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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 139 – Go on an outing 1/2 While holding onto Xun Fang within his embrace, Death Mage felt like dying. Death Mage lightly shouted out, “Master…” “Since His Honor has spoken, take good care of this human.” After finish speaking, Wei Chang stepped into the black whirlpool. Lie Gu laughed and patted onto Death Mage’s shoulder, “If you don’t want her, you can give her to me.” Death Mage was very frank as he stretched out with both of his hands, and his hands were currently holding onto Xun Fang. Death Mage's action gave Lie Gu a shock. His Honor is an undead race too, but this undead race here is truly frank. “Young fellow, I think it would be better for you to just keep this woman for yourself.” After finish speaking, Lie Gu disappeared, leaving alone Death Mage who had a melancholy look on his face. Looking at the woman that was within his embrace, the corners of Xun Fang’s eyes were still wet, and even when she had already passed out, her brows were still tightly wrinkled. Death Mage let out a sigh heavily, “If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have revoked her title as my slave. Judging from what His Honor said, I have to treat her well too… How is that going to even be possible, how am I going to even be able to afford to provide for a woman when I don’t even have money to spend on playing the fishing game? What kind of joke is this…” Death Mage also disappeared from the leisure bar. As for where he went to, it was naturally to under the Tianqiao Bridge. What was different was that, right now, he had to play the fishing game while carrying onto a woman. With Death Mage back under the Tianqiao Bridge, the surrounding wanderers had to begin suffering again… During the next day, Ye Hua woke up early in the morning. Looking at the weather outside, it was sunny and the breeze was gentle, this weather was the best for going out on an outing! When Ye Hua thought of that impenetrable plan of his, an arc subconsciously appeared on the corner of his mouth. After washing up, Ye Hua went and call Qing Ya who was sleeping in the sister-in-law’s room to wake up. Of course, Qing Yutong had to act like she had recovered from her sickness so that Qing Ya would be able to be at ease and go on the outing. Qing Ya prepared some clothing, then wore a big round hat to shield herself from the sun. As a whole, Qing Ya’s outfit seems very comfortable. Right now, even without wearing grandeur clothing, Qing Ya was able to manifest out her noble aura. Ye Hua was very satisfied with Qing Ya’s change. This is the temperament that a Supreme Overlord’s wife should have. “Ye Hua, where are going?” Qing Ya asked faintly. Her tone was still the same as usual, neither cold nor hot. Ye Hua said faintly, “You will know once we arrived.” This fellow, acting surreptitiously when it is so obvious that he wants to give me a surprise. Do you think that I don’t know those small thoughts of yours that are within your mind? I reckon that my sister has already been bribed by you right. Right now, Wei Chang and Lie Gu were waiting downstairs respectfully, and to their side, four women who each wore a servant dress could be seen standing there. The four women were acting as the attendants for this outing. The four women were Wei Chang’s girlfriend, Tang Wei, and Lie Gu’s three big celebrities, Yi Ran, Wen Xia, and Bai Xiaozhen! It must be said that, Wei Chang and Lie Gu have very good taste. The four women could be counted as top-notch, especially after they had eaten the golden delicate crane’s meat, which caused their appearance to become even more beautiful. Looking at his subordinates’ women, Ye Hua couldn’t help but nod his head. These women can be brought out of the house. As for whether if these women would be able to grow face for them, it will have to depend on just how well they have taught their own women. When Qing Ya saw the four women, she was a bit stunned. Why are they wearing a servant dress? Although there was respect within the four women’s expressions, Qing Ya still felt that it was very strange. Even Xiao Tang herself is amongst the women. Also, why do these three women look so familiar? “Boss, lady boss.” Everyone shouted out in unison. Ye Hua gladly accepted their greetings. And although Qing Ya was feeling bewildered, she still accepted their greetings too. “These three celebrities are my subordinate’s women.” Ye Hua added, to prevent the vinegar queen beside him to use this topic to make a fuss. Qing Ya snorted. “Today is a rare opportunity. It has been quite a while since my subordinates and I last went out together. As for why they brought their women along, firstly, their women could help to do some miscellaneous work, and secondly, this outing can be treated as them going on a date with their women too.” Ye Hua said faintly. Qing Ya didn’t believe Ye Hua’s words, “When you cultivators go out, is it always like this?” “Are you feeling that they are acting like a huge light bulb for us two? If you want, we can go and enjoy a time together with just the two of us.” Ye Hua moved his head near to Qing Ya’s ear and said in a low voice. Towards such a tease like this, Qing Ya ruthlessly gave Ye Hua a pinch and rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. Afterward, Qing Ya began walking forward. Ye Hua laughed lightly. Women, they are always acting the opposite of how they are truly feeling. “There is no abnormality with you guys’ women right?” Ye Hua asked faintly. “Your Honor, you can be at ease, they are able to fight and defend themselves.” Lie Gu laughed. Wei Chang laughed lightly, “Right now, Xiao Tang’s control over her strength is still not proficient yet. Subordinate will get her to practice hard when we come back.” “The two of you are doing pretty good. In the future, we will definitely be needing a lot of people. Continue on and properly train your women.” “Yes!” “Yes!”

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