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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 146 – Show has begun 1/2 At the waterfall. Lie Gu still has not returned yet… Ye Hua and Qing Ya whose face was red walked out of the tent together. Qing Ya covered her pretty face. I don’t have any face to meet people anymore now! Didn’t I just merely give you the cold-shoulder for a few days? Who would even have such a strong vindictiveness? To actually touch me here and there. “Your figure is becoming better and better.” Ye Hua said with a smile, then went and continue fishing. Towards Ye Hua’s tease, what else could Qing Ya do. I can only hope that the heaven would suddenly bestow godly powers upon me so that I can beat Ye Hua’s butt and let him know how formidable I am! Seeing that His Honor was smiling, Wei Chang himself also felt very happy too. His Honor is more and more like a human now. “Congratulations to Your Honor in reobtaining the madam’s affection.” “Piece of cake.” Ye Hua picked up the fishing pole and expressed that he was able to settle Qing Ya easily. “What is a piece of cake?” Qing Ya walked over and asked. Wei Chang immediately turned his head around and expressed that he didn’t know anything. Ye Hua flung out the fishing pole and snorted lightly, “I said that fishing is a piece of cake.” Qing Ya took a look at the bucket beside Ye Hua, “It is indeed a piece of cake.” I don’t believe that I won’t be able to fish until any fish! Not only was Lie Gu not able to fish until any fish, as the Supreme Overlord, Ye Hua was the same too. Just that, Ye Hua had the patience to continue fishing while Lie Gu did not. On the other hand, looking at Wei Chang’s bucket, there were countless of small fishes and even a few big fishes. “Give me a fishing pole.” Qing Ya shouted out lovably. At the back, Yi Ran immediately brought over a fishing pole for Qing Ya. After skillfully putting on the fish bait onto the fishing hook, Qing Ya flung out the fishing pole. “What are you looking at, never seen me fish before?” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. “Let’s have a match?” “Bring it on, what do you want to bet!” Qing Ya’s mood was pretty good right now. “You choose.” “Okay then! Whoever loses will have to buy breakfast for a week.” Qing Ya raised her chin and said confidently. “Okay!” This foolish woman wants to win against me? Does she not know that it is actually very simple for me to win? I just have to slightly cheat a bit and I will be able to win easily. The corner of Wei Chang’s mouth raised up. His Honor is cheating while he is having a bet with the madam. His Honor is definitely going to be the one to win the bet. Wait a moment! When I have a bet with Xiao Tang, I can also cheat too! That way, I will be able to easily win the bet and obtain Xiao Tang’s reward! His Honor is truly brilliant. Every action of his is able to allow me to learn and benefit from, and every word of his is contained with all kinds of profoundness. His Honor is becoming more and more formidable. After a long while. “I’m not fishing anymore! You are cheating.” Qing Ya snorted. “Lose means lose.” Ye Hua said faintly. Qing Ya said petulantly, “May I trouble you to please not make it so exaggerated next time when you cheat? You have to know how to balance things!” “Balance?” “That’s right. You take a look at your bucket. You weren’t able to fish a single fish after fishing for an entire morning, and yet during the half an hour that you fished together with me, your bucket became full. You are cheating too obviously. If you had controlled the number of fishes that each of us caught individually, and during the last moment, if you were to win with a slight advantage against me, who would know that you had cheated? You are stupid to death.” Qing Ya stretched out her finger and poked onto Ye Hua’s forehead. Normally, Ye Hua was definitely going to flip out, however, Ye Hua did not this time, because Ye Hua finally figured out a problem. This problem had even appeared within the Seven Sins in the past. After hearing Qing Ya’s explanation, Ye Hua immediately understood everything. Pushing everything straight forward is the action of a boor, the wise would be able to control the boor to help him push everything straight forward. Stretching out his hand, Ye Hua pinched onto Qing Ya’s small face, “Alright, I will buy breakfast for you for a week.” “Humph, humph, this is much better. Quickly withdraw your magic, I still want to fish for fishes.” Qing Ya smiled lovably. I feel that Ye Hua’s temper has become much better. After a long while, Ye Hua said faintly, “Someone’s ability to act cool sure hasn’t changed in the slightest bit.” “You! You definitely cheated again!” “Then, what is the reason for me to cheat?” Ye Hua lighted up a stick of cigarette and asked. Qing Ya pouted her mouth, “Because you want to tease and laugh at me.” “I wouldn't do something that senseless." Ye Hua’s index finger moved slightly, and the fishes within the water began swimming around freely. Alright, I, Ye Hua, would do something that senseless. Wei Chang who was at the side memorized into his brain each and every action that His Honor did. The more Wei Chang thought about the meaning behind His Honor's each and every action, the more astonished he became. His Honor is too profound… I feel like I will be able to do that with Xiao Tang soon.

Translator: Wigglegui



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