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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 143 – I can bluff whoever that I want to bluff 2/2 While hugging the woman within his embrace, Ye Hua said faintly, “Do you know your wrong for those few days!” “Humph!” Ye Hua raised his hand. “I know my wrong…” Ye Hua was very satisfied, “Will you dare to still do it again in the future.” Qing Ya bit onto her lips. You are lucky that I don’t have any strength, if not, I will beat your butt till it swells. I will be cowardly this time round and let you feel great for a bit. “I won’t dare anymore.” Qing Ya said pitifully. After pausing for a moment, Ye Hua asked gravely, “Where did those dolls come from!” “What did you do to my dolls.” Upon thinking of this matter, Qing Ya immediately presented her little fist to Ye Hua. “I burned them!” Doll: “Even if you burned one of me, there will still be millions and millions of me.” Qing Ya said petulantly, “What are you doing, do you think those dolls are free? Also, those dolls are very adorable.” “To sleep my woman, those dolls ought to die!” “To hell with you.” Qing Ya was amused by Ye Hua. As expected of the cultivation world’s big vinegar king. However, Qing Ya just precisely likes how Ye Hua was. Amongst his overbearingness, he has a spot that dotes for me, just like the overbearing CEO novels that I read when I was still studying. “Are you still going to quarrel with me again next time?” Ye Hua asked. “I’m not going to.” “And even if we quarreled?” “It would all be my fault.” “What if it was my fault?” “Then it would definitely mean that I was the one who was at fault first.” Ye Hua really wanted to record all of those words that Qing Ya spoke, then find a chance to show off. Look at just how I educated my woman, I really don’t know where those men who are afraid of their wives even come from. Effortlessly, Qing Ya admitted defeat to me. However, within Qing Ya’s heart, Ye Hua was the one who admitted defeat first, and thus she decided to give him some face and let him have a step to come down from. Suddenly! Ye Hua pressed Qing Ya down on his body. Qing Ya looked dumbfoundedly at Ye Hua. And Ye Hua couldn’t help but kiss towards Qing Ya’s lips. Ye Hua wants to express that he had been waiting to kiss Qing Ya for a very long time already. This woman is making me feel more and more captivated towards her. After quite a while, the two separated and Qing Ya feigned anger coquettishly, “You! You swindler!” “Swindler?” “Acting stupid? I’m not sure just who was the one who said, I won’t touch the same woman twice.” Qing Ya imitated Ye Hua’s tone and said eccentrically. Ye Hua slightly went into a daze, then said faintly, “I can bluff whoever that I want to bluff!” “Shameless! No credibility! Big swindler! Hmmm……” However, right now, Ye Hua was not only just enjoying kissing Qing Ya, he even stretched his hand into Qing Ya’s shirt. This caused Qing Ya to straightforwardly push Ye Hua away and ran out of the tent with her face red. Looking at Qing Ya who fled in panic, Ye Hua pursed his lips, “We are already old husband and wife, is there even a need to still feel embarrassed...” When the people that were outside saw the lady boss ran out of the tent with her face red, all of them had a look of ‘as expected’ on their faces. Wei Chang's respect towards His Honor has raised up another level higher. Meanwhile, Lie Gu still has not returned yet. At the same time, there was a woman who was about to go crazy. Within an old district that was situated at Long’an City, there was a house there. This house was practically rented out to other people most of the time. After Xun Fang came down from the mountain, she had been staying at this house. Right now, Xun Fang was sitting on the sofa. With a sword held within her hand, Xun Fang panted heavily while looking at Death Mage who was currently playing with his game. Don’t misunderstand, Xun Fang was just merely exhausted from chopping onto Death Mage. Even till now, I still clearly remember what happened in the morning. When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was this skeleton’s face. Without a word, I immediately fought with this skeleton. However, the result was that, I discovered that my spiritual energy had been sealed. Tell me, isn’t this infuriating! In order to take my revenge, I followed him to wherever that he went to. I tried sneak attacking him in all kinds of ways, stabbing him in all kinds of ways, and hitting him in all kinds of ways. I even tried spiking his food with white arsenic. However, it turns out that this skeleton is immune to poison. Furthermore, the skeleton of this skeleton is extremely hard, and right now, my shoulders are sore from continuously chopping onto him with my sword. Even more, in order to take my revenge, I didn’t scruple and allowed him to stay at my place. After all, how could I be like him and sleep under a bridge! And even more, in order to make sure that he doesn’t leave, so that I could find a chance to take my revenge, I had to top up in-game currency for him, and also had to buy cigars for him!!! This enemy of mine even had the gall to be cocky and threatened that he would leave if I don’t help him top up in-game currency! You tell me, isn’t this infuriating! Biubiubiu… Listening to the shooting sound, Xun Fang leaned onto the sofa powerlessly. My enemy is right in front of me and yet I am powerless to do anything to him. Just what should I do to be able to kill this skeleton! Will stewing him do? I am currently online waiting for a reply… Death Mage currently could only use the game to fill up the emptiness within his heart. Why did His Honor want me to make this ugly woman fall in love with me? Although I am indeed someone handsome amongst all of the skeletons, His Honor also shouldn’t do this to me… If It was a female skeleton, I could maybe consider it for a bit.

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