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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 144 – Let’s run off 1/2 “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “I need to top-up again, my balance has run out.” Death Mage picked up his phone and began tapping on the phone. Soon, on the phone screen, it says, ‘balance insufficient’. Xun Fang was at the brim of crumbling. Two hours ago, I have already helped him top-up 500 rmb. Are you eating money?! How did you run out of balance so fast! This time, when I left the sect, I practically did not bring much money with me. With my heart set on taking revenge, I only brought a few thousand rmb with me! Death Mage saw that the woman that was on the sofa did not have any response and thus began typing on his phone again. “If you don’t top-up for me, I’m going to leave.” Bare threatening! How many young and talented men have come to my sect and proposed to me? I, the sect master, have never ever paid any attention to them. And yet, today, I have to plead a skeleton to stay at my house, this is truly retribution! Xun Fang threw her phone onto the table and shouted out coldly, “Top-up yourself!” Death Mage wasn’t courteous with Xun Fang at all as he took the phone and began transferring money. Death Mage’s action was very smooth, from the looks of it, he has done this kind of thing quite a number of times. Meanwhile, Xun Fang was very angry. Picking up her sword, she began chopping ferociously towards Death Mage’s head. Xun Fang chopped till the web of her hand began bleeding. However, she didn’t even manage to damage the black robe that Death Mage was wearing. Seeing Death Mage returning her phone back to her, Xun Fang took over the phone. However, when she saw the remaining amount that was left on her account, she seemed as if she had been struck by lightning. 1 rmb!!! Xun Fang immediately snatched over Death Mage’s phone, and she saw that the amount of gold balance that Death Mage had right now was up to 10 digits. He actually spent all the money on buying in-game currency!!! Xun Fang held onto her forehead and sat on the sofa powerlessly. Soon after, she picked up her sword and began chopping ferociously onto Death Mage again. While chopping onto Death Mage, Xun Fang began scolding, “You bastard, I am going to chop you to death! To actually use my money to play game! Even if you don’t want to eat, I still need to eat! I’m going to chop you to death! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Biubiubiu… Xun Fang, “……” Looking at the cigars that were on the table, Xun Fang’s gaze became ruthless. After taking one of the cigars, Xun Fang walked into the kitchen, then took out a blue color bottle from her backpack. Soul melting powder!!! This poison was in powder state. It could be added into drinking water, and could also be ignited while it was drifting within the air. This poison was an exceptional solution for killing people, and furthermore, this poison was extremely expensive too. Xun Fang did not want to waste this poison, however, she really had no other choice!!! Xun Fang added the soul melting powder into the cigar. I will let you smoke till you die, you bastard!!! After settling everything, Xun Fang took in a deep breath, then walked out of the kitchen. Looking at the Death Mage who was playing with his game seriously, Xun Fang slowly walked towards Death Mage, then stretched out her hand that was holding onto a cigar. Death Mage did not even take a look at Xun Fang at all as he took over the cigar and placed it in his mouth. Seeing that Death Mage did not have the intention to ignite the cigar, Xun Fang let out a breath and let herself calm down. Picking up a lighter, Xun Fang personally ignited the cigar for Death Mage. I, the south’s prideful woman actually fell to a state where I have to ignite a cigar for a skeleton, I really want to die! However, he is going to die soon!!! Death Mage took in a deep breath. Before Death Mage was able to exhale out smoke from his mouth, his body started to emit out smoke first. Xun Fang’s gaze congealed. Looking at the smoke that was drifting around, Xun Fang seemed to have thought of something and she immediately covered her nose and ran towards the window. When Xun Fang arrived at the window, she immediately opened the window and began breathing heavily. I have truly been angered to the point that I became stupid… “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Smells great.” Cough, cough, cough!!! Xun Fang leaned at the window area and began coughing heavily. She even coughed out blood while she was coughing. Xun Fang turned her head around and took a look. This skeleton is still playing whatever that he should be playing, and smoking whatever that he should be smoking, there is completely nothing wrong with him at all, and I on the other hand, have been poisoned. I still haven’t sought my revenge, and yet, I am instead going to die in front of my enemy. And the important point is that, I was actually the one who poisoned myself!!! God, what did I, Xun Fang, did wrong? Why are you treating me like this? Death Mage took a look at the woman that was leaning at the window area and thought to himself, “This woman is too petty. Didn’t I merely spend a bit of your money? Just because of this, you couldn't take it and want to kill yourself.” Xun Fang turned around and stared firmly at Death Mage. Even if I die, I am still going to kill him when I turn into a ghost!!! Death Mage sighed powerlessly as he shot out a black fog from his finger, and the black fog entered into Xun Fang’s body. Xun Fang sneered. You don’t have to do anything, I am going to die soon regardless if you do anything or not. However, I won’t let you off for this entire life of mine! Just when Xun Fang was about to die, Xun Fang suddenly felt that her breathing became smooth, her legs and hands weren’t numb anymore, and that she could climb a few levels of stairs in one breath. Why! Why do you have to take away my right to die too!!! Xun Fang threw herself onto the sofa and began crying loudly. Xun Fang seemed so helpless and wronged. Biubiubiu… There was nothing more important than fishing for fish in this world.

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