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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 149 – I am an expert in killing 1/2 Qing Ya looked at the loli that was within the coffin and said, “That’s right, look at how adorable she looks. It is truly a pity that she died.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu took a look at each other, and their gazes were filled with helplessness. “Don’t look anymore, the food is getting cold.” Ye Hua reminded. This woman is enchanted by the show. “Don’t mess around, let me watch just what the outcome would be. So many people are fighting with each other over that pagoda, Ye Hua, why aren’t you fighting over the pagoda too?” Qing Ya asked curiously. Ye Hua lighted up a cigarette and said faintly, “What is there good in fighting over a garbage.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, “Take a look at you, your acting cool after smoking syndrome is acting up again, sigh…” Ye Hua couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and pinched onto that smooth little cheek, “Eat your food.” “Humph~” Although Qing Ya began eating the food, her gaze was still fixed onto the holographic image. Meanwhile, the others have already finished eating and were currently watching and waiting to see what the outcome would be. Currently at the scene, the spectacle was extremely tragic. Amongst the ten thousand people, after 10+ minutes had passed, only a thousand people were left! Although the various big shots were all still alive, their bodies were wounded from the fights. Right now, the Nine Demons Pagoda was a thorny item, whoever who held onto it would get attacked by the others! This caused the ancient godly item to be thrown onto the ground, as if it was a garbage item. Bang, bang, bang!!! Under the cultivation world’s bombardment, the flame beast collapsed with a loud bang. Zhi Anyan suddenly spat out a mouth of blood, and a disciple immediately went up and supported onto Zhi Anyan. “Everyone, I will be withdrawing first!” Zhi Anyan held onto his chest. Summoning the beast consumed too much of my spiritual energy. I didn’t expect that those bastards of the cultivation world would be so durable. It is going to take me at least a year to fully recover my strength, if I were to continue on fighting, it won’t be worthwhile for me. Wang Dabao’s expression sunk, “Zhi Anyan, are you going to leave just like this?!” “Wang Daobao, goodbye!” Wang Dabao almost spat out a mouth of blood, goodbye your mom! You scum! As expected of the sects that belonged to the cultivation world, as sects that were thousands of years old, their accumulation was indeed deep, families that only had 2 digit years of accumulation were completely not able to withstand the bombardments of those sects! Wang Dabao’s expression was grave. From the looks of it, I’m afraid that this ancient godly item is going to fall into the hands of the cultivation world! Emperor Cang who was watching the fight was starting to become restless. I just have to wait for a bit more. Right now, one party has already left, the various family heads will soon not be able to withstand the cultivation world’s attacks, and very quickly, it will turn into an internal strife amongst the powers of the cultivation world! At that time, when they are fighting to the death with each other, I will come out and fish for the benefits! Doesn't that just sound great! At the corner of the scene, the two disciples were still fighting with each other. At their sides, everyone had already collapsed, and the two of them were the only people left that were still standing. This caused their fight to seem a bit fake. “You collapse or I collapse?” “Let’s collapse together, if we continue acting, we will get exposed.” “Alright! Let’s collapse together.” The two seemed like they have come to an agreement as the two flew out at the same time. However, one of them landed onto a corpse. Pfft! “Brother, go easy a bit.” “The f**k, brother, you are pretending dead too?” “Don’t speak anymore, pretend to be dead.” However, at a place that was not far away from them, the Nine Demons Pagoda that was left on the ground suddenly floated up into the air, then flew towards the distance. Everyone who was fighting with each other was startled and they immediately chased after the Nine Demons Pagoda. Emperor Cang’s heart sunk as he looked at the huge amount of people that were heading towards his side. Could it be that, I have been exposed?! Unexpected to Emperor Cang, the Nine Demons Pagoda suddenly appeared in front of him, and he became exulted! Emperor Cang stretched out his hand and grabbed onto the Nine Demons Pagoda. After grabbing onto it, Emperor Cang began feeling that familiar feeling that was coming from the Nine Demons Pagoda. “Northerners!” Che Zhixuan shouted out loudly as he threw out a few poison pellets towards Emperor Cang. It is fine for us southerners to fight over the ancient godly item amongst ourselves. But for there to be northerners here too, what is the meaning of this! At this moment, everyone who was still fighting with each other a moment ago suddenly became of one mind and attacked towards Emperor Cang and the others. The three that were behind Emperor Cang were immediately scared to death. This Emperor Cang did not wield the plot properly, everything has crashed! The three couldn’t care about whatever agreements they had with Emperor Cang anymore as they turned around and ran. Emperor Cang did not care about these three at all, because his goal from the start was to get his hands onto the Nine Demons Pagoda. Right now, with his goal achieved, what does he need these three for anymore? “Who are you!” Xun Yi pointed her sword at Emperor Cang and shouted out. Emperor Cang raised the Nine Demons Pagoda that was within his hand up high and shouted out loudly, “Thou am Emperor Cang!” Everyone became dazed for a moment. I have never heard of such a weird name before. Thou Am Emperor Cang? Four words, and it’s so unsmooth to read it out. Could it be that, he is someone that belongs to Great Master Cang? Emperor Cang was sneering. Quickly come and kneel before me! Right now, with the Nine Demons Pagoda in my hands, who would even be able to be a match against me, Emperor Cang! As long as I, Emperor Cang, releases the grievance spirits within the Nine Demons Pagoda, all of you will die! Die! Die! However, right when Emperor Cang was about to exhibit out his might, the southerners that were in front of him suddenly began whistling towards another direction. Dazed… Emperor Cang was dazed… Raising his head and taking a look at his hand, he discovered that the Nine Demons Pagoda disappeared! A never before anger began erupting within Emperor Cang’s heart. Bang! With Emperor Cang as the center, an airwave blew out in all directions, and immediately after, a resonance spread out through the heaven and earth, and a loud burst suddenly rang out! Emperor Cang’s entire body turned into a lump of black fog and chased towards the Nine Demons Pagoda. The Nine Demons Pagoda belongs to me, Emperor Cang! All of you can forget about snatching away the Nine Demons Pagoda from me!!! Emperor Cang’s entire plan was completely messed up, and thus right now, he had no choice but to fight over the Nine Demons Pagoda with force! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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