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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 146 – Show has begun 2/2 “Boss, I’m back~” Lie Gu could be seen carrying Wen Xia who was unconscious and walked out from the forest that was at the side. After placing Wen Xia in his own tent, Lie Gu happily ran over and started fishing again. After sitting for a while, Lie Gu felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right and asked curiously, “What’s the matter?’ “You went to do that for a few hours?” Wei Chang asked. “I didn’t leave for very long though? I only left for a few hours.” Lie Gu said indifferently. From my view, today could be counted quite short already. Ye Hua turned his head around and looked towards Qing Ya. Qing Ya immediately knew what Ye Hua was thinking about in his mind and she immediately presented Ye Hua with her little fist. Bai Xiaozhen went and check on Wen Xia’s ‘injury’, while Yi Ran and Tang Wei took care of the food. “Xiao Tang, you take care of this side first, I will come back shortly.” Yi Ran said gravely. “Sure thing, Big Sister Yi Ran.” Yi Ran’s figure disappeared. The reason Yi Ran left was because she sensed that another random fish has come over here to disturb the boss’s peace. After a few minutes later, Yi Ran returned, with her outfit and hair still completely intact. Ye Hua and the others naturally sensed it too. Upon seeing Yi Ran returned, Ye Hua said towards Lie Gu and Wei Chang, “All of them did pretty well.” “Thank you boss for the compliment.” “Thank you boss for the compliment.” Qing Ya was completely confused. I don’t understand what they are talking about at all, are they speaking secret codes to each other? The sky gradually turned dark, and everyone sat down on the chairs and began enjoying the delicious food. At the dinner table, Ye Hua stood up and raised his wine cup. Everyone did not dare to be negligent as they immediately stood up. Of course, the four maids were also included among the people that stood up. And amongst the four maids, Wen Xia was feeling very shy, the flush on her pretty face still haven’t subsided up till now. Ye Hua said faintly, “It’s been a very long time since we last went out together, I am very happy this time, cheers!” “It is our happiness for the boss to be happy!” Aside from Qing Ya, everyone shouted out in unison. Causing Qing Ya to feel like she was like an outsider. After sitting down, Ye Hua said towards Qing Ya, “Aren’t you very curious about the so-called cultivation world? I will let you have a look at it today.” Without waiting for Qing Ya to reply, Ye Hua waved his hand, and a light blue color light appeared on top of the dinner table. The light blue color light was like a holographic image, there was a lot of people within the holographic image, and their faces were filled with excitement. Ye Hua said faintly, “Everyone, let’s watch while we eat.” Qing Ya’s gaze was fixated onto the holographic image, and she totally could not bother with eating right now. Ye Hua also did not obstruct Qing Ya from watching the holographic image. It is about time that Qing Ya come into contact with everything. However, I will have to take it slowly, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t be able to accept it if everything was thrown at her in one go. Aside from Qing Ya, Tang Wei was also attracted by the holographic image. On the other hand, the three celebrities were a little bit better, they were at least able to eat while they watch the holographic image. Ye Hua, Wei Chang, and Lie Gu did not really take what was happening on the holographic image to heart. Perhaps, later on, when the little skeleton appeared, the three would then be interested in taking a look at the holographic image. At a place that was 20 km away from here, a big mountain had been completely eradicated. Around the surroundings, various kinds of excavators could be seen. And in the middle, there was a hole that was 20 meters diameter big. The hole led all the way deep down, and on top of the hole, there was a pulling machine. Various kinds of treasures were being transported out of the hole. Standing on one side of the edge of the hole were Wang Dabao, Zuo Xinran, Zhi Anyan, Guang Tianlu, and on the other side were Hai Daisi, Che Zhixuan, Yang Yi, Ge Zheng, and also Cloud Sect’s new sect master, Xun Yi! Xun Yi was Xun Fang’s junior sister. What all of them wanted was the ancient godly item, they were completed not interested in the various kinds of treasures at all. “It’s coming out! It’s coming out! It’s coming out!” A person that was within the hole acclaimed in high spirits. At this moment, everyone’s attention became focused. Just what kind of ancient godly item will be appearing this time?! Will it be a weapon? An armor? Or a magic tool! When they saw that a white jade coffin was pulled up, everyone became nervous, because a strong spiritual energy fluctuation was being emitted out from within the coffin. The ancient godly item was right within the coffin!!!

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