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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 133 – Kiss of death 2/2 Within the small thatched cottage, while wearing a worn-out long gown, Long Aotian was currently embracing onto a petite and adorable girl and speaking words of love. “Meng Meng, after leaving today, I don’t know if I would be able to come back alive or not.” Long Aotian took a long sigh, his tone was extremely gentle. Meng Meng rubbed onto her beloved man’s chest and said, “Brother Long, if you were to meet with disaster and die, Meng Meng will accompany you to the afterlife.” Long Aotian took a deep sigh. This is precisely the plot of a main character, being loved to death by the female lead. After I defeat that black clothed person, this entire world will soon become mine and this world’s beautiful women will all be able to be picked by me however I want! However… “Meng Meng, be at ease, after Brother Long successfully made it in the outside world, Brother Long will definitely come back to pick you up.” Long Aotian consoled attentively. Meng Meng smiled tenderly, “It’s fine, Brother Long, you just focus on making it in the outside world, Meng Meng will wait here for you.” “Meng Meng, you are so great…” “Brother Long, take this bottle of medicine, take one pill a day, if not, the affection gu within your body will go berserk.” “Meng Meng, to be able to have you in this life, I, Long Aotian, truly has to thank the heaven.” Tears of pain flowed out from Long Aotian's eyes. Isn’t it just merely getting into a relationship? Did you actually have to be so ruthless and plant an affection gu into my body… Why is my life so hard? “Brother Long, Meng Meng is yours for this entire lifetime.” “Meng Meng~” Long Aotian cried. After quite a while, Long Aotian said gravely, “Meng Meng, I’m leaving!” “Brother Long, you must return back victorious!” Carrying along his tired body, Long Aotian walked out of the small thatched cottage. The feeling of leaving this place sure feels great… After walking for quite a distance, Long Aotian shouted out loudly, “Come out! I have cultivated my dragon god technique to the second realm! Watch just how I am going to take my revenge today! It is all because of you this bastard, causing me to have to use a ground evading talisman, and thus coming to such a deserted place, and even got planted with an affection gu in my body!” “For causing my dream of creating a harem chamber to become shattered, between you and me, only one of us can live under this sky!” Right after Long Aotian finished shouting, Death Assassin suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This caused Long Aotian to become startled, and his aura from a while ago to immediately disappeared. After being startled, Long Aotian immediately hid behind a tree. F**k! I already cultivated my dragon god technique to the second realm, what do I even have to be afraid of him for! Walking out from behind the tree, Long Aotian pointed towards Death Assassin and shouted out, “You! Don’t be cocky! We will exchange a single blow with each other today! Listen carefully! We will exchange just one blow with each other, whoever that tries to exchange another blow after the first blow will mean that they lost!” “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: “No problem.” Long Aotian kept his frivolous smile and slightly crouched with both of his legs. While gazing at Death Assassin with his tiger-like eyes, a robust aura suddenly emitted out from his entire body, and both of his eyes gradually turned into gold color. “Come and bring it on!” Long Aotian raised his head towards the sky and shouted. Death Assassin held onto his dagger and stabbed out ordinarily. To Long Aotian, that night was a huge blow to him. During that night, I was completely not able to catch onto this black clothed person’s speed at all. However, now that I have cultivated my dragon god technique to the second realm, I'm clearly able to sense this black clothed person’s movement! Long Aotian slightly moved his head to the side, and a strand of fine black hair slowly fell onto the ground. Long Aotian was able to sense that he dodged Death Assassin's attack. I didn’t expect that I actually dodged this black clothed person’s ultimate move! The arc on the corner of Long Aotian’s mouth became bigger and bigger, and soon after, he spread out both of his hands and began laughing out crazily, “Hahaha! I, Long Aotian, am able to finally dodge your attack! I have washed away all the humiliation from that day! Hahaha!!!” Death Assassin looked at the Long Aotian who was laughing out crazily and wasn’t unable to understand what the Long Aotian was being so happy about. What is there to be so happy about dodging an ordinary stab from me? It was natural for Long Aotian to feel excited right now. Within Long Aotian’s heart, he had already considered Death Assassin to be the most powerful boss. Going from not being able to do anything against Death Assassin, and to being able to dodge an attack from Death Assassin, under such a situation, how could Long Aotian not feel happy and excited! “Wait after I, Long Aotian, cultivated for another month, I will then have a fight with you to determine the winner. Goodbye!” After finish speaking, Long Aotian immediately began to run away.

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