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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 132 – Who said that skeletons do not know how to hit on girls 1/2 The entire conference immediately turned silent. Everyone looked at Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Xun Fang in disbelief. Everyone’s evaluation was that, with Xun Fang’s strength, if she were to fight with Xiao Yi, her chance of winning was 40%. However, if Xun Fang was to face against the fully equipped Xiao Yi, she would practically have no chance of winning at all. On the other hand, Death Mage was able to beat Xiao Yi up so easily with ease even when Xiao Yi was fully equipped. And although Xiao Yi won in the end, the state that Xiao Yi was in was very tragic. In actuality, everyone had neglected one thing too. Death Mage was under orders and was not allowed to kill Xiao Yi. However, during the battle, if Death Mage didn't get too cocky, he wouldn't have lost in the end too... Everyone did not know why Xun Fang would try to challenge the black robe as the gains do not make up for the losses. If a bad situation was to arise, Xun Fang would die! Xun Fang’s beautiful eyes were ice cold. My elder died tragically under your underling’s hands last night. As the sect master, this revenge should of course be sought by me. If I let the enemy off and did nothing, how would I be able to explain myself to the sect’s disciples? Furthermore, if I did that, it would make the sect’s disciples feel disappointed! No matter what sorceries that worn down leisure bar possess, I am definitely going to seek revenge for Elder Xing today! Thinking up to here, Xun Fang couldn’t help but recall back to when Elder Xing was carried back to the sect. All of Elder Xing’s veins were destroyed, and his internal organs were as if they had been thrown into a blender. Only after asking one of the disciples, then did I know that it was all caused by Elder Xing clashing weapons with a high school student. Back then at the bar, when Elder Xing clashed with the high school student, Elder Xing didn’t seem to have any peculiarity. Therefore, Elder Xing must have definitely been hit with some kind of hidden attack! What a joke! Lie Gu’s casual swing with a weapon was not something that the average person would be able to withstand. The big shots that belonged to the Cultivation World were filled with worries right now, while the other big shots want to express that they don’t really care and that they were going to just treat it as watching a show. Death Mage gazed at Xun Fang with his empty eye sockets, and the latter was not afraid in the slightest bit at all. However, to Death Mage, he was used to seeing this kind of expression. Normally when they have this kind of expression, it is because they do not know the difference between their own power and mine. A mere female human also dares to try and challenge me. Death Mage was currently thinking if he should kill this Xun Fang, or… I heard that His Honor has been cultivating humanity recently, and even master himself is also currently cultivating humanity too. From this, it can be seen just how important humanity is. Thinking back on it, when I gambled, I was also cultivating humanity! From the looks of it, I can be counted as being able to catch up with His Honor’s and master’s footsteps. Upon thinking of gambling, Death Mage decided that he was going to win this one time! Death Mage began typing on his phone, then placed the phone screen towards Xun Fang! On the phone screen, multicolor words could be seen floating around. “Let’s have a bet.” Xun Fang shouted out, “Bring it on!” Death Mage began typing on his phone again. “If you lose, you have to become my slave.” Everyone scolded Death Mage for being shameless. You are actually thinking of keeping the south’s prideful woman as your slave when it is already obvious that you are the one who is going to won? You are practically not a human at all! And even if you managed to keep her as your slave, what can you even do with her, do you even have a weapon! Xun Fang was angered to the point that her face became bright red. As Cloud Sect’s sect master, when have I ever been humiliated like this before! If I don’t wash away today’s humiliation, how would I even be able to continue raising my head in the Cultivation World! “Alright! If you lose, I am going to hack you into thousands of pieces!” Death Mage nodded his head. If I were to lose this bet too, I will quit gambling from today onwards. Jiu Ye held onto his forehead. The discussion hasn’t even begun, and a fight is already beginning, this is truly giving me a headache. Death Mage stretched out his skeleton hand, and the Sickle of Death flew back into its master’s hand. On the other hand, Xun Fang casually grasped with her hand and a purple color sword appeared within her hand. Everyone came to the big garden that was at the back of the winery. It must be said that, the air at the outskirts was indeed fresh. Adding on with the various different plants and flowers that were planted in the garden, when a light wind blew by, everyone could smell the fragrance of the plants and flowers. This place was perfect for going on a date. Sitting on the lawn, watching the stars while embracing onto a lady, and by taking opportunity of the duskiness, one would even be able to start being dishonest with their hands and feet. Seems like there was another reason that Jiu Ye chose to stay at this place. “Everyone, do you all want to change to another place to fight at?” Jiu Ye asked feebly. This garden was made by me with great care and hard work... Just that, towards Jiu Ye’s question, there was not a single person who answered. Death Mage and Xun Fang stood in the middle of the garden. The big fight was about to start anytime soon. The other four big shots that belonged to the Cultivation World were prepared to move at any time to save Xun Fang.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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