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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 15 – Boss is benevolent “Humph, I started my business when I was 20 years old. After going through 5 years, I started from zero up to a company that is worth tens of billions right now. Furthermore, the company is currently the top 50 companies in the whole nation. I dare to ask, in this world, who is able to accomplish this!” Qing Ya snorted and spoke out her own glorious history. I am indeed this world’s strongest woman! Ye Hua slanted his eyes and took a look at her, “Your family helped you out quite a bit right?” Qing Ya’s gaze was a bit swaying, “They only helped a small portion.” “Let’s not talk about this first. Let’s say, if there is a sniper within that building right now, and the sniper is aiming right at you, what would you do?” Ye Hua said calmly as he pointed towards the building at the front. Qing Ya went into a daze for a bit, then said casually, “Call the police.” “The police arrived, but you are lying within a pool of blood, and the glory that you had in this life vanished in a puff of smoke.” Listening to those tranquil words of Ye Hua, Qing Ya seemed very serious and unprecedentedly did not retort. Sinking into contemplation, her gaze looked towards the building at the front. Ye Hua once again took out a cigarette and lighted it up, afterward, took a puff and lightly exhaled out. However, this time, ghastly killing intent was emitted from within his eyes. Above the sky of the river, a bullet pierced through the air and flew towards Qing Ya’s forehead. However, all of a sudden, a weird wind caused the bullet to come to a halt, then soon after, the bullet flew backward at its trajectory at a rapid speed. The sniper looked at the target through the 8 times scope. What a beautiful woman, it is a pity… But one second after the sniper shot the sniper rifle, he did not see the target’s head explode. Impossible! Where did the bullet run to? “Bang!” Following the ringing of a sound, the sniper rifle suddenly exploded, and half of the sniper’s neck was swept away by the explosion. The sniper’s head was falling off, and the sniper tried his utmost effort to hold his head upright, but it was useless. As the sniper lied on the wall powerlessly, he gradually lost his consciousness, all the way up till his death. Qing Ya was totally oblivious to how much danger she was in just a while ago, and was still thinking about the question, and in the end, she said stubbornly, “Where is there that many bad guys.” “Bad guys are everywhere, perhaps the bad guy is even at your side.” “From what I see, you look just like a bad guy.” Qing Ya pouted her mouth, this man sure has a bunch of dishonest thinking in his mind. Ye Hua flicked off the cigarette butt again, “I simply want to tell you that, rather than letting other people control your life, you are better off controlling everyone!” Controlling everyone! Qing Ya stared fixedly at Ye Hua, and after a good while, she said, “Ye Hua! Are you thinking of letting me be a bad guy!” “Bad guy? Haha.” Ye Hua laughed lightly. “Hey, hey, hey, you stand right there and explain it clearly to me! What are you laughing about! Stand right there! You this bastard!” Qing Ya hurriedly chased after Ye Hua, then suddenly jumped onto Ye Hua’s back and embraced onto Ye Hua’s necks with both of her hands. The latter’s face turned black and shouted, “Come down! No manners!” “Not coming down!” “Are you coming down or not!” “Not coming down! If you have the guts, throw me into the river then.” Qing Ya snorted, she was certained that Ye Hua wouldn’t dare to throw her into the river. Ye Hua could be seen walking towards the protective railing, and Qing Ya began to feel a bit nervous. Seeing that Ye Hua was preparing to climb up onto the protective railing, Qing Ya shouted out loudly, “I will come down! I will come down, you win!” Ye Hua looked coldly at Qing Ya. To actually let me carry her! If words were to get out, where would my face be! As a supreme overlord, I actually carried a woman! “Don’t be this rude next time!” Ye Hua said coldly, Qing Ya said in disdain, “Do you think that you are an emperor? What about this is rude? Will you die if you carry your wife for a bit?!” “That’s right, I will die.” “You!!!” During the journey back to the bar, Ye Hua secretly informed Lie Gu to go check on that hitman, but not to mess up the scene, just secretly check it out will do. I sure want to see, just who has such huge guts, to actually want to murder my child! Returning back to Leisure Bar, Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled. In the past, the bar would be packed with people right now, but today, the bar was only half filled, just what happened! Qing Ya understood the situation clearly with just one look. With a sweet voice, she shouted out, “Ye Hua, I will go upstairs and bath first, you quickly come up okay~” Immediately, a few women left the bar in a bad mood. Seeing that, Qing Ya felt that her entire body was at ease, and as for Ye Hua, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. Sooner or later, I will be driven mad by this woman. “Boss.” Wei Chang shouted respectfully. Ye Hua surveyed the surroundings and said in a deep voice, “Just let it be like this for now.” “Boss, if this carries on, our business will have to be closed in a few months’ time.” Wei Chang was very helpless, ever since the lady boss appeared, the women that came to the bar had more or less all left and stopped coming. Those women are the bar’s main consumer. Ye Hua does not sigh normally, but right now, he also sighed, “Wait for me to move out in a few days and everything should return to normal.” “Boss, you want to move out?!” Wei Chang was in disbelieve. His honor has not moved from here during the 5 years, why did he suddenly want to move out now? “En, in the future, you will look over this place.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Wei Chang nodded his head and said very cautiously, “Boss, during this night, 200+ rmb disappeared from my card.” Black lines appeared on Ye Hua’s forehead, “I won’t use your card anymore in the future!” “Boss is benevolent!” Wei Chang was in exultation. His honor is finally not going to use my money anymore, I almost feel like crying already. Walking into the bedroom, Ye Hua discovered that Qing Ya went to shower again. Just how many times does this woman need to shower in a day? Her mysophobia is even more serious than mine. After a while, Qing Ya walked out from the bathroom unhurriedly and said indifferently, “Everyone left already?” Ye Hua lied on the bed and did not reply as he looked at the latest magazine within his hand. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, looking at today’s situation, I reckon that your bar will have to close in a few months’ time.” Qing Ya was very happy, there was nothing more pleasurable than looking at Ye Hua's unhappy face. Ye Hua closed the magazine and said indifferently, “It is okay, your card is in my hand.” “Bastard, using a woman’s money, gigolo.” “Using my wife’s money, it is fair and aboveboard.” Ye Hua said calmly. “Ye Hua, just how thick is your skin?” Qing Ya lied on the bed and stretched out her hand towards Ye Hua’s face to pinch it. Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled, “What are you doing!” “Oh, oh, oh, someone is getting angry. Tsk~” Qing Ya said in disdain and straightforwardly lied at the other side of the bed. “Who let you sleep on the bed!” Ye Hua asked in a deep voice. This woman actually dares to sleep on the bed without getting my consent first! Qing Ya pursed her lips, “If you are not happy about it, you can go sleep on the sofa then.” Ye Hua was angered to the point that his finger started trembling. If she……Endure! Endure for another 9 months and I will be able to resume back my peaceful life. Long Aotian’s mood was pretty good today. Just thinking that I have such a beautiful fiancé is enough to make me feel excited incessantly. A woman that is beautiful to that degree is really rare. Furthermore, I cured the sickness of her entire family members and won over her elders’ favor. Although she rejected me on the surface, it is only because she is embarrassed in her heart only, how could I not understand about that? After all, it is always written like that in the novels. Chased after a cool and elegant CEO, then chased after a super big celebrity, then chased after whatever eldest daughter of a concealed martial family, this is, I, Long Aotian’s, true portrayal! I won't live for nothing in this life anymore, hahaha!!! Not sure what Qing Ya is doing at this timing, I will give her a call and say goodnight to her first. Ye Hua was not used to having someone sleeping by his side, even if that person was a woman who he had touched before, thus, it led to him suffering from insomnia! However, this woman is actually sleeping so soundly that her saliva is about to drip out. My God! So disgusting!!!

Translator: Wigglegui



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