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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 133 – Kiss of death 1/2 “Let go of my goddess!” Che Zhixuan attacked angrily. A strong spiritual energy attacked towards Death Mage. A black fog shot out from Death Mage’s finger and immediately scattered away the spiritual energy that was attacking towards Death Mage. After scattering the spiritual energy, the black fog ruthlessly struck onto Che Zhixuan. Dry Zen Sect was a sect that specialized in refining medicines and concocting pills, therefore, Dry Zen Sect’s strength as a whole was not very high. However, as the sect master, Che Zhixuan’s strength was naturally comparably strong. However, within this group of people here, Che Zhixuan could be counted as the weakest. Towards the black fog that was attacking towards him, Che Zhixuan did not have any way to deal with it. Upon being struck by the black fog, Che Zhixuan flew out like a bullet and collapsed into a building. When Jiu Ye saw that, his heart was feeling very pain for his building. Everyone remained silent. No matter how weak Che Zhixuan is, he is still the sect master of a big sect, and yet, this black robe was actually able to send Che Zhixuan flying with just one move! This black robe’s strength is actually that frightening! Hai Daisi was just about to attack Death Mage too. However, when he saw Che Zhixuan get destroyed in just one hit, he stopped himself from attacking Death Mage! Even though my goddess is important, but if I lost my life, how would I even be able to be lovey-dovey with my goddess? Death Mage stuck the rose that was on his mouth onto Xun Fang’s tied hair. This action cause everyone to tremble with fear, not a single person dared to do anything without careful consideration! Xun Fang glowered at the skeleton in front of her without fear and did not beg for leniency. “If you have the capability, kill me! Want me to be your slave? You can dream on!” Looking at the beautiful woman within his embrace, Death Mage laughed. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Want to die? It won't be that easy for you." Death Mage could be seen slowly lowering his head towards Xun Fang’s face. Xun Fang’s expression finally changed greatly. Everyone was stupefied. In the next moment, everyone felt as if their goosebumps were going to fall out from their bodies. This skeleton actually kissed Sect Master Xun!!! After quite a while, Death Mage raised his head. The lips of a female human sure are soft, my first kiss is actually gone just like this. After taking a look at the woman who had already fainted, while holding the woman within his embrace, Death Mage picked up his sickle and disappeared from everyone’s eyes. Right now, all of the men had one thought within their minds. Sh*t! South’s prideful woman was actually sullied by a skeleton! When Death Mage appeared once again, he was situated at a big mountain. After placing the woman within his embrace onto the lawn, Death Mage ignited a stick of Cuban cigar, then took out his phone and spent all of his remaining money in recharging gold coins. The familiar sound rang out once again. Biubiubiubiu… “Master!” A black figure appeared in front of Death Mage and shouted out respectfully to Death Mage. This person was precisely the Death Assassin who was currently watching over Long Aotian. “How is that Long Aotian?” While playing with his phone, Death Mage asked. In actuality, Death Mage could just ask Jiu Ye for money. However, Death Mage felt that if he were to ask the same human for money twice, if words of it were to spread out, where would his face be at? Even more, if this matter was to be known by master and His Honor, wouldn’t that mean I won’t even have the face to raise my head anymore? “Master, Long Aotian has been staying in a small thatched cottage during this period of time and has still yet to come out.” Death Assassin seemed to be a lot more normal compared to Death Mage and the others. “Find a chance and demand a bit of money from him, I am currently lacking funds.” “Master, he has come out!” “Oh? Quickly go, quickly go, I need money to recharge gold coins again soon.” “Yes, master!” Death Assassin’s figure immediately disappeared. Meanwhile, Death Mage continued to biubiubiu… and on Death Mage's side, there lied the unconscious Xun Fang. However, within everyone’s heart, they felt that south’s prideful woman Xun Fang was definitely currently being humiliated by the skeleton. This news would soon immediately spread throughout the entire south, and even more, it would even spread out in the north. Right now, even if Xun Fang was able to return back unscathed, everyone’s saliva would be able to drown her out!

Translator: Wigglegui



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