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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 140 – I only wanted to give him a kick... 1/2 “So you all know about this.” Tang Wei was starting to feel a bit shy and her neck slowly started to turn red. Wen Xia who was driving the car stretched out her hand and said coolly, “Wen Xia.” Tang Wei immediately held onto Wen Xia’s hand, “Hello.” Yi Ran turned her head around and smiled sweetly, “Hello Tang Wei, I am called Yi Ran.” “Nice to meet all of you.” Tang Wei was a bit overwhelmed by how nice they were being to her. So, they are actually this amiable and approachable. You are thinking too much, in the end, it is because you are Wei Chang’s woman… Yi Ran smiled tenderly, “Xiao Tang, we are friends from now on, in the future, we have to come in contact with each other more.” “What Big Sister Yi Ran just said is right.” Within the four, Tang Wei was the youngest, therefore, it was normal for Tang Wei to address the other three as big sisters. Bai Xiaozhen said shyly, “Tang Wei, have you prepared yourself? Later on, we are going to have the clear the place.” “Is there a need to prepare myself for something like clearing the place?” Tang Wei asked naively. Wen Xia said calmly, “Clearing the place means killing people!” Tang Wei immediately became stunned, while Bai Xiaozhen seemed to be feeling very shy. However, excitement was flickering within Bai Xiaozhen’s beautiful eyes. Don’t think that only Ye Hua was imparting some weird reasonings to Qing Ya, Lie Gu was also doing the same as what Ye Hua was doing, and furthermore, Lie Gu was very successful in brainwashing the three celebrities with his weird reasonings. What the three celebrities were lacking right now was putting what they had been taught by Lie Gu into practice. And because this outing was a hard to come by opportunity, Lie Gu decided to bring all of his women to the outing and let them put into practice the things that they have been taught. Wei Chang himself also had the same idea. Tang Wei’s personality was too kindhearted and honest, this was not a good thing at all. Therefore, one of the reasons that Wei Chang brought Tang Wei along to the outing was to let her train her guts. The car that Ye Hua was sitting in drove slowly on the road. When Qing Ya saw the other car that was behind whistled past their car, she asked curiously, “It’s very dangerous for them to drive so fast. Shouldn't they slow down?” Lie Gu smiled, “Madam, you can be at ease, they are well aware of their own situation.” “What are they being so urgent for, is it not good to be together with us?” Qing Ya asked. “Madam, they are heading ahead of us first so that they can get to the place earlier than us and prepare the venue.” Lie Gu explained considerately. Right now, Lie Gu’s mood was pretty good. Ye Hua said faintly, “Why do you have that many questions.” Qing Ya snorted, I’m asking because I’m curious, why, can I not ask? This Ye Hua, no matter where he goes, he always has this big boss attitude on him. I feel that my temperament is currently developing towards Ye Hua’s temperament. Time went by quickly. Qing Ya was very curious as to where Ye Hua was going to bring her to. While thinking about that, Qing Ya felt a bit sleepy, and gradually, she fell asleep. Ye Hua took a look at Qing Ya. Only when this Qing Ya is sleeping, then would she be able to make one want to dote on her. Seeing that Qing Ya was slowly leaning towards the side, and that she was about to bump onto the door frame, Ye Hua stretched out his hand and held onto Qing Ya’s head. Slowly pulling Qing Ya’s head over to him, Ye Hua placed Qing Ya’s head onto his shoulder, and Qing Ya who was in her dream pursed her lips and hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm with both of her arms. Qing Ya felt that something was missing if she didn’t hug onto something. “Drive steadily.” Ye Hua said faintly. Wei Chang who was driving the car nodded his head and controlled the car speed at 100 mph. F**k, just how many days has it been, I can finally hold onto this foolish woman for a while. Today is indeed a great day.

Translator: Wigglegui



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