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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 151 – Ye Zizi 1/2 Emperor Cang kept back his palms and gazed towards the front. The dust gradually subsided, and a huge semicircular pit could be seen appearing in front of Emperor Cang. The huge semicircular pit seemed as if it was dug out by a huge machine. Emperor Cang’s expression gradually changed from indifferent, to calm, then gradually to surprise, and in the end, to being appalled. Looking at that figure, Emperor Cang was in complete disbelief. ‘Mountain destroying dark light’ is counted as one of my super techniques, no one has ever been able to survive through it! Let alone come out unscathed after being hit by it! And yet, right now!!! The loli’s dress was completely clean and spotless, and her double ponytail was swaying along with the wind. Even more, her smile has never changed from the start until now. The loli could be seen covering her mouth and laughed lightly, “Oh, haha, you are really formidable~” The four maids that were watching the battle were stunned. Just who is this loli!!! On the other hand, Ye Hua and the other two seemed very calm. Emperor Cang’s breathing was a bit urgent right now. This person that is in front of me is not a loli at all, she is a monster! As expected, those who were the protectors of the ancient godly items were all sickeningly powerful existences. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, I will think about fighting her after I have snatched the ancient godly item! Without any hesitation, Emperor Cang turned around and ran. Right now, he couldn’t care about whatever face of his anymore. For this little monster to be able to come out unscathed after enduring my super technique, her strength is definitely very strong. Thus, I may as well leave her to the people that are from the Leisure Bar to handle. This can be counted as me using someone else to do my work! A trace of evil smile appeared on the corner of the loli’s mouth, “Little rabbit wants to run? You are truly unadorable.” The double ponytail could be seen shooting out all of a sudden. Emperor Cang who was running turned pale with fright, and unexpected to him, his left leg was wrapped around by one of the ponytails. Emperor Cang congealed out a long blade within his hand and ruthlessly chopped it down onto the ponytail. Clang! The sound of metals colliding actually rang out. Emperor Cang looked at the broken blade that was within his hand and revealed out fear in his gaze. This is impossible! The ponytail was like a viper, it immediately wrapped itself all around Emperor Cang’s leg, then soon after, it ruthlessly pulled! Bang! Emperor Cang’s entire body shot into the ground like a bullet, causing a huge ripple to form on the water, and also forming a huge pit in the ground. Within the pit, Emperor Cang’s face was filled with fear. Right now, his entire body had been wrapped around by the ponytail, and no matter how he struggled, he wasn’t able to free himself from the ponytail! To make things worse, the other ponytail was slowly moving towards Emperor Cang. Emperor Cang looked at the ponytail that was moving towards him and his expression was filled with fluster and fear! On the ponytail that was moving, there were actually a bunch of small mouths that were filled with sharp teeth! “No! Don’t! Don’t come over!” Emperor Cang was in a complete panic right now. However, no one would be able to save him now! The ponytail immediately went into Emperor Cang’s mouth and began extending throughout Emperor Cang’s body, then began absorbing the delicious blood essence. Emperor Cang’s body could be seen drying up at a speed that was visible to the eyes. In less than 10 seconds, what was left of Emperor Cang’s entire body was but a skeleton frame and a layer of skin. No one would be able to recognize that this person was the renowned Emperor Cang! And even up till death, Emperor Cang still was not able to make sense of lots of things. The loli licked onto her bright red lips, “Truly delicious, much delicious compared to those people just now~” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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