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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 147 – Bring you to act cool, bring you to fly 2/2 South’s prideful woman was leaning onto a skeleton with her eyes red, and both of her hands were even hitting onto the skeleton’s chest. How could an image like this not cause others to have the wrong idea? The ten thousand people that were present began whispering to one another. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, this Cloud Sect’s sect master sure is licentious, she actually really got together with a skeleton.” “Does the skeleton even have a handle? Look at that prideful woman, she got handled by that skeleton to the point that she cried.” “The big one is f**ked by a skeleton, and the small one is f**ked by the elders. So Cloud Sect is actually a depraved den.” “That’s right, that’s right, and I originally thought that Sect Master Xun was framed, but from the looks of it now, her taste is indeed unique.” “Humph, what do all of you even know, what she is doing is called hugging onto a skeleton’s leg. Do you all know who this black robe is? This black robe is the one who fought with Xiao Yi. If not, why do you all think that Xun Fang would go and serve upon this skeleton!” “F**k, there is even a matter like this? This woman is indeed lewd. And she even acted like she was a saint in the past. Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Xun Fang’s originally red pretty face gradually turned pale. Although they were speaking in a very low voice, their words still fell into Xun Fang’s ears. Xun Yi could be seen walking out a few steps and laughed, “Senior sister, why did you suddenly come here for? It couldn’t be that, now that you have a backing, you also want to come and try snatch over the ancient godly item, right?” The big shots that had always been in love with Xun Fang have completely given up too. Just based on that scene just now, my goddess has definitely been defiled by the skeleton. Filthy! Sickening! Raising Thunder Sect’s sect master said gravely, “Xun Fang, I have misread you! I didn’t expect that you would willingly degrade yourself and become a skeleton’s female slave!” “Xun Fang, why did you even do this? In the past, you said that you won’t be finding a man for this entire life of yours, and yet, right now, you… Sigh!!!” Hai Daisi lamented. Tears of regret flowed out from Hai Daisi’s eyes. Dry Zen Sect’s Sect Master Che Zhixuan said faintly, “Xun Fang indeed did not find herself a man, she found herself a skeleton.” When Che Zhixuan finished speaking, ten thousand people laughed at the same time. Xun Fang’s expression was perplexed, pushing away Death Mage from her, Xun Fang walked a few steps forward slowly. “You all are mistaken, it’s not like what you all think.” Xun Fang shouted out loudly. Why is everyone misunderstanding me, how would it even be possible that I would get together with a skeleton, what I merely wanted to do is to take my revenge! Traceless Pavilion’s Ge Zheng said faintly, “Xun Fang, you made me felt very disappointed, I didn’t expect that you were this kind of woman, you have truly thrown our cultivation world’s face!” “Sect Master Xun, quickly go back to your daddy skeleton’s embrace.” “Daddy skeleton’s fingers are very long, but they are too slender, mine are just nice, do you want them?” All those disciples began ridiculing Xun Fang. Xun Fang tightly held her hands into fists. Upon seeing that, Death Mage immediately undid Xun Fang’s seal. Bang! A resplendent light could be seen blossoming out from Xun Fang’s body and rushed straight up to the sky, illuminating up to a radius of 1 km. Everyone was astonished. She actually broke through at this timing!!! A purple color sword congealed in Xun Fang’s slender hand, and immediately, the radiance of the sword radiated out in all directions. “Why are you all not willing to believe me! Why!’ Xun Fang raised her head towards the sky and shouted out. In the next moment, Xun Fang brandished the purple sword that was within her hand. A purple color half-moon shaped sword energy was shot out and chopped towards the crowd. The sword energy slashed out a deep chasm, and within the chasm, it was filled with broken arms and legs. All those arms and legs belonged to the people that ridiculed her just now. A red light flickered within Death Mage’s eyes. This woman is very vicious! No wonder His Honor wants me to make her fall madly in love with me, that way, she would be able to be of use to me. His Honor is truly formidable. Xun Yi’s expression sunk as she shouted out loudly, “Senior sister has fallen into the demon dao, kill her!” As expected, along with Xun Yi’s shout, all of Cloud Sect’s disciples advanced towards this previous sect master of theirs! The other powers that were at the side also began to move. Ten thousand people were attacking towards a weak woman. Xun Fang slowly lowered the sword within her hand and closed her beautiful eyes. Death is the best relief for me. After waiting for quite a while, the pain that she imagined did not appear. Opening her eyes, Death Mage appeared in front of her. Death Mage raised his sickle, and all of the surrounding people flew out. Why! Why is my enemy the one that saved me in the end! While the people that were close to me in the past are pointing their swords towards me! Death Mage didn’t have the time to think too much. After pulling Xun Fang who was in a daze into his embrace, Death Mage stepped into the black void again. The reason that Death Mage left was because when he used his magic just now, he sensed that he seems to have caused something that was within the coffin to become dissatisfied. That kind of frightening power… it was like… http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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