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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 132 – Who said that skeletons do not know how to hit on girls 2/2 Death Mage stabbed the Sickle of Death that was within his hand into the ground and spread out both of his hands, “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Woman, tremble before me…” Although Xun Fang did not know what the black robe in front of her was doing, Xun Fang knew that the black robe was definitely up to no good. Immediately, Xun Fang slashed with her sword! A burst of sword cries immediately rang out. Everyone couldn’t help but gasped in surprise. Sect Master Xun’s strength doesn’t seem to be limited to what the rumors say. Wasn’t that nonsense? Who wouldn’t have a few trump cards up their sleeves? Just that, normally, no one would reveal or use their trump cards. Death Mage stretched out his middle finger and index finger. Upon seeing that, everyone was puzzled. However, when they saw Death Mage slightly raised his middle finger and index finger upward, and both of the fingers began trembling at high speed, they gasped in surprise. Everyone had forgotten one important thing. Although this black robe doesn’t possess a weapon, it still has its fingers! As expected, this black robe is talented. Xun Fang’s face turned bright red, and in the next moment, spiritual energy burst out from Xun Fang’s body. Immediately, the flowers and plants in the surroundings flew up to the sky, creating a beautiful scene. A silvery light flickered, and Xun Fang’s entire body turned into an afterimage. Everyone who was spectating began to wrinkle their brows, this Xun Fang’s strength is truly very strong! Xun Fang looked at the black robe who was still in a daze like a fool and sneered in her heart. Do you really think that I am that easy to bully! To actually want me to become your slave, you are truly delusional! The reason that Death Mage didn’t use his weapon was because he had other intentions. Stretching out that spotlessly white slender bone fingers, Death Mage grabbed onto Xun Fang’s right wrist. After steadily grabbing onto Xun Fang’s right wrist, Death Mage stretched out his right hand, held onto Xun Fang’s alluring slender waist and pulled Xun Fang into his embrace. Hai Daisi was dumbstruck. How is this even a battle, what they are doing right now is clearly scattering dog food to the spectators!!! Che Zhixuan clenched his fist tightly. My goddess is actually embraced by a skeleton, goddammit!!! Both Ge Zheng and Yang Yi were about to go berserk, my goddess is sullied by a skeleton… Wang Dabao was also very feeling stupefied. I didn’t expect that this skeleton would be so good at hitting on girls. In the middle of the garden, Death Mage and Xun Fang seemed like they were ballroom dancing. Xun Fang was suffering unspeakable misery right now. The skeleton hand that is holding onto my wrist is like an iron clamp, and the hand that is holding onto my waist is the same too, these hands are causing me to not be able to move at all! Looking at the skeleton head that was very near to her, and the red lights that were within the empty eye sockets, Xun Fang did not reveal out any delicate or weak look on her. Spiritual energy burst out from Xun Fang’s body once again. Even if I get injured, I won’t let you take advantage of me! Bang! With the two as the center, an airwave scattered outwards from the center. Various flowers and plants were floating around the air. Death Mage casually grabbed onto the air, and immediately, he grabbed onto a rose. Soon after, Death Mage opened his spotless white teeth and bit onto the rose. What the f**k!!! Everyone felt that their three views were completely destroyed. “Don’t pull onto me, I am going to kill this skeleton! Even I also wouldn’t dare to take liberties of my goddess like this!” Hai Daisi couldn’t stand it anymore. However, it didn’t seem like anyone was pulling onto him too. Blood flowed out from the corner of Xun Fang’s mouth. I managed to struggle free from this Death Mage’s embrace by force just now, but it caused the spiritual energy within my body to go into chaos. This black robe is indeed extremely powerful. This was just the first exchange of blows too, and yet, I have already sustained injuries. If it continues on like this, I am going to lose for sure! If the time come where I lost, even if I die, I won’t let a skeleton humiliate me! Suddenly, Xun Fang felt a chill coming from her back, and immediately, she slashed her sword towards her back. Unfortunately, she was a step slower and her wrist was grabbed by Death Mage again. Soon after, Xun Fang toppled into Death Mage’s embrace again. Looking at the skeleton who was biting onto a rose with its mouth, Xun Fang really wanted to die…

Translator: Wigglegui



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