Mage was trying to say, it would mean that Jiu Ye had wasted away with his life. “Sir, if you like the Cuban cigar, I still have a lot remaining here.” Jiu Ye decided to hug onto Death Mage’s thigh. The boss of the bar is too cold already, it feels very hard to communicate with him. That Wei Chang is the same too. However, this black robe is different, because this black robe has needs. Death Mage stretched out his hand and patted onto Jiu Ye’s shoulder. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Young fellow, not bad.” Jiu Ye’s smile was very forced. Looking at the skeleton hand that was patting on his shoulder, Jiu Ye felt very unwell, seemingly like his body’s energy had been depleted. Death Mage could be seen taking out his apple X and a portable charger. After opening the game app and pressing onto the recharge button, Death Mage placed his phone screen in front of Jiu Ye. Jiu Ye was very nervous as he asked, “Sir, do you need me to help you recharge money?” “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: "Foolish human, aren’t you asking the obvious right now!” “Is 100 enough?” I have come across another miser. Death Mage tapped onto the 648 rmb recharge amount. Jiu Ye immediately understood, “Sir, let’s add each other’s wechat, I will immediately transfer the amount to you.” Looking at Death Mage’s wechat’s profile picture, Jiu Ye was completely speechless. This cartoon skeleton head looks so adorable, it looks totally different from your face. When Death Mage saw that Jiu Ye transferred 1000 rmb over to him, Death Mage was very gratified. This human has quite a good eye of judgment. Biu, biu, biu, biu, biu. Jiu Ye had never seen a person who could be so serious when playing a fishing game. No, incorrect, a skeleton! An expert like this actually plays such a childish game! This is practically destroying my three views. The Phantom Rolls-Royce which had its car roof removed drove out of the urban district. On the entire journey, smoke could be seen continuously coming out of the top of the Phantom Rolls-Royce, causing the car to seem a bit strange. At Long’an City’s west suburb, there was a red wine winery. And of course, this red wine winery belonged to Jiu Ye. For the discussion that will be held this time, Jiu Ye was more or less the host and had to do the honors. Jiu Ye had to take care of the arrangements of all the various powers that will be coming to the discussion. However, Jiu Ye was not very happy. The eyes of those powers are practically stuck up all the way to the sky, it feels so annoying to have to deal with those people.

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