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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 131 – One on one! 2/2 Hai Daisi could be seen to be the one who took the initiative to speak, “Before we begin the discussion, Wang Dabao, please leave!” Wang Dabao wore his shoes back, then took a sniff at his hand and asked, “Why?” “As a man who married into Bai Family and moved in to live with Bai Family, what rights do you have to sit here with us!” Che Zhixuan shouted out. Although Wang Dabao married Bai Cixin, everyone in the circle all knew that Wang Dabao was afraid of his wife, and furthermore, that Wang Dabao views Bai Family as the head! However, although Wang Dabao viewed Bai Family as the head, Wang Dabao placed his general headquarters at south’s High Ocean City. For such an action like that, everyone knew that, how would Wang Dabao even be able to think of doing something like that, he was definitely taught to do that by Bai Cixin, and the objective of that action was to control the south. With the wife controlling the north, and the husband controlling the south, then afterward, both coming together as one! Zuo Xinran said indifferently, “Wang Dabao’s Wang Family is situated at High Ocean City, how could you say that he is a northern people?” “Biubiubiu…” “However, he has a wife who belongs to the north!” Ge Zheng stopped speaking in hip hop style as he slammed onto the table and shouted out. “Biubiubiu…” Wang Dabao scratched onto his head, “My wife is just merely returning back to her parental home to stay for a few months. What fuss is there to even make about it, look at the looks on you guys right now.” “Biubiubiu…” Everyone’s brows became wrinkled. With his left hand holding onto his chin, there was a red light flickering within Death Mage’s empty eye sockets. “Warning! Warning! Boss incoming!!!” Death Mage could be seen picking up his phone from the table. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap!!! The entire conference room was filled with the sound of Death Mage’s bone finger tapping onto his phone screen at high speed. Jiu Ye had the intention of persuading Death Mage to stop playing for a while first. However, when Jiu Ye saw how agitated Death Mage looked right now… I think I should forget about it... Gradually, Death Mage placed his phone back down onto the table. And right after he placed his phone down, a black fog emitted out from his body, giving everyone a scare and causing everyone to go into defense. Death Mage looked at his gold coin balance which had gone all the way down to zero. I really want to kill someone right now! Just now, I spent up to a million gold coins in one shot, and yet, in the end, right at the final moment, a human entered into the room and tapped one time, and with that one tap, that human actually killed the boss!!! How could I not be angry! All of the cunning humans should die!!! The black fog that was emitted out from Death Mage’s body gathered onto the top of Death Mage's head and turned into just like a black cloud. Suddenly! The black cloud flew at a high speed towards a corner of the conference room. Everyone turned pale with fright. What is this black robe trying to do! Right after the black cloud flew out, Death Mage picked up the walking stick that was placed at his side and suddenly threw it straight in front of him. Thump! The walking stick pierced right into the wall, and gradually, the walking stick turned back into its original form, Sickle of Death. Everyone gasped. However, what was even more shocking was still behind! The wall was actually bleeding! Gradually, a person who wore a black color martial attire appeared, and on the person’s chest, there was a big hole. “Hidden Xuan Sect!” Everyone cried out in surprise. A shriek filled with fear rang out from within the black cloud. It could be seen that, while floating in the air, the black cloud seemed to have someone enveloped within it. No need to think too much, everyone knew who was enveloped within the black cloud. Originally, Death Mage did not want to care about these 2 people. However, who knew, the boss that he fought so hard with would actually get snatched by someone else at the final moment, and to Death Mage, that human who snatched his boss at the final moment was just like the two humans that were hiding within the corners of the conference room. Therefore, the two who belonged to Hidden Xuan Sect just so happened to become the targets of Death Mage’s venting of anger. The expressions of all the bigshots that were sitting in the conference room weren’t looking very good. Two people that belong to Hidden Xuan Sect actually infiltrated into the conference room and not a single one of us was able to discover that! These two are definitely Hidden Xuan Sect’s trump cards. If not for this black robe, all of the content of today’s discussion would get leak, and the consequences of that would have been unimaginable!!! Xun Fang glowered at the man who was enveloped within the black cloud and shouted out, “Speak! What do you all know!” The man who was enveloped within the black cloud let out a miserable howl. It was not that he didn’t want to speak, it was that he wasn’t able to speak! Death Mage’s finger was turning around slowly. It seems like Death Mage was torturing the man that was within the black cloud. “Sir, can you let him out of the black cloud, I have some questions that I want to ask him.” Xun Fang said towards Death Mage. Although her tone was very polite, she was still feeling very indignant in her heart. This fellow’s underling was the one that killed my elder! “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “I’m not going to.” Along with Death Mage tapping his finger onto his palm! The black cloud immediately began corroding the man, and soon after, the man dissipated, and there was truly nothing left of the man at all. Xun Fang tightly clenched her fist and shouted out, “Fight me one on one!”

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