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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 130 – Biu biu biu 2/2 Hai Daisi said indignantly, “In my opinion, we should join together and denounce the bar!” “Yo, yo, yo, check it out, it’s not like I have an elder who died.” Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Ge Zheng crossed his arms and assumed an arrogant looking posture. Hai Daisi almost spat out blood from anger, “I am going to f**king beat you to death today!” “Hey… bring it on then. Yo, yo, yo, come on.” Raising Thunder Sect’s Sect Master Yang Yi held onto Hai Daisi who was about to go berserk, “Alliance Master Hai, don’t be agitated! For such a thing to have happened, I feel very sad about it too. You have to get used to the fact that one of your elders died.” Hai Daisi’s expression froze. It could be seen, not sure where Yang Yi got a hat and sunglasses from, Yang Yi wore the hat and sunglasses, then said, “Yo, yo, yo, check it out.” Ge Zheng immediately responded, “Yo, yo, yo, brother, you sure are impressive. Yo, yo, yo, nice stab that you just gave to Hai Daisi.” “I am f**king going to kill both of you bastards today!!” A robust energy exploded out from Hai Daisi’s body. How could Ge Zheng and Yang Yi not be cocky? Each of us had one elder who went to the bar, and amongst the elders that went to the bar, two died and one got injured. On the other hand, look at both of us, our elders came back without any injury at all. That’s why, if the underling does not have any brain, the underling’s boss is definitely not any better too. Dry Zen Sect’s Sect Master Che Zhixuan said coldly, “Count me in!” Wang Dabao, Zuo Xinran, Zhi Anyan, and Guang Tianlu who remained silent since the start, the four of them simply watch the other four quarrel and completely did not have any intention of doing anything. To them, Hai Daisi and the three others could all be counted as a part of the Cultivation World. There was no need for them to interfere with the four who belonged to the Cultivation World. “Enough!” Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Xun Fang shouted out coldly. Beautiful woman right, no matter what, they had to give Xun Fang face. Che Zhixuan snorted coldly and kept his killing intent, “If not for Sect Master Xun helping the both of you to plea for leniency, I would have turned both of you into liquid!” “That’s right! Since Sect Master Xun has spoken, I will not make things hard for both of you young and immature fellows.” Hai Daisi’s expression changed. If Hai Daisi was a robust man who was in a violent rage just now, right now, he was a warn and tender young man. In the north, there was the beautiful woman, Bai Cixin. And in the South, there was the prideful woman, Xun Fang. The beauty and capabilities of the two beautiful women were not to be belittled. Just now, Hai Daisi and Che Zhixuan were both merely feeling that they were losing face. While on the other hand, Ge Zheng and Yang Yi were completely trying to amuse the beautiful woman, using this kind of method to try to attract Xun Fang's attention. Or perhaps, they heard of some gossip and found out that Sect Master Xun had been listening to hip hop music recently, and thus both of them intentionally acted like this. “The matters that we will be discussing today are about how to protect the ancient godly item, and just who should be the one to keep the ancient godly item!” Xun Fang’s tone was gentle, it was very pleasant to listen to her voice. Zuo Xinrang stroke onto his hair, “Sect Master Xun, how is your sect’s Elder Xing? “Family Head Zuo sure is concern about my sect’s matters.” Xun Fang’s tone seemed to be getting a little angry. Zhi Anyan adjusted his spectacles, “I heard that last night, Elder Xing died due to his injuries while he was returning back to Cloud Sect, is this matter true?” “Elder Xing sacrificed his life for righteousness. I will naturally seek revenge for Elder Xing.” “Well spoken!” “Take revenge and wipe out the grudge!” Hai Daisi and Che Zhixuan immediately responded. Zuo Xinran laughed lightly, “Jiu Ye will bring someone from the bar to this discussion in a while. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you guys are going to take revenge.” Wang Dabao took off his shoes, then took off his socks. After that, he actually began cutting his toenails. This action caused everyone to have their hair stand on its end. “Sect Master Xun, I feel that you should take more time to consider about the matter of taking revenge.” Ge Zheng felt that it was better to not take revenge. Last night, when my elder returned, he reported to me about what happened at the bar. Although I was not at the bar, just listening to the report was enough to make my heart turn cold. Right when Xun Fang was about to open her mouth to speak, a sound entered in everyone’s ears. Biu, biu, biu, biubiubiu…

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