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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 142 – Death Mage’s pain 2/2 “Boss, are we really not planning to do a bit of something while we are here?” Wei Chang asked curiously. Ye Hua took a puff of the cigarette while looking at the water surface, “Do you still remember the question I asked you yesterday?” “Question?” “That subordinate of yours.” Ye Hua reminded. Wei Chang recalled. However, I still don’t understand what His Honor is trying to say. “Subordinate is slow-witted.” After flicking the cigarette bud, Ye Hua said calmly, “According to the words of those humans, all of us do not belong to their social circle. However, right now, things are different, we have someone that belongs to their social circle.” “Boss, are you referring to that woman?” Wei Chang’s eyes lighted up. “If that woman didn’t appear, the two of you would be able to go and have some fun tonight. However, since that woman appeared, I changed my mind!” Wei Chang still really didn’t understand what His Honor was trying to say. Right now, Wei Chang was feeling very confused. Ye Hua continued and said, “Sometimes, humans would use any means possible in order to accomplish their goals, even if it means that they had to destroy the innocence of a woman and let her live a life worse than death. If this woman could be used by me, just how interesting would it be when she picks up the butcher knife and chopped it towards her own race.” Wei Chang finally understood now. Wei Chang said with respect, “Boss is superior.” “I remember that in the past, there were so many humans who were abandoned by their companions. During that time, if I had kept those humans, they would have been able to become a bunch of sharp swords for me to use. It is a pity, I was too foolish during that time, and because of it, it even led to a devastating outcome.” Speaking up to here, Ye Hua’s voice became downcast. “Your Honor! We were in the fault too, don’t place all the blame on yourself.” “As you guys’ boss, to not be able to visualize the big picture, it was my failure!” Ye Hua let out a breath. After being a human for five years, then did I understood what it means to visualize the big picture. Thinking back to everything in the past, I was just like a child playing house, so extremely childish. Denouncing surpasses killing countless of people! Those Overlords have indeed given me a lesson. “Wei Chang, this world is not that simple too, all of you can treat this world as a practice and properly prepare yourselves for joining me in campaigning the universe once again in the future!" “Subordinate understands!” A thirst for blood flickered within Wei Chang’s eyes, and an image was already formed within Wei Chang’s mind. Within the image, His Honor stood at the front, and at the back of His Honor, it was the Seven Sins, and below their feet, it was filled with the bones of the humans! “Ask your small skeleton to start preparing. Whether if that female sect master would change to our side or not, it will all depend on him.” Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud, and the cigarette bud flew out in an arc and landed on the water surface. “Yes!” Qing Ya pursed her sexy lips. These two fellows are actually whispering to each other so secretively, I’m sure that they are up to no good! Just what is it that he can’t speak in front of his wife and have to whisper with his subordinate so secretively, this is angering me to death! “Boss, the meat are done.” Tang Wei shouted out. “Qing Ya, go and bring the meat over.” Ye Hua shouted out. “Not going!” Oh? Just you wait, see how I am going to deal with you tonight! Unexpected to Ye Hua, Qing Ya went into the tent while panting with rage. Upon seeing that, Ye Hua stood up. I have decided, there is no need to wait for the night to come, I will go and educate her on how to be a wife right now. The three maids first saw the lady boss went into the tent, then soon after, they saw the boss went into the tent too. Immediately, they thought of something and their pretty faces turned slightly red. The relationship between the boss and lady boss sure is good. Tang Wei secretly took a look at Uncle Wei and discovered that Uncle Wei was looking at her too. Immediately, she lowered her head. There are only three tents today, therefore, I am definitely going to be staying together with Uncle Wei in a tent. Upon thinking up to here, Tang Wei’s heart began beating at high speed. Looking at that shy look on Tang Wei and her attire today, Wei Chang’s heart which had turned old was slowly turning back young again. However, before I think about this, I should properly deal with the matter that His Honor told me to do first! “Death Mage!” Wei Chang was not summoning Death Mage this time, and instead, he was just merely using long-distance transmission. “Death Mage!” Wei Chang called out again. Why is there no response? “Death Mage!!!” “Cough, cough, cough, master… Woman, don’t you come over to me! Master… I’m sorry… Please wait a moment.” Death Mage’s tone was very panicky. Wei Chang let out a breath. After quite a while, Death Mage replied, “Master, I knocked that woman out, there won’t be anyone interrupting our conversation anymore.” “En? Ah! Who told you to knock her out!!!” Wei Chang responded in confusion at first, and soon after, he shouted out in astonishment. “Master? I…” “His Honor gave you a new mission!” Wei Chang said gravely. Red light began flickering within Death Mage’s eyes. His Honor has finally assigned a mission to me! This mission is definitely the kind that is bloody and violent! “Even ten thousand deaths will not stop subordinate from completing the mission!” “Very good! His Honor’s mission for you is to make that female human fall madly in love with you!” Wei Chang felt that this was what His Honor meant. Death Mage, “……”

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