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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 141 – A relaxing camping 2/2 “Time to wake up.” Ye Hua called out lightly. “Hmm, hmm, hmm~” Ye Hua sighed helplessly. She is moaning again. However, when Qing Ya let out such a moan, my heart feels itchy. “Have we arrived?” Qing Ya opened her hazy beautiful eyes. Suddenly, Qing Ya discovered that she was currently hugging onto Ye Hua and thus immediately let go of him. Ye Hua snorted, “What, letting go right after you have hugged enough?” “I… It’s not like I purposely hug onto you.” Qing Ya said in a low voice, then soon after, she opened the car door and got off the car, not giving Ye Hua the chance to flip out. Ye Hua who was in the car revealed out a trace of light smile. “Your Honor, it seems like the madam is not able to escape from your palm.” Wei Chang turned off the car engine and said with a smile. Ye Hua snorted lightly, “She won’t be able to escape from my palm for this entire life of hers!” Lie Gu quickly took out a small notebook and jotted down His Honor’s golden words. In the future, if I were to say those words to my women, wouldn’t they be touched to death? And afterward, they would give me various kinds of services. Just thinking about it is enough to make me feel great to death. After getting out of the car, Ye Hua smelled till a familiar bloody smell and took in a deep breath. This feels extremely great! “Boss.” The four women called out tenderly. Ye Hua nodded his head and said indifferently, “All of you did pretty good.” “Thank you boss for the compliment.” The four women bowed slightly and shouted out. Meanwhile, Qing Ya was currently amusing herself by throwing stones at the water. Although Qing Ya behaved like she didn’t care, she would still observe Ye Hua from time to time. Upon seeing Qing Ya’s endearingly silly action, Ye Hua walked over to her. “The boss complimented all of you, not bad.” Lie Gu walked forward and held onto Bai Xiaozhen’s chin with his hand, and Bai Xiaozhen shyly lowered her head. “Wen Xia, give me a smile.” Lie Gu stretched out his hand and slapped. It sure is f**king bouncy. Wen Xia who always had a cold look on her revealed out a shy look on her, “Irritating~” “Haha…” While others were chatting, Tang Wei straightforwardly threw herself into Wei Chang’s embrace. While lightly caressing the woman within his embrace, Wei Chang said tenderly, “Are you used to it?” “En, sort of.” Tang Wei was currently gradually changing from a clever and well-behaved school belle to a murdering goddess. In actuality, the three other celebrities were the same as Tang Wei too. In the past, all of them wouldn’t even dare to imagine that a day like this would come for them. Villain training school, come and understand it? Ye Hua walked over to Qing Ya’s side and said faintly, “You were dripping saliva again just now.” Qing Ya took a glance at Ye Hua’s shoulder. There is nothing there on your shoulder, liar! “Don’t look already, I have already wiped it off.” “Humph!” “Pay a bit of attention to your image, so many subordinates are looking at you, you have to act like how a madam should act.” After speaking, Ye Hua walked towards Wei Chang and the others. Qing Ya stamped her feet and threw out a small stone, “This scoundrel is actually educating me again, do he not know that we are still on bad terms right now.” Although that is what I think, what Ye Hua just said does make sense. As the madam, I ought to act like how a madam should act, I shouldn’t cause his subordinates to look lightly on me. I will give him face for today. After finish thinking to herself, Qing Ya’s aura changed and she slowly walked towards Ye Hua and the others. Ye Hua said towards Wei Chang and Lie Gu, “Take a look, so long as I slightly use a bit of methods, she would immediately surrender to me.” “Your Honor is wise and intelligent, subordinate truly admire Your Honor!” Wei Chang said. Seems like, if I were to meet with any relationship problem in the future, I can seek for His Honor for a solution. “Your Honor is formidable.” Lie Gu said with reverence. His Honor is becoming smarter and smarter, he is no longer like how he was in the past where he was inflexible. For the purpose of exhibiting his sovereignty, Ye Hua beckoned Qing Ya to come over to him. Qing Ya pouted her mouth as she walked over to Ye Hua. Ye Hua was feeling very happy in his heart. This is only just the beginning. When camping, barbecue was naturally something that could not be left out. Everything for the barbecue had already been prepared. As today’s maids, the four women’s task was to take care of everyone’s food, drink, and so on. Ye Hua sat at the waterside and began fishing. The people who were accompanying Ye Hua were naturally Wei Chang and Lie Gu. Wei Chang was fine, but Lie Gu on the other hand had an impatient look on his face. Because none of the fish were taking his bait, Lie Gu’s temper was about to explode. Meanwhile, Qing Ya lied down on the long chair and peeled some fruits for Ye Hua from time to time. I will count it as giving him a bit of face, to avoid him from throwing a child tantrum later on. “Fishing requires patience.” Ye Hua said faintly. Very evidently, Ye Hua was speaking for Lie Gu to hear.

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