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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 130 – Biu biu biu 1/2 This winery was the product of Jiu Ye’s meticulous management and was also where Jiu Ye was currently staying at. From this, it could be seen just how important Jiu Ye viewed this winery. After all, this winery’s location was superb, being far away from the city’s clamor, the entire winery was filled with a peaceful aura, seemingly like it was located at a green prairie. “Sir, we have arrived.” Jiu Ye said with a modest smile. Biu, biu, biu. While holding onto a cigar with his mouth and with his walking stick placed under his armpit, Death Mage held onto his phone with one hand and tapped onto his phone with the other hand. Face mask? He forgot about it… “Sir, wait for me.” Without waiting for his underling to open the door for him, jiu Ye immediately opened the door by himself and ran up to Death Mage and continued talking to Death Mage. However, Death Mage’s gaze was fixed onto his phone screen. Clatter, clatter, clatter. Listening to the noise that the gold coins were making, Death Mage heavily inhaled a mouth of the cigar, and soon after, his entire body began emitting out smoke again, “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Feels good!” Jiu Ye thought that Death Mage would only be playing the fishing game in the car and didn’t expect that Death Mage would still continue playing even after getting off the car. From the looks of it, this black robe doesn’t seem to have the intention of putting his phone aside. There are quite a few big shots sitting inside, it doesn’t seem too good for you to walk inside while holding onto your phone and playing with your phone right? Especially that biu biu biu sound…. And the sound system of your apple X is so loud too… Seems like my 8848 phone is better indeed. “Sir, can you stop playing with your phone for a while?” “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “There are so many fishes right now, can you even afford to pay up to me if I stop now!” Jiu Ye was an experienced person, just from listening to Death Mage’s tone, he was able to discern Death Mage’s mood. Listening to this black robe’s tone, he has evidently refused my request. The two walked towards the inner side of the winery. Within the winery’s conference room, there was a big round table there. And at this moment, at the round table, 8 men and 1 woman could be seen sitting around the round table. Amongst the men, there were people who wore western suits, and people who wore robes. The only woman that was here could be said to be a gorgeous scenery. The woman wore a jadeite color ancient Chinese style long sleeve gown and had a transparent looking flower pattern muslin draped over her shoulders. On her soft fine black hair, there was a hairstick used to fix her hair. Looking at the woman, she sort of seemed like a fairy. This woman was Cloud Sect’s Sect Master, Xun Fang! “Just what are we doing here!” One of the middle-aged men shouted out gravely. This person was South Alliance’s Alliance Master, Hai Daisi. Because he was bald, he seemed rather vicious. Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master’s attire looked a bit strange. Wide t-shirt, wide pants, a gold chain worn on his neck, and various other accessories like sunglasses and hat worn on him. Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master seemed to be going with hip hop style. And indeed, Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master has been hooked on hip hop recently. While clapping with both his hands to make a rhythm, Ge Zheng actually began speaking and singing, “Yo, yo, yo, Hai Daisi, what are you being in such a rush for. Yo~ One of your elders died. Yo~ If you have the guts, go and take revenge~ Yo~” “I will yo your mother’s c**t!” Hai Daisi was angered to the point that he immediately jumped up from his seat. “Alliance Master Hai, cool your head.” The one who spoke was Raising Thunder Sect’s Sect Master, Yang Yi. Wang Dabao who was currently trimming his fingernails laughed, “That’s right, what are you losing your head for, didn’t one of Dry Zen Sect’s elders died too? How does it feel to have someone to accompany you?” The face of Dry Zen Sect’s Sect Master Che Zhixuan turned cold, “Wang Dabao! Troubles arise from the mouth, it will be useless even if you have your woman to protect you!” An impressive looking man could be seen laughing, “CEO Wang is just merely speaking the truth. Both of you had just suffered the loss of an elder, and yet both of you still have the mood to sit here and hold a discussion. To speak the truth, both of you have my respect.” Hai Daisi slammed onto the table angrily, “Zuo Xinran, have your mouth been wiped with feces? Do you believe that I will wipe out your entire Zuo Family tomorrow!” “Don’t hesitate, you can come and bring it on.” Zuo Xinran laughed lightly, completely not afraid in the slightest. “Alright, everyone, let’s each take a step back.” The one who spoke was Zhi Anyan. Zhi Anyan wore an ordinary-looking spectacles and his appearance was ordinary. Zhi Anyan belonged to the decent looking category. However, the feeling that he gave to others was that he was very intelligent. In actuality, everyone who was sitting here did not dare to start fighting with another without careful consideration. Because everyone’s strength was more or less the same, unless it was one against multiple people, it was pointless to even start a fight. After all, if you do not fight for the sake of winning, what was even the point of fighting?

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