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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 147 – Bring you to act cool, bring you to fly 1/2 Long’an City’s rich merchant, You Yusi ran over hurriedly, “Alliance Master Hai, about the situation?” “You Yusi, you all can bring those treasures and leave first.” Hai Daisi’s gaze was tightly fixated onto the white jade coffin. As long as I am able to obtain this ancient godly item, would the ability power world still even need to be afraid of the cultivation world! Hai Daisi seemed as if he was already able to see the ability power world’s rise in power. Meanwhile, You Yusi immediately left with the other rich merchants. A fight is about to break out here, it is better for us ordinary people to leave earlier. The ordinary people all left very quickly. And right at this moment, countless groups of people appeared within the air and ground. Those groups of people stood behind the back of their own boss. About ten thousand people circled around the white jade coffin, the big battle was about to happen at any moment! Wang Dabao stood out and laughed, “How should we distribute this ancient godly item?” “We of course cannot cut it into pieces and distribute the pieces among us.” Zuo Family’s Zuo Xinran said faintly. Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Ge Zheng laughed out loudly, “How about we decide it with scissors paper stone? This humble one is quite skilled in scissors paper stone.” “Ah, ah, childish. I know a kind of new playstyle to play Fight the Landlord. How about we decide it with Fight the Landlord and avoid the scenario where blood would spill and form into a river!” Dry Zen Sect’s Che Zhixuan shouted out. Cloud Sect’s new sect master Xun Yi said lovably, “Everyone, please calm down. This one feels that all ancient godly items have their own consciousness, this ancient godly item will definitely choose its own owner.” Zhi Family’s Zhi Anyan adjusted his glasses and sneered, “What qualification does a woman that has been slept by all of her sect’s elders has to speak!” Xun YI’s gaze turned cold, “You better make sure that your mouth is clean when you speak!” Guang Family’s Family Master Guang Tianlu who had been remaining silent all along said faintly, “If you didn’t climb onto your elders’ beds, how were you able to become the sect master so easily?” “Audacious! Our sect master is not someone that you all can slander!” Cloud Sect’s disciples shouted out and drew out their swords. Xun Yi laughed faintly, “The two of you are speaking without any evidence. Seems like you two have something against my Cloud Sect. If so, we will have no choice but to fight it out!” Wang Dabao spread out his hands, “Let’s fight then. The final power that remains after the fight should receive the ancient godly item.” All of the big shots nodded their heads. How could no blood spill when fighting over the ancient godly item! Right when the few parties were about to begin fighting, a black void suddenly appeared at the scene. Death Mage could be seen walking out of the black void while holding onto his sickle. On Death Mage’s mouth, there was a cigar, and even more, there was a woman hugging onto him. Everyone that was present was dazed. Xun Fang who was within Death Mage’s embrace was dazed too. A minute earlier. Within the rented house. Death Mage had already charged his phone to full, to prevent his phone from running out of battery while he was playing his game. My balance does not need to be topped up for the time being, and I have prepared my cigar, it’s time to set out! However, before I leave, I better search on Baidu on how to get a woman to fall madly in love with a skeleton. However… There wasn’t any result. I will change skeleton to man then. And as expected, lots of results appeared this time. Death Mage felt that pretty much all of the results were not suitable for him. Injuring oneself to gain the other's pity? Won't do. Hero saving the beauty? She is too ugly already… Acting cool and receive the beauty’s affection. This one can be considered. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Ugly woman, I will bring you out to act cool.” While crying, Xun Fang became exhausted and fell asleep. Upon opening her red and swollen eyes, Xun Fang immediately stood up and attacked towards Death Mage. When Xun Fang had spiritual energy, she was not a match for Death Mage, so let alone when she did not have any spiritual energy. Stretching out his hand and pulling Xun Fang into his embrace, Death Mage summoned the black void and stepped into the black void. And this was what happened a minute earlier.

Translator: Wigglegui



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