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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 134 – Black robe is the boss! 2/2 Currently, Jiu Ye had left the winery and arrived at Long’an City’s First-Rate Shopping Center. Entering into First-Rate Shopping Center, Jiu Ye secretly walked into an arcade shop. “Jiu Ye, master have been waiting for very long already!” The man who spoke was the arcade shop’s manager, and within the words that the man spoke, he was evidently giving a warning to Jiu Ye. Jiu Ye said with a smile, “I’m sorry, there was a traffic jam on my way here.” An ominous glint appeared within the man’s eyes. Soon after, the man turned around and walked to the game machines area. A black cloaked man could be seen sitting in front of a game machine and playing the game seriously. “Attack… attack… attack.” The two stood behind the black cloaked man and did not dare to even breathe too loudly. “Damaged, damaged, game over…” The black cloaked man lost. “Xiao Jiu, come and have a round with me.” The man said with a smile, however, he did not turn his head at all. Jiu Ye swallowed his saliva, “Subordinate does not dare to.” “Sit.” The man pat onto the stool that was beside him. Jiu Ye knew that he could not reject anymore. Rejecting for the first time could be counted as being respectful, but rejecting for the second time would mean that I am a fool… Sitting beside the man, Jiu Ye was trembling with fear. This situation feels the same as when I stood in front of the leisure bar’s boss. The man inserted a coin into the machine and began to pick his character. “How was the situation at tonight's discussion?” While picking his character, the man asked. “Master, a tiny accident happened.” The man patted onto Jiu Ye’s shoulder, “Don’t be nervous, it’s not like I would kill anyone.” Jiu Ye thought to himself, you are most probably speaking bullsh*t right now right? “Did those people not die?” The man asked curiously. How would Jiu Ye even have the mood to control his character that was within the game machine right now? Towards the man’s question, Jiu Ye replied gravely, “I wasn’t able to get the leisure bar’s boss to attend the discussion. However, the black robe that fought against Xiao Yi attended the discussion.” “Boring. And I was even hoping to use the leisure bar’s boss to act as a front tool for me.” The man sighed. After pausing for a moment, the man continued and asked, “How is the black robe’s strength?” “Very strong!” “How about when compared to the leisure bar’s boss?” “Only stronger and not weaker!” Meanwhile, Jiu Ye thought to himself, to speak the truth, what the f**k do I even honestly know about the power level of their strength? The man stood up and took out a stick of cigarette. Upon seeing that, the manager immediately helped to light up the cigarette. “Xiao Jiu, your capability of handling matters has worsened.” “Subordinate ought to die, please show mercy master.” Jiu Ye immediately kneeled down on the floor and pleaded. “What happened during the discussion, tell me all about it.” Jiu Ye began to tell the man everything that happened during the discussion. After finish listening, the man sneered, and soon after, a malevolent look appeared on his calm face, “Spread out the rumor! Make sure to tarnish this woman’s reputation! If not for this woman, how would the other powers even be able to get involved in this matter!” "Understood!" Jiu Ye replied. “How is the progress of the investigation of the leisure bar?” The man asked. Jiu Ye did not dare to be careless and said seriously, “Looking at the surface for now, if the black robe belongs to the leisure bar, that black robe’s strength is the strongest, and the second strongest would be the security guard. And last night, a youth appeared in the bar too, and from the looks of it, the youth’s strength is not something to be belittled. As for that boss, he is very abnormal. Also, the boss seems to know summoning technique, he used it last time during the funeral and gave Cloud Sect’s Jian Yuan a scare." “Humph! How difficult would it be to scare a mere executor that belongs to Cloud Sect? Are there any other things?” The man asked. “I have never seen him personally fight before, therefore it is not easy to judge his strength.” The man turned silent and began pondering to himself. Although the leisure bar’s boss seems to be the boss, his strength is the weakest within the bar. Could it be that, the leisure bar’s boss is just a puppet that the black robe set up to deceive others, and in the actuality, the black robe himself is the one who is the boss of that leisure bar? The possibility of this is very big! If I obtained an ancient godly item, I would definitely be able to kill the black robe easily. However, the situation right now has become very complicated and hard to distinguish. Originally, I wanted to use tonight’s discussion to probe out the depth of that leisure bar’s boss. If he is formidable, he could kill all those people at the discussion, and I would be able to act as the fisherman at the back and fish for opportunities. However, I didn’t expect that he would refuse to go to the discussion. No, incorrect! It is not that he didn’t want to go to the discussion, instead, it is because the black robe didn’t allow him to go to the discussion! After all, the black robe is the one who is the real boss of the leisure bar! For such a big occasion, as the boss, how could the black robe not personally attend the discussion? Looking at my speculations, the true boss of that leisure bar is definitely the black robe. “Xiao Jiu, closely watch after this black robe!” The man shouted out gravely. “Yes, master!” “This medicine is for you.” “Thank you, master.” Jiu Ye became exulted and hurriedly gave his thanks. “You can leave now.” “Yes!” After Jiu Ye left, the man clenched his fists tightly and mumbled, “I have been playing this chess for 5 years, I cannot fail at the crucial moment. I will kill whoever that gets in my path!” “Master’s luck is as high as the heaven.” The manager immediately kneeled down. I, the Demon Monarch, have been enduring and concealing for a total of five years! Not too long, I will let the world see my strength! My strength will penetrate through the entire heaven and earth!

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