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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 145 – The war is near 2/2 “Let me introduce to everyone.” Shu Zhenhai’s double chin shook, and his eyes were about to sink into the meat of his face. The cloaked man snorted, “No need, I am called Emperor Cang!” “Such a big tone!” Ye Xiao’s gaze congealed. I dislike men like this who likes to act cool, and even more, act cool all the way to my face. What's even more dislikable is that he even has the word ‘emperor’ in his name. Emperor Cang’s pitch-black eyes immediately looked towards Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao snorted. Want to play? I will play with you then! The two began gazing at each other. Don’t underestimate what the two were doing right now. In actuality, there were things that could be paid particular attention to. Because the two were both currently emitting out their own aura, the person that couldn't withstand the other's aura would definitely be the first to move his own gaze away. However, after a minute later, the two seemed to be evenly matched. If they continue to gaze at each other, they could give rise to a commotion, and it would be bad if they were discovered by others. The two seemed like they had come to an agreement as they withdrew their gazes at the same time. Emperor Cang did not expect that one of these people would be able to invite over a back-up like this. This guy’s strength is pretty strong, however, with this guy here, my plan will become messed up. “Brother Tang, since it is like this, I will leave first.” Ye Xiao said faintly, then turned around and left. In actuality, I took a very big risk to come over here. If this matter was to be known by the other families, the consequences would be inconceivable. Right now, I just so happened to have an excuse to leave. Just that, with me leaving, I won’t be able to acquire Tang Family's power. Forget it, compared to Tang Family’s ballot, Ye Family itself is the most important! “Big Brother Ye!” Tang Wushuang didn’t want Ye Xiao to leave just like this. With Ye Xiao here, my chance of snatching over the ancient godly item would be big, but if Ye Xiao isn’t here with me… With Ye Xiao steeled on leaving, none of the people here would be able to get him to stay. On the other hand, Shu Zhenhai was smiling to the point that his eyes couldn’t be seen. With this Ye Xiao gone, things will become much easier. Tang Wushuang’s expression was incredibly bad right now. There is no way that I will help them reap benefit. With a snort, Tang Wushuang left too. The fight for the ancient godly item hasn’t even begun, and two generals had already left the northern's side. It could only be said that their minds were not as one, or perhaps, it was because of Emperor Cang’s arrival. “Everyone, let’s discuss about the plan.” Emperor Cang looked at the three in front of him and said with a smile. On the surface, it seems like I was invited over by Shu Zhenhai, but in private, I have also come to an agreement with both He Feng and Man Kai individually, just that, all three of them do not know that. Especially this fatty, the other two are much smarter compared to you. Man Kai kept his smile and said gravely, “This time, amongst the north, we are the only people here, the others will not be coming. After all, most of the southern powers have come. And perhaps, the southern seclusion families would protect them in the dark too. Also, don’t forget about those even more mysterious existences that are within the south.” “Last time, we let Xiao Yi obtain a big benefit. And yet, this time when I went and ask for his help, he was in closed-door cultivation.” Shu Zhenhai snorted. He Feng shook his sleeve, “He already has the Xuan Yuan Sword, if he were to still come and try to snatch over the ancient godly item that would be appearing, it would then mean that he is truly untactful.” With his eyes closed, Emperor Cang did not speak as he listened to them speak. After a long while, Emperor Cang said slowly, “When the ancient godly item appears, the south will definitely fight for the ancient godly item amongst themselves first. We will just bide our time and fish for benefit at the back!” Shu Zhenhai laughed loudly, “What Emperor Cang just said is right, at that time, it would be the best time for us to snatch the ancient godly item!!!” He Feng and Man Kai remained silent with a smile. You have already been sold out and yet you are still unaware of it. Looking at the three fools, an evil smile appeared on the corner of Emperor Cang’s mouth. “Report!!!” A disciple that belonged to Extreme Thought Pavilion could be seen running hastily into the cave, “Pavilion Master, the team that we arranged at 10 km away from us can’t be contact!” He Feng’s gaze congealed, “I will go and take a look.” “Wait a moment!” Emperor Cang spoke. He Feng looked confusedly at Emperor Cang. “The war is near at sight, don’t cause any side issues from arriving, it would be bad if this was the enemy’s trap. Just send someone over to check out the situation over there will do.” He Feng let out a breath. Soon after, he ordered someone to go and check on just what happened. Just thinking about it is giving me cold sweat, if I were to head over recklessly and get caught in the enemy’s trap, I would have been finished. He Feng totally had no idea that Emperor Cang’s words had just saved his life.

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