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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 148 – Nine Demons Pagoda 2/2 Hai Daisi and Yang Yi slowly walked to the middle. The two nodded their heads at each other, and soon after, one of them said, “This item is an ominous item, burying it deep within the ground is the best solution!” Guang Tianlu shouted out loudly, “Alliance Master Hai, Sect Master Yang, is it that, after burying the ancient godly item, you two can hog the ancient godly item for yourselves afterward!” Yang Yi shouted out solemnly, “Everyone! This Nine Demons Pagoda is able to entice one to go astray! Rumors has it that, even a god had turned into a devil because of the Nine Demons Pagoda!” “That’s right! The things that are imprisoned within the Nine Demons Pagoda are the souls of ancient demonic beasts! The higher the layer, the more ferocious the soul is! And at the top layer, what is imprisoned there is a devil king! At that time, it won’t be you controlling the pagoda, but the pagoda controlling you!” Hai Daisi shouted out angrily. However, not only did their persuasions not let everyone feel afraid, it made everyone wanted to obtain the pagoda even more! Wang Dabao raised his head and asked loudly, “How did you two know that much about this pagoda!” “Humph, how could I let you know the secrets of my sect?” Yang Yi said in disdain. Zuo Xinran stretched his neck left and right, “Hearsays! What you two want to do in the end is but merely hog the ancient godly item to yourselves!” After Zuo Xinran finished speaking, Zuo Xinran suddenly summoned his armor, and a green color long blade appeared in his right hand at the same time too. Immediately, Zuo Xinran became fully armed, and a frightening spiritual energy burst out from him. Not only Zuo Xinran, Wang Dabao also immediately summoned out his equipment. On the other hand, Zhi Anyan did not fully armed himself, and instead, he took out a book and read silently with his mouth. Immediately, a huge flame beast appeared. “Roar!!!” The beast bellowed. The bellow resonated throughout the heaven and earth, this beast was extremely frightening. Guang Tianlu took out three cards and threw the three cards out. The three cards each emitted out a white color light, and to one’s surprise, the three cards turned into three ice primal wolves. Each of the ice primal wolves were stepping onto a green color flame with their feet, appearing seemingly bizarre. South’s four big family heads rarely personally set out to fight. Everyone from the cultivation world was a bit astonished by the four big family heads. As expected of people who belonged to the head of a family! However, even if it was like this, all of the parties were still hooting at each other, and no one dared to truly attack. As long as the fight starts, rivers of blood would definitely form! Right when everyone was hesitating, the pagoda that was within the loli’s hands suddenly flew out from the loli’s hands and floated within the air! Everyone’s gaze was moved towards the Nine Demons Pagoda that was floating within the air, and their eyes were about to pop out of their eye sockets. Suddenly! The Nine Demons Pagoda rushed towards Xun Yi, and Xun Yi grabbed onto the Nine Demons Pagoda exultantly, “This ancient godly item is mine!” Wang Dabao shouted out loudly, “Kill!!!” “Kill!!!” “Kill!!!” The scene immediately turned into chaos and everyone began fighting with each other! At a place not far away, Emperor Cang looked at everything that was happening and revealed out a confident smile on his face. Go on and kill each other! Kill to your heart’s content! The Nine Demons Pagoda is mine! Amongst one of the fights that were happening, two disciples that belonged to different powers could be seen fighting while chatting with each other. The two were practically pretending to be fighting with each other. It was reckoned that, even after everyone had died, the two of them still wouldn’t have finished their fight. “Don’t you feel that it is strange?” “What is strange? Pay a bit attention to your expression, you have to carry along a bit of killing intent within your expression, don’t let others see through us.” “You take a look at the loli that is within the coffin. This ancient godly item, even if it hasn’t been buried for ten thousand years, it should have been buried for at least a thousand years, right?” “So what if that is the case?” “You take a look at that loli, that loli is wearing a lace princess dress, and eye-dazzling diamond high-heeled shoes. Are the people from a thousand years back so fashionable?” “After listening to what you said, you are right, it is rather strange.” At the waterfall. Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s expressions were a bit strange, while Ye Hua’s expression was still tranquil as always. “The little girl within the coffin is so pitiful, to have died at such a young age.” Qing Ya couldn’t help but said. Right now, then did I know that the television is not lying, for a treasure, they are willing to fight and kill with each other. “Pitiful?” Ye Hua laughed lightly as he looked towards the loli that was within the coffin and thought to himself, “She is not pitiful in the slightest bit!!!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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