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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 136 – Your Honor, a woman is looking for you 2/2 Arriving at the office, Ye Hua called Wei Chang and Lie Gu over. “Your Honor!” “Your Honor!” Ye Hua sat on the sofa and lighted up a stick of cigarette, then said faintly, “Tomorrow, we will all go out together!” Wei Chang’s and Lie Gu’s eyes lighted up, and soon after, they spoke at the same time, “We should solemnly obey Your Honor’s order.” “You two, go and arrange the necessaries.” Wei Chang knows that this task was definitely going to be fallen onto his shoulder. Wei Chang asked in a low voice, “Master, where are we going? I have to know so that I can book the hotel.” “Who told you that we are going to be staying in a hotel! We are camping out! The kind where we stay in a tent!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. The brains of these two are declining back to the past! If we were to stay in a hotel, there would be so many rooms to choose from, and in the end, wouldn’t it end up in a situation where Qing Ya can choose to sleep in whichever room that she wants to! Lie Gu was feeling very melancholy, I didn’t say anything at all, and yet I still have to get scolded by His Honor. “Subordinate understands… But…” Wei Chang was hemming and hawing, feeling embarrassed to finish saying out what he wanted to say. “But what?” Wei Chang swallowed his saliva and said nervously, “Your Honor, in the past, when subordinate was still alone, it was still fine. But recently, after getting a girlfriend, subordinate’s expenses have become bigger. Right now, even for one steam bun, subordinate has to split it into three pieces to eat.” Lie Gu had a face full of disdain. To end up in such a state, I really have to give it to this Lie Gu. Take a look at me, with three female celebrities providing for me, look at how carefree and relax I am getting by with my life. That’s why, when you find a woman, you have to find one that is rich, then proceed to live the life of a gigolo. Comfortable. Take a look at His Honor, even he himself also looked for a woman that is rich. And right now, whenever he ordered crayfishes, 5kg was the minimum. In the past, how would His Honor even dare to be so extravagant? Looking at that melancholy look on Wei Chang’s face, Lie Gu sighed. “If you want money, look for Lie Gu.” Ye Hua said coldly. Lie Gu’s face immediately collapsed, and he immediately said, “Your Honor, subordinate is poor too…” Upon hearing Lie Gu’s words, both Ye Hua and Wei Chang couldn’t help but think back to the past. In the past, every time when anyone asked Lie Gu for money, it would practically be like wanting Lie Gu’s life. This Lie Gu, the amount of gold that he had was close enough to pile into a mountain, and yet he still dares to say that he doesn’t have money!!! Upon discovering His Honor’s threatening gaze, Lie Gu immediately changed his words, “Your Honor, subordinate does indeed still have a bit of money.” “Wei Chang, in the future, if there are any expenses, look for Lie Gu. Right now, the leisure bar’s business is getting worst as the days go by. Be thrifty when spending money.” Ye Hua said faintly. Wei Chang asked, “What about the madam?" The moment Qing Ya was mentioned, Ye Hua immediately felt unhappy and shouted out lightly, “How could I use that foolish woman’s money! Why do you two not use your brains!” “Subordinate is slow-witted…” “Subordinate is slow-witted too…” Ye Hua paused for a moment, then reminded, “During tomorrow, are you two bringing anyone along?” “Subordinate will be bringing only Xiao Tang." “Subordinate will be bringing three celebrities. No matter what, there has to be some people there to serve upon Your Honor and madam.” Wei Chang looked at Lie Gu in disbelief, this boot-licking skill of yours is truly not bad! “Xiao Tang is a waitress, therefore, she will also be able to do her bit on that day.” Wei Chang added. Ye Hua nodded his head, “It’s good enough that you two have the heart. Wei Chang, you have to remember this, don’t buy too many tents, just three tents will be enough!” Wei Chang was startled, three tents! His Honor and madam will definitely be using one tent, Lie Gu and his three celebrities will be using one tent, then… it means that, me and Xiao Tang… His Honor is brilliant!!! To actually show so much care for subordinate, I am about to be touched to the point that I am going to cry… “I will solemnly obey Your Honor’s order.” Wei Chang said agitatedly, even his tone was trembling right now. Ye Hua waved his hand, “Both of you can leave now.” “Yes!” “Yes!” After his two subordinates left, Ye Hua lied down on the sofa and covered himself with the blanket. Why do I feel that I seem very miserable right now? Qing Ya, just you wait! As for Qing Yutong, Ye Hua was definitely not going to bring her along. If Qing Ya were to sleep with her sister, wouldn’t it mean that this flawless plan of mine would go to waste? If Ye Hua wants to get Qing Yutong to cooperate with him, it was extremely simple, all he had to do was beat her butt and give her meat to eat, and she would eagerly agree to cooperate with Ye Hua. As long as Ye Hua gives Qing Yutong meat to eat, Qing Yutong could do anything that was asked of her. When eating dinner, Qing Yutong rubbed onto her head and said, “Big sister, I think I’m not going to go with you all tomorrow, my head is hurting.” “What’s the matter?” Qing Ya asked with concern. “I think I may have caught a cold.” “Told you to play lesser computer game and you just won’t listen!” While speaking, Qing Ya went to look for medicine. This Qing Yutong, she is such a big person already, and yet she is still causing others to worry for her. Qing Yutong looked towards Ye Hua and blinked with her beautiful eyes. Ye Hua silently nodded his head. This Qing Yutong’s acting skill is not bad, as expected of a best actress. “Big sister, you can go out and have fun at ease, I will look after the house.” Qing Yutong said weakly, giving others the feeling like she was about to die. Ye Hua felt that Qing Yutong was acting a bit too exaggerated right now. As expected, upon seeing her sister looking like this, Qing Ya said with concern, “I think it would be better if I just stay at home tomorrow and look after you.” Ye Hua’s heart sunk. Qing Yutong also knew that she acted a bit over-exaggerated just now. Qing Yutong’s tone became somewhat more steady, “Big sister, I will be fine after sleeping. What’s more, since I am going to begin streaming next week, I have to properly practice my skills.” Qing Ya knocked onto her sister’s head petulantly, you are already sick and you still want to play computer game. “I will decide after seeing your situation tomorrow morning." Although Qing Yutong was cooperating with her brother-in-law to bluff her big sister, Qing Yutong felt very touched when she saw that look of concern on her big sister's face. Qing Yutong could be seen hugging onto Qing Ya and saying tenderly, “Big sister, you are so great.” Qing Ya laughed and stroked onto her sister’s hair. While stroking her sister’s hair, Qing Ya looked towards Ye Hua who was eating silently. I discovered that, ever since Ye Hua appeared, my relationship with my sister has become good, and it is no longer like how it was in the past. “Both of you, rest early today.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua walked back to the office. Qing Ya snorted. Qing Yutong let out a breath, These two obviously wants each other very much, but both of them just aren’t able to let go of their faces. Sigh, why even bother torturing each other like this... Ye Hua who was lying down on the sofa was feeling very great right now, seemingly like he has already saw the look on Qing Ya’s face when she surrendered to him and began begging him for forgiveness in all kinds of ways. Upon thinking up to here, Ye Hua began laughing out loud. Knock, knock, knock. “Come in.” Wei Chang who had a strange look on his face could be seen walking into the office. “What’s the matter?” “Your Honor, there’s a woman downstairs looking for you, she waited for you for an entire night.”

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