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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 149 – I am an expert in killing 2/2 Currently, at the center of the battlefield, there was blood everywhere on the ground. There were quite a number of people who haven’t died that were howling in pain while lying on the ground, and also, quite a number of people who were pretending to be dead were currently observing around their surroundings. Within the white jade coffin, the loli whose eyes were originally closed suddenly opened her beautiful eyes. The loli’s pupils were bright red in color, and if one were to look attentively at her eyes, they would discover that there was a complicated black color veined pattern within each of the pupils. However, matching with that loli’s face, the loli truly looks adorable to death. The loli could be seen grinning as she lightly floated out of the coffin. Soon after, the loli landed onto the ground, and her high heel shoes stepped onto the blood that was on the ground. “Lalala… lalala, I am an expert in killing.” Within the scene that was just like that of a purgatory, the sweet voice of a loli rang out. The loli hopped around the ground, causing the blood that was on the ground to splash onto her white color princess dress, and gradually, the white color princess dress turned into bright red color. The originally white color diamond high heel shoes also turned into red color. Bang! Suddenly, the sound of thunder rang out, and the sky began pouring. At this moment, the scene could really be described as rivers of blood. “Lalala, lalala, where are all of you?” The loli hopped around while searching. The two that were pretending to be dead together just a while ago couldn’t stop the fear that was appearing within their hearts, and their bodies began trembling. The loli that was within the coffin actually came to live! What did I say just now! I knew that there was definitely a problem with the loli, where would someone that was from the ancient times wear a princess dress! “Found you~” The sweet voice rang out at the man’s ear, and the man swallowed a mouth of saliva as he slowly turned his head around while his entire body was trembling. The man’s eyes were filled with fright. Although the loli that was in front of the man's eyes was very adorable, along with that adorableness, there was also ruthlessness hidden within the loli. The grin on the loli was enough to make one’s heart go stiff. “You won’t be able to run away~” The loli’s ponytails suddenly raised. The man couldn’t help but want to run away, but he wasn’t able to do it! The man watched helplessly as one of the ponytails entered into his mouth, and when the ponytail entered into his mouth, the man could felt that the hair was growing crazily, and in no time, the hair grew and went all the way up to his head and the bottom of his soles. No! She is absorbing away my blood essence! No! No! At the scene, the man shouted out miserably, and the loli’s hair gradually turned from black color to red color. Looking at the man that had become dried up, the loli withdrew her ponytail from the man’s body, “I finally came up with a plan after going through great difficulty, and yet, only this much people came. Annoying~ Wasted my brain cells for nothing~” The loli puffed her cheeks and stomped her feet onto the ground. Soon after, her double ponytail flew upward and began splitting into more ponytails unlimitedly. No matter if they are dead or alive, I will pierce into all of them and absorb their blood! Those that have died did not feel anything, and they could be counted as the lucky ones. Meanwhile, those who pretended to be dead began feeling excruciating pain and began howling in pain. Before a minute had even passed, everyone that was present in the scene turned into dried corpses. The loli pursed her lips and said, “Boring, I should go and find the experts to play with~ Lalala, lalala, I am an expert in killing.” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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