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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 143 – I can bluff whoever that I want to bluff 1/2 “Since you are not speaking, I will take it that you have agreed to accept the mission. You have a chance to accomplish your mission today, properly seize this chance!” After finish speaking, Wei Chang cut off the transmission. On the other side, Death Mage was completely dumbfounded as he took a look at the woman that was knocked out by him. Make this woman fall madly in love with me? Perhaps, it would be possible if I turned her into a skeleton. After all, she is a bit ugly and is not as good looking as a skeleton. Also, it won't feel comfortable to touch her, she is too meaty and not hard enough. Within the tent. Upon seeing that Ye Hua walked into the tent, Qing Ya said coldly, “Don’t come in, get out.” Ye Hua straightforwardly sat down and said faintly, “Why can’t I enter my own tent.” Seeing that Qing Ya was intending to get up and leave the tent, Ye Hua said leisurely, “The other two tents belong to Wei Chang and Lie Gu.” “You!!! You are shameless!!!” Qing Ya scolded lovably as she immediately punched her small fist towards Ye Hua. Ye Hua grabbed onto Qing Ya’s wrist, “Aside from here, you can’t go anywhere else.” “I am going back!” “Go back? The entire road is surrounded by the forest. I’m afraid that, before you are even able to get out of the mountain, the sky would have already turned black. In this desolated mountain, there is a lot of wild animals.” Qing Ya glared with her beautiful eyes and said while panting with rage, “You calculated me!” Ye Hua remained silent as he slowly lied down. Meanwhile, Qing Ya snorted and lied down on the other side. After a while, Ye Hua said faintly, “I permit you to come over and lean on me.” This sentence that Ye Hua just said caused Qing Ya to laugh from anger. You permit me? You are simply a super narcissistic. “Are you not going to come over and lean on me? Forget it, there are lots of other women who would want to lean on me.” “You dare!” Qing Ya sat her body up and glared like a tiger at Ye Hua. Meanwhile, a trace of smile appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. Qing Ya immediately knew that she had been duped. I knew that he didn’t have any good intentions. “Humph~ You can go and sleep on your own!” How would Ye Hua let Qing Ya get away that easily? Ye Hua stretched out his hand, and along with a cry of surprise coming out from Qing Ya’s mouth, Qing Ya was pulled into Ye Hua’s embrace. “What are you doing!!!” “You tell me.” “You are shameless!” Qing Ya’s face immediately turned red. There are still people outside! Ye Hua snorted, “I have always been shameless!” “You just like to act cool in front of me~” Qing Ya snorted. In actuality, Qing Ya was feeling very happy in her heart. In the end, you are still the one who took the initiative to sue for peace. Pa. Ye Hua lightly slapped. “You beat my butt!” “Who told you to be disobedient!” Ye Hua said coldly. Now is the time to give her a lesson. Who knew, Qing Ya was not scared. After raising her arm, Qing Ya slapped onto Ye Hua’s butt. Ye Hua was completely stupefied. And when Qing Ya saw Ye Hua acting like this, she immediately cowered and lowered her head, not daring to look straight at Ye Hua. “Do you know what you just did!” Ye Hua said gravely. With her head lowered, Qing Ya said in a low voice, “I don’t know.” “Still don’t admit your mistake?! Do you believe that I will slap your butt till it splits open!” Ye Hua said ruthlessly and his hand was already raised up high. Qing Ya was startled, and she immediately admitted defeat, “I’m in the wrong, I’m in the wrong. Why are you so petty, didn’t I only just slap your butt once? You have already slapped my butt so many times.” Ye Hua laughed in his heart. I only scare her for a bit, and she admitted her wrong. Qing Ya, you are not a match for me!

Translator: Wigglegui



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