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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 13 – Erotic dream “Bang!” Qing Ya closed the bathroom’s door ruthlessly, and the sounds of pitter-patter suddenly rang out from within the bathroom. “If you spoil anything, you will have to pay for it.” Ye Hua rested his head on his hand and shouted out. The sounds within the bathroom came to a stop for a moment, then in the next moment, the sounds became much louder. The sounds were like as if someone was tearing down the house. After half an hour, Qing Ya walked out from the bathroom while being covered by a bath towel, “Call someone over to fix the tap, the tap is bent.” “Not free, you call instead.” “You can do as you please, in any case, this is also not my house.” Qing Ya spread out her hands and sat on the bed, then used the quilt to cover her own beautiful body that even she herself was about to salivate over for. Ye Hua breathed in and out, then picked up the phone at the side and sent a text over to Wei Chang. As a supreme overlord, if everything had to be done by myself, what do I even need subordinates for. However, where did Lie Gu ran off to again today? Could it be that he went to meet that female celebrity again? He truly does not even have a bit of aspiration at all. “Where is your dog?” Qing Ya leaned on the bedhead and watched the cartoon along with Ye Hua. “He went out to mate.” Ye Hua replied calmly. Qing Ya’s brows wrinkled, “Can’t you talk properly!” “He went out to reproduce offspring.” “You!!! Ye Hua, is this how you have always been in the past?” Qing Ya said in a deep voice. I feel that this man should be sick, and now that I think of that, I do feel a bit afraid, will my child be infected by him? Ye Hua said indifferently, “No.” “Then how were you like in the past?” Ye Hua turned his head over, looked at the gorgeous Qing Ya who was on the bed and said indifferently, “In the past, I was someone who made others feel frightened.” “Ye Hua, when you are not acting cool, you are quite handsome.” Qing Ya shook her head helplessly. She felt that Ye Hua was just like a chuunibyou youth. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Act cool? In the past, there were many people who acted cool in front of me, but none of them were able to succeed.” “Haha…” Qing Ya was amused by Ye Hua. This man is always able to talk nonsense with a serious face, but at the same time, he is also able to anger me and make me cry in an instant. Towards Qing Ya’s laughter, Ye Hua chose to ignore it. No matter what, she is also the mother of my child, just that she is a bit stupid only. I’m really worried that my child’s IQ would get pulled down by this woman. After a while, Qing Ya said, “Go to my home to eat tomorrow.” “Alright.” So easy-going? This fellow is not thinking of teasing me again right? “When you are at my home, you have to completely listen to me.” “Alright.” The more Ye Hua acted like this, the more worried Qing Ya was. She felt that Ye Hua was not reliable and was sloppy. While thinking about it, Qing Ya gradually closed her beautiful eyes, and she actually dreamt of that night… “Qing Ya! Qing Ya!” A familiar voice rang out beside her ears and Qing Ya replied muddle-headedly, “Don’t mess around~ I can’t take it anymore~” “Prepare to eat already!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. This woman is really stupid to the heavens, she is actually still recalling about what happened during that night. “Eat?” Qing Ya who was within her beautiful dream immediately woke up and pointed at Ye Hua, “Just now…you!!!” “You had an erotic dream.” Ye Hua said indifferently. “Impossible!” Ye Hua revealed out an expression of disdain, “I will record it down for you next time.” “Go and die!” Qing Ya bit on her lips and stretched out her hands to feel. Immediately, her face changed and turned completely red… Looking at Qing Ya who rushed into the bathroom, Ye Hua let out a sigh. Opening Meituan, he began ordering food. Chicken mushroom stew seems quite good. Also, let’s get a few catty of fried crayfishes. (Meituan is a food delivery app.) When Qing Ya came out of the bathroom, a fragrance was filled within the entire room. The bright red crayfishes emitted steam, making others to not be able to help but swallow their saliva. Pulling over a small low stool, Qing Ya began tucking in unrestrainedly. Looking at Qing Ya, Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled. This woman really does not have any manners! “I thought you don’t have any money? Where did you get the money to order food?” Qing Ya peeled a piece of crayfish, placed it into the broth and stirred it around, then ate it with a face of content. It is really delicious~ “My subordinate’s money.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Qing Ya almost spat out the crayfish meat, “You actually used other people’s money to order food! Even if you want to donate, there is also no need to donate all of your money right?” “I found it troublesome so I just straightforwardly donated my entire card.” “Formidable!” After pausing for a bit, Ye Hua continued speaking, “Using my subordinate’s money is indeed not really good, give me a card later on.” The corner of Qing Ya’s mouth twitched, “So there is no problem if you are using your wife’s money?! Not sure who is the one who said that money is but a bunch of papers only…” “Remember to give me a card with a big overdraft.” Ye Hua totally did not pay attention to what Qing Ya just said. Qing Ya said with discontent, “Why should I!” “Because you are my wife!” Ye Hua’s temper also came. Using your money is because I show respect for you, and also because you are the child’s mother, if not, I wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to you. Qing Ya was actually left speechless. I will just treat it as giving him labor fee! Picking up the bag at the side, Qing Ya casually took out a black diamond card and placed it on the table. Ye Hua accepted the card unrestrainedly, and immediately bind the card to his WeChat, “What is the pin number?” “123456.” Ye Hua slightly went into a daze. This woman sure has a personality. After finish binding the card to his WeChat, he finally did not have to use Wei Chang’s money anymore. Because of this matter, Wei Chang had often complained to me about it, he is truly a stingy monster. Ye Hua who was in quite a good mood said indifferently, “Help me peel the crayfish.” The crayfish that was within Qing Ya’s hands immediately fell onto the table as she looked at Ye Hua in disbelieve, “Why should I!” “Because you are my wife.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Qing Ya slammed onto the table and stood up, “Am I your wife or your maid!” “There are a lot of rules for being my wife, you can slowly learn.” Ye Hua said calmly. Qing Ya snorted, “Whoever wants to be your wife can go ahead and be my guest. In any case, after my child is born, we will divorce.” After Qing Ya finish speaking, the atmosphere within the room immediately froze. Ye Hua’s gaze was fixed onto Qing Ya, and the latter was looked at by Ye Hua to the point that she withdrew back. Qing Ya did not feel that she was in the wrong at all. Giving him money, and also giving birth to a child for him, I have more or less give everything to him, and yet he still wants this and that, totally not considering about my feelings at all. For me to not slam the door and leave, I am already giving him a lot of face. Sitting on the small stool, Qing Ya continued eating. Better eaten than wasted, you can just continue and foolishly watch me eat! In the past, since Ye Hua ate alone, he had no other choice but to peel it himself, but it was different now, he has a wife now! Since I have a wife now, I don’t have to peel it myself anymore. If I were to peel it myself, and words of it were to spread out, where would my face be! This fellow is really not eating? He did not eat in the afternoon, and during the night, he also wants to be obstinate with me? Forget it, seeing that you are so pitiful, I will peel a piece of crayfish for you, then reward you with a chicken butt too, haha~ Seeing Qing Ya taking the initiative to pass the food over to him, Ye Hua’s mood became a little better. He felt that he was a bit agitated today, and his humanity which he had cultivated for a few years almost came close to collapsing today. Seeing Ye Hua eat the crayfish meat that she peeled for him, Qing Ya had a kind of strange feeling in her heart, and unconsciously, she peeled another crayfish for Ye Hua. Afterward, the two did not talk anymore. Qing Ya ate one crayfish, then peeled another one for Ye Hua, and in a flash, a few catty of crayfish was eaten. “I’m so full. My fingers hurt from peeling all the crayfishes.” Qing Ya pouted her mouth and looked at her tender fingers, feeling heart pain incessantly for her fingers. Ye Hua turned around and said indifferently, “Tidy up the table.” “You!!!” This Ye Hua must be sent by the heavens to punish me. I must persevere! Persevere for 9 more months!

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