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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 134 – Black robe is the boss! 1/2 Just that, would Death Assassin even allow him to run away just like this? The answer was evidently no! Death Assassin’s figure flickered, and in the next moment, Death Assassin appeared right in front of Long Aotian. “You… What do you want? We agreed that we were only going to exchange one blow with each other. Are you thinking of admitting defeat now?” Long Aotian immediately began to panic. If you have the guts, let me cultivate for a few more years! Death Assassin stretched out his thumb and index finger and began rubbing his thumb and index finger onto each other. Looking at the white jade like bone, Long Aotian was startled to the point that he retreated back quite a few steps. From the looks of it, this person who is keeping me here is not even a human! Even more, he wants me to give him money!!! After calming his mind down, Long Aotian took out his wallet and said, “In actuality, I don’t really have much money. My plot had only just begun, and I still haven’t gotten to the later period of my plot. There are only a few thousand rmb in my card and a few hundred rmb in my wallet.” After taking over the wallet, Death Assassin immediately disappeared, leaving alone the stupefied Long Aotian. “I still haven’t told you the card’s pin number…” Long Aotian mumbled. After finish speaking, Long Aotian went into a daze for a moment, then immediately began to start running back to the small thatched cottage. “Brother Long, why did you come back again?” Seeing Long Aotian who ran back with a happy look on his face, Meng Meng’s face was filled with joy. Long Aotian held onto Meng Meng’s shoulders and said passionately, “Meng Meng, Brother Long just can't bear to leave you, and thus, Brother Long has decided to not leave and continue staying here with you!” Meng Meng was stupefied and moved at the same time. Tears flowed out from Meng Meng’s eyes as she said, “Brother Long, you are so nice towards Meng Meng.” Well, it is because I f**king can’t win against the black clothed person… Long Aotian had bitterness in his heart that he could not speak of... After wiping her tears, Meng Meng said tenderly, “Brother Long, let me cook some noodles for you to eat.” “Alright, add a bit more sauce.” “Brother Long, annoying~” On the other side, Death Assassin presented the wallet with both of his hands to Death Mage. Death Mage only took the few hundred of rmb that was within the wallet, then threw the wallet to the side, “I’m going to go deposit the money, you continue on and watch after Long Aotian.” “Yes!” Seeing that his master did not have the intention of carrying the woman, Death Assassin asked, “Master, this woman?” Death Mage took a look at the unconscious Xun Fang. According to the bet, she is now counted as my slave. However, if I let a slave follow along with me, my expenses will become bigger. Not only does she have to eat, but she also has to buy clothes, makeup products, sanitary pads and so on. After counting everything, I am the one that will be in disbenefit if I let her follow along with me. Forget it, forget it, I don’t want her as my slave anymore… “Just leave her here I guess.” After finish speaking, Death Mage began to head to the ATM to deposit the money. Death Assassin took a look at the Xun Fang who was on the ground, then soon after, Death Assassin also disappeared. South’s prideful woman, she could be said to be the Cultivation World’s goddess. However… however, right now, she was disregarded by two skeletons… And the reason was very ample, difficult to provide for. Death Mage had even revoked Xun Fang’s title of being his slave… Not sure how long had passed, Xun Fang finally woke up. After seizing around the surroundings with her beautiful eyes, she began examining her body. Upon discovering that she didn’t get violated, she let out a breath of relief. However, the moment she recalled of that skeleton's face, she clenched her fists tightly. I swear that I will not let you off for my entire life!

Translator: Wigglegui



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