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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 150 – So all of you are hiding here~ 1/2 At the waterfall. Qing Ya had already completely fainted. When the powers began fighting fervently with each other, Qing Ya couldn’t resist feeling dizzy. If she were to see the scene of the loli absorbing everyone’s blood, it was reckoned that it would have been too much for her to take in. With a slight arc on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth, Ye Hua held onto Qing Ya and lightly caressed onto her smooth cheek. Stimulation training is more or less enough for today, things have to be taken slowly one step at a time. “Boss.” Lie Gu kept away his constant frivolous attitude and said gravely. Ye Hua looked towards the sky, and with a deep gaze, he said faintly, “Let’s take a look at how things go first.” Suddenly! A shadow flew towards the camp at high speed. Ye Hua silently raised his head and took a look at the shadow. Raising his hand, Ye Hua lightly waved with his hand. The Nine Demons Pagoda immediately came to a stop and stopped at a spot that was not far away from the front of Ye Hua. The dense black fog that was within the pagoda could be seen moving around restlessly, seemingly like it was showing off its strength, and even more, the dense black fog seemed like it was going to rush out of the pagoda. A trace of red light flickered in Ye Hua’s gaze. And right after the red light flickered, the Nine Demons Pagoda’s black fog seemed to have come to a stop for a moment. After stopping for 0.1 second, all of the black fog withdrew deep within the pagoda tremblingly. A mere small devil also dares to be arrogant in front of me? If not for there being a bit of use in keeping you, I would have burned this entire pagoda. Right now, the Nine Demons Pagoda’s appearance could be said to be of no difference from other accessories. Even more, the Nine Demon Pagoda could be even said to be ugly, it was practically like a pagoda-shaped black steel right now. The four maids could be said to be stunned. All those people, for the purpose of snatching over this Nine Demons Pagoda, the number of deaths is more or less ten thousand right now. And yet, at the boss’s side, I could see that the boss is disdain towards the Nine Demons Pagoda, and even more, that impetuous pagoda, when it’s in front of the boss, it became quiet and still. The boss is truly filled with mysteries. Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s brows were deeply wrinkled. It was not because of the pagoda, but because they were worried about just how His Honor was going to deal with her! Ye Hua was indeed thinking about how he should deal with her. Kill or don’t kill, I will decide after seeing just what the actual circumstances were! After taking in a deep breath, Ye Hua lightly waved his hand once again, and the Nine Demons Pagoda that was on the table immediately flew back like a bullet. Within the sky that was not far away from the waterfall. Emperor Cang had already chased up to the crowd, and even more, he had even chased up to the front of the crowd. While at the front, he casually took the chance to injure Hai Daisi and Che Zhixuan. And because of that, his chance of snatching over the ancient godly item has raised up a bit more. “If you all are sensible, scram! If not, don’t blame me, Emperor Cang, for being ruthless! When I become ruthless, even I would be afraid of myself!” Emperor Cang shouted out gravely. Right now, I have to feign bravado, and take advantage of this moment of aura and suppress them, if not, once they join hands, it would become very hard for me. No one paid attention to Emperor Cang at all and all of them continued flying forward at high speed. Emperor Cang had never been disregarded like this before, and immediately, his body flickered and appeared in front of everyone. “Not knowing how to appreciate one’s kindness! Refusing to take the carrot and would rather get the stick! Today, I will exterminate all of you!” Right when Emperor Cang was about to exhibit his might, an astonishing aura appeared behind him. Emperor Cang thought that someone was trying to sneak attack him and he dodged slightly to the side! Wang Dabao who was within the crowd was exulted. The thing that is at the sky is not a hidden weapon at all, the Nine Demons Pagoda has come flying back! And even more, it is flying towards me, haha!! As expected, my luck is still here, even when it comes to snatching over the ancient godly item, my luck is still at the brim! Wang Dabao could be seen grabbing onto the Nine Demons Pagoda that flew towards him. Right when everyone was still feeling astonished, without any second thoughts, Wang Dabao turned around and ran. Upon seeing that, Zuo Xinran and Guang Tianlu both chose to withdraw, while the cultivation world’s powers went and chased after Wang Dabao. Emperor Cang did not move at all. Right now, Emperor Cang’s handsome face was filled with malevolent. Just who is it that is messing around with me! Just who is it!!! Turning his head around, Emperor Cang saw that there was a trace of flame within the valley that was not far away from him. Emperor Cang tightly held his hands into fists and endless amount of spiritual energy began erupting out from his body. Immediately, the wind became strong, clouds appeared one after another, and thunder after thunder suddenly began ringing out. It was as if the end of the world has arrived. I can choose to not want the ancient godly item! But the person who messed around with me must die! Emperor Cang suddenly flew towards the valley with an astonishing aura! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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