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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 148 – Nine Demons Pagoda 1/2 Everyone didn’t expect that black robe would leave so easily. They even thought that black robe was going to stick out for Xun Fang. Zuo Xinran was in a very bad mood right now. Just now, that sword energy that Xun Fang slashed out, all of the people that got attacked by it belonged to him. Right when Zuo Xinran wanted to take revenge, Xun Fang and Death Mage disappeared! Say, how could Zuo Xinran not be angry! Wang Dabao laughed lightly, “Alright, everyone, we should open the coffin first.” “That’s right! Open the coffin first and see just what is inside! After that, it wouldn’t be too late to begin fighting for the ancient godly item.” Hai Daisi laughed. Everyone began to hold their breaths. Just what kind of ancient godly item is within this coffin! Cloud Sect sent out four disciples to go and open the coffin. The four disciples were extremely nervous. Because it is a coffin, it means that there is definitely a person inside! And the ancient godly item is right inside this coffin. Who knows, the person inside the coffin could be the protector of the ancient godly item. If we opened the coffin, and the corpse within the coffin starts moving, what should we do! “Quickly!” Xun Yi shouted out coldly. What are they doing, taking their own sweet time! The four disciples didn’t dare to dillydally anymore. Each of them stood at one side of the coffin, and after taking in a deep breath, they began exerting their strengths! Zi, zi, zi!!! The white jade coffin let out a heart-palpitating friction sound. Everyone did not dare to even make even the slightest sound. When the coffin was opened, the four disciples’ expressions were a bit astonished. Within the coffin, there lied a 7 to 8 years old little girl. The little girl’s hair was tied into a double ponytail and she wore a pretty princess dress. Although the little girl’s eyes were closed, she looked extremely adorable, the baby fat on her little cheeks caused others to not be able to help but to want to pinch onto it. However, no matter how eye-attracting the little girl was, the little girl was not as important as the thing that was within her hands. Ancient godly item! Cloud Sect’s disciples’ expressions sunk, and they took the lead to snatch the ancient godly item! Hai Daisi snorted as both of his hands jolted, and immediately, wind magic was shot towards the four Cloud Sect disciples. The four Cloud Sect disciples were blown up towards the sky and turned into four stars. “What a nice plan, Sect Master Xun!” Ge Zheng’s brows were filled with fury as he said coldly. Xun Yi scolded the four disciples ‘fools’ in her heart as she squeezed out a smile and said, “It is hard to avoid from there being a few traitors within the sect.” Wang Dabao who was at the side was currently secretly discussing about something with the three other family heads. In any case, what they were discussing about together was definitely not something good. Che Zhixuan lifted upwards with his hand, and immediately, the coffin was erected upright and faced towards everyone! Upon seeing the person and item within the coffin, everyone gasped. There is actually an adorable loli within the coffin! However, no matter how adorable the loli is, she isn’t as adorable as the item that is within her hands! “Nine Demons Pagoda!” Che Zhixuan’s gaze congealed as he mumbled. When Wang Dabao and the others heard that name, they immediately revealed a gasp of surprise. “This is the rumored Nine Demons Pagoda?!” Zuo Xinran looked at the pagoda that was within the loli’s hands and said dazedly. The pagoda that was within the loli’s hands was not very big, it was roughly the size of an adult’s palm. The pagoda had a total of nine layers, and the pagoda’s body was ink-black in color. If one was to look attentively at the pagoda, they would discover that each of the layers was emitting out a black fog, and the black fog that was emitted out from that particular layer was revolving around that layer. Yang Yi looked at the Nine Demons Pagoda and mumbled, “It is rumored that during the great war between gods and devils, countless ancient godly items fell into different parts of the earth. However, from ancient times up till now, all of the ancient godly items that have appeared have all represented righteousness. And this time, the ancient godly item that appeared is actually a devil item! Nine Demons Pagoda! This is unimaginable!” “It is rumored that when this pagoda appears, rivers of blood would definitely form!” Ge Zheng’s brows were tightly wrinkled, and there was hesitation within his tone, not knowing whether if he should snatch the ancient godly item or not. Xun Yi snorted lovably, “Who cares if it is a devil or a god, as long as it is an ancient godly item, it will do. If you all don’t want it, I want it!” After finish speaking, Xun Yi jumped forward with her body and took the lead to snatch the ancient godly item. Hai Daisi laughed in disdain as he formed a big fireball with one of his hands and threw it out towards Xun Yi. Xun Yi drew out her sword, “Insignificant attack!” The sword easily slashed away the big fireball. However, at this moment, Yang Yi sneak attacked from the side. Xun Yi hurriedly defended, however, she was still kicked by Yang Yi and sent flying away. Luckily, she didn’t roll on the floor, if not, her face would have been greatly thrown. “Yang Yi! You dare to sneak attack me!” Xun Yi’s willow brows wrinkled as she questioned gravely. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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