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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 136 – Your Honor, a woman is looking for you 1/2 In a blink of an eye, it was nighttime. Like last night, Ye Hua waited in his office for Qing Ya to come over and call him to go and sleep with her. Without the doll, I will see just how you are going to be able to sleep! But unexpected to him, as he waited and waited, he ended up waiting all the way until 1 am. Ye Hua decided that he was going to go and see just what was going on. Standing outside the bedroom, Ye Hua’s face turned black. Why is there still a doll there! Didn’t I already burn it! Furthermore, Qing Ya didn’t go out today, and there was no delivery that was delivered to the bar today!!! F**k, f**k! To even dare to sleep with my woman, I am going to destroy you when morning comes! Ye Hua decided to stay up throughout the night again and wait for Qing Ya to go out to buy breakfast. However, because he stayed up throughout the night once already last night, his corporeal body was somewhat not able to handle it anymore. “Spirit restoration.” After using a magic on himself, Ye Hua immediately became vigorous. Right now, he was vigorous enough to even kill a Kun with just one punch. The night gradually withdrew, and Ye Hua began waiting for Qing Ya to go out to buy breakfast. Standing at the side of the window, upon seeing Qing Ya’s figure appeared at the alley, Ye Hua immediately ran to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Qing Ya who had left the bar to go and buy breakfast secretly took a look at the office window, and soon after, she turned around and ran back to the bar. Just you wait, once I catch you in action, I will see just how you are going to explain yourself! Ye Hua came to the bedroom and looked at the doll that was on the bed. “Meteor Heavenly Fire x2!” “Fire of Karma x2!” “Firmament’s Ghost Fire x2!” “Ardent Sun Burns the Sky x2!” “Illumination of the Buddha Fire x2!” The doll was shouting out in its heart: “Why do I have to get x2, and the doll before don’t have to!” Listening to the hurried footsteps that rang out from the staircase, Ye Hua’s figure faded away. And just nice, the bedroom door was opened by Qing Ya. Seeing that the doll that was still on the bed a while ago disappeared again, Qing Ya laughed, “This… this guy is simply the Cultivation World’s king of jealously.” On the other hand, Ye Hua became smart too. Knowing that Qing Ya had definitely bought quite a few number of dolls, during the afternoon, Ye Hua secretly entered into the bedroom, and after searching for a bit, as he had expected, he discovered another two dolls that were hidden within the wardrobe. Damned dolls, to actually dare to hide in the wardrobe and wait to sleep with my woman! “Meteor Heavenly Fire x10!” “Fire of Karma x10!” “Firmament’s Ghost Fire x10!” “Ardent Sun Burns the Sky x10!” “Illumination of the Buddha Fire x10!” The two dolls: “……” However, all the way until nighttime, Qing Ya still did not come to the office to call Ye Hua over to go and sleep with her. Ye Hua was currently at the brink of going berserk. I really want to burn all the dolls in this world! However, when Ye Hua came to the bedroom to take a look again, he discovered that Qing Ya wasn’t sleeping in the bedroom. Could it be that!!! Ye Hua went and took a look inside the sister-in-law’s bedroom and discovered that Qing Ya was sleeping together with the sister-in-law. This woman is actually hugging onto the sister-in-law! I am going to burn this sister-in-law too! This definitely cannot continue on anymore. Qing Ya, do you really think that I have no way to deal with you!!!

Translator: Wigglegui



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