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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 145 – The war is near 1/2 Qing Ya was extremely anxious right now, “What do we do then! Let’s call the police. No, no, it won’t do, it is completely useless to call the police.” Looking at the look on Qing Ya’s face, Ye Hua finally couldn’t contain himself anymore and laughed. Qing Ya went into a daze for a moment, then soon after, she said ruthlessly, “You are messing around with me aren’t you.” “It is because you are too foolish. It can already be counted great if I don’t chase after anyone, let alone having my enemies chase after me.” “You!!! I was feeling so worried for you just now and yet you still tease me. Ye Hua! I am going to fight it out with you!” “Humph, bring it on!” Immediately, the tent began swaying violently. The people that were outside were stunned. This… isn’t this too passionate already? However, Lie Gu still hasn’t returned yet. At this current moment, at a place that was 10 km away from the waterfall. This place was revolved around by trees, sounds of birds chirping rang out, and the fragrance of fragrant flowers drifted around the air. This place was a pretty good secluded paradise, but the precondition was that if there weren’t any people here. Although it seemed like there was no one here, but if one were to carefully sense the place, they would discover that there was a huge crowd of people here, and the reason that those people couldn’t be seen was that they used a special technique to conceal themselves. Within a cave that was at the side, a few big shots were gathered there. Their expressions were grim, and they were currently discussing about something. That’s right! Those people were the people from the north, and the reason they came here was to snatch over the ancient godly item! Amongst those people, there was even a familiar face, Tang Wushuang! What was worth noticing was that, at Tang Wushuang’s side, there was a handsome looking man. The man possessed an imposing appearance, and on his body, there was a faint aura of superiority. This man belonged to the north’s seclusion family, Ye Xiao! Everyone who was present was respectful towards him, not daring to offend him. The other three belonged to various other powers from the north that possesses great strength. Extreme Thought Pavilion’s pavilion master, He Feng. Xumi Monastery’s monastery master, Shu Zhenhai. Phoenix King Building’s building master, Man Kai. Although these powers were not all of the north’s strength, these powers were also a sharp sword. At the crucial moment, this sharp sword would be able to stab straight at the enemy’s heart! “Family Head Ye, for you to be able to come here this time, I assume that, regarding the matter of fighting over the godly ancient item, it would be half the work and two times the result!” Extreme Thought Pavilion’s Pavilion Master He Feng said with a smile. He Feng was relatively thin, and seemed a little wretched. Ye Xiao swept through everyone, then said, “The reason I came here this time is because I received Brother Tang’s invitation.” With one sentence, it caused the other three big shots to choke. Seclusion families were indeed formidable, in the end, what this Ye Xiao wants to do was to hog the ancient godly item. If the other seclusion families were to know of this, Ye Xiao’s family would attract the wrath of all the other seclusion families and get attacked by all sides! “Brother Ye, little brother feels embarrassed.” Tang Wushuang cupped his hands and said with a smile. To be able to invite Ye Xiao over, Tang Wushuang could be said to have gone through a lot of troubles, and the price that he paid in order to invite Ye Xiao over was that he would adhere to Ye Family and become Ye Family’s subordinate! However, as long as I am able to get the ancient godly item! Who knows what would happen in the future? Ye Xiao patted onto Tang Wushuang’s shoulder, “Leave the enemy's experts to me will do, we have to snatch over the ancient godly item at all cost! We cannot let the southern people get the ancient godly item!” “Big Brother Ye, be at ease, I will definitely do my utmost to snatch over the ancient godly item!” Xumi Monastery’s Monastery Master Shu Zhenhai was a big fatty, his head was glossy and shiny, seemingly just like a pig head. This was the most close-fitting description to describe Shu Zhenhai. “In order to be safe, I have called for a back-up too.” Shu Zhenhai clapped with his hands. A black figure could be seen walking into the cave, and a suppressive feeling swept towards everyone that was within the cave. Ye Xiao couldn’t help but wrinkled his brows as a word appeared within his mind. Expert! This black figure wore a black color cloak. That’s right! This black figure was the man that was at the arcade! Phoenix King Building’s Building Master Man Kai smiled, “All of you sure are cautious.” Ye Xiao’s expression sunk very quickly.

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