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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 135 – His Honor fighting for real for the first time 1/2 Leisure bar. The bar was currently closed for business and the employees were cleaning up the bar. Right now, after getting off work, Wei Chang did not continue wearing the security guard attire anymore and has learned to dress up. “Uncle Wei~” With a happy smile on her face, Tang Wei ran over and held onto Wei Chang’s arm. “Uncle Wei, quickly go on your date, leave the rest here to us.” “That’s right, that’s right, Uncle Wei, you have to protect our bar belle well.” The surrounding employees teased. Wei Chang caressed onto Tang Wei’s head and said tenderly, “Let’s go.” “En~” Tang Wei place her head onto her lover’s shoulder. It’s getting harder and harder to be separated from Uncle Wei, all day long, all I can think of is being together and lovey-dovey with Uncle Wei. Wei Chang was being lovey-dovey with his Xiao Tang, but the boss that was upstairs was feeling very vexed! Ye Hua sat on the office’s sofa, and the entire room seemed like it was going to catch fire, the entire room was filled with smoke and the ashtray was filled with cigarette butts. Looking at the time, it is going to be 12 am soon! And yet, this woman is still being obstinate! I just don’t believe that you won’t come over and call me over to come and sleep with you. Without my chest, are you even able to fall asleep? The sound of ‘tick-tock’ kept ranging out from the clock that was on the wall, and Ye Hua continued on smoking cigarette after cigarette. Finally, Ye Hua sat all the way until it had reached 1 am. Not going to come are you! Want to sleep in separate rooms right! Very good, Qing Ya! Your guts is truly getting bigger and bigger! I will go and take a blanket from the bedroom first. Ye Hua stood up and opened the office door. Immediately, the smoke seemed to have found an escape hole and began flowing out of the door like it was running for its life. Arriving at the bedroom door, Ye Hua was prepared to enter into the bedroom. But to Ye Hua’s surprise, the bedroom door was actually locked! This Qing Ya is really trying to go against me, to actually lock me out of the bedroom, is this the way to act as a wife! Originally, Ye Hua wanted to kick the door open with his foot, however, in the end, he didn’t do that. Taking a look into the bedroom with his power, Ye Hua saw that Qing Ya was hugging onto a big sized doll and was currently sleeping with a smile on her face. She is actually even smiling while sleeping! And yet, I, the Supreme Overlord, actually suffered insomnia! If I, the Supreme Overlord, didn’t sleep, you can forget about sleeping too! Ye Hua suddenly knocked heavily onto the door, then went back to his office. Qing Ya who had woken up from her sleep wrinkled her brows and got off the bed to go and open the door. But who would have thought, there was no one outside the door at all. “And you call yourself a cultivator, all of your actions are like that of a child, humph~” Qing Ya closed the door and went back to continue sleeping. If you have the capability, you can just sleep in the office. Ye Hua who was in the office snorted. There will come a day where you will beg me to come and sleep with you, and when that time comes, see just how I will deal with you! This woman is truly arrogant! Ye Hua decided that he wasn’t going to sleep tonight. When morning comes, I am going to do something big! Opening the television, Ye Hua continued watching Calabash Brothers: Save the Grandpa. Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is boring, that Big Big Wolf is too cowardly. If it was me, I would give Wolnie two slaps and show off just what it is like to be a man. (Note: Wolnie is Big Big Wolf's wife, and Big Big Wolf is basically a henpecked husband.) Since Ye Hua had decided to stay up throughout the night, Ye Hua prepared spicy sticks, iced sprite, cigarettes, alcohol, instant noodles and so on. Feels great! Time slowly passed, and the sky began to turn white. Listening to the sound of the opening of a door, Ye Hua immediately became spirited and turned off the television. This sister-in-law is a lazy worm, and sometimes, she wouldn't even wake up unless it was finally 12 pm noon. To wake up so early, it is definitely Qing Ya. When Ye Hua heard the sound of Qing Ya walking downstairs, he went and stand at the side of the window and began watching the alley. As expected, Qing Ya is heading out to buy breakfast. A cold glint began flickering within Ye Hua’s eyes! Arriving in his bedroom, Ye Hua looked at his replacement and anger began burning within him! Picking up the big sized doll that was on the bed, Ye Hua ferociously tore it into half, then threw it above his head. “Meteor Heavenly Fire!” “Fire of Karma!” “Firmament’s Ghost Fire!” “Ardent Sun Burns the Sky!” “Illumination of the Buddha Fire!” Looking from outside of the window, different colors could be seen appearing in the bedroom. Ye Hua heavily let out a breath and mumbled, “This is the consequence of replacing me!” After finish speaking, Ye Hua left the bedroom. After being burned by the various kinds of fire, nothing was left from the doll from a while ago. Doll: “What sin did I even f**king commit, why did you have to do this to me.”

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