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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 151 – Ye Zizi 2/2 The loli kept her double ponytail, then began hopping to a spot that was not far away from Ye Hua and said with a smile, “Those are all rabbits~ All of you are the ones that are the big lions~ Don’t run away like that little rabbit okay? If not, I will become very angry~” While lightly caressing onto the Qing Ya that was within his embrace, Ye Hua looked towards the loli that was not far away from him and asked faintly, “What is your name?” The loli pouted her mouth and poked onto her chin with her finger. After thinking for a while, “Hmmm, I’m not going to tell you~” “Ye Zizi!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely! The loli’s scarlet eyes immediately became startled and she suddenly jumped backward. The smile on the loli’s face was kept away by her as she asked coldly, “Who are you! Why do you know me!” Ye Hua watched attentively onto the loli’s every move, and even up to the subtle change in the loli's expression. Ye Hua shouted out coldly, “Ye Zizi, do you know the consequences of fooling me!” The loli grinned and shook her head, “Although I don’t know why you know me, but all of you seems truly delicious~” “Impudent!” “Impudent!” Both Wei Chang and Lie Gu shouted out at the same time and a stern aura erupted out from their bodies. The loli spread out her small hands and had a disdain expression on her face. Even more, soon after, she took out a small mirror and began checking if her hairstyle has become messed up or not. Wei Chang and Lie Gu could evidently sense that His Honor’s was really angered this time and the two hurriedly said, “Boss, let us handle this matter.” Ye Hua knew what Wei Chang and Lie Gu were thinking of right now. The two of them want to protect her! That’s right, Wei Chang and Lie Gu indeed wanted to protect the loli. If the two of us step out, we can make sure that Ye Zizi doesn’t die. But if His Honor were to step out himself, it is most likely that something grave would happen! Old acquaintances being reunited with each other, but who would have thought that blades would be pointed between the old acquaintances. In the past, Wei Chang and Lie Gu felt that His Honor was just joking around. After all, how could the Seven Sins betray His Honor? But looking at the current situation, Ye Zizi’s action is no different from having betrayed His Honor! Although she was everyone’s happy fruit in the past, and even the name that she picked had the same surname as His Honor’s surname, the Ye Zizi right now is not the Ye Zizi that we knew anymore! Back then, she would always wander around His Honor’s side from day to night, and even more, she gave His Honor the nickname, ‘big skeleton head’. Within the Seven Sins, only she, Ye Zizi, would dare to address His Honor as ‘big skeleton head’. But right now… Even though it was like this, Wei Chang and Lie Gu still really couldn’t believe the truth that was in front of their eyes. Ye Hua took in a deep breath, and his thoughts went back to a very long time ago. I remember that, at that time, Ye Zizi was still very small and she was just like a baby. During that time, she was currently being encircled and attacked by the humans, and it just so happened that I and the others were passing by the place that she was at. And thus, we killed all the humans that were there. Originally, I was going to kill Ye Zizi too, but someone within the Seven Sins recognized that Ye Zizi was not a human, and thus, Ye Zizi’s life was spared. Up till now, Ye Hua still remembers the Ye Zizi during that time. Her eyes were scarlet color, and she had a look of unwilling to concede on her face. As proof of her nature of not willing to concede, during the years after Ye Zizi joined them, Ye Zizi became someone essential within the Seven Sins. Wei Chang only knew how to eat humans that were alive, while Ye Zizi wouldn’t even let go of a dead person. However, Ye Zizi had a bad habit too, which was that she was too lazy. If she could lie down, she wouldn’t bother to sit herself up. Who knows where she even learned such a bad habit from. Looking at today’s matter, it could be seen that Ye Zizi didn’t want to go and find one person after another one by one, and thus she used the ancient godly item to lure people over to her so that she could catch all of them in one go. Looking at that familiar face, the last image that Ye Hua had of Ye Zizi appeared in his mind. Ye Zizi was being encircled and attacked by three Overlords, and in the end, she died while lying in Ye Hua's embrace. The final words that she spoke even echoed within Ye Hua’s mind. I remember that, during that time, Ye Zizi’s entire body was covered with blood, and she didn’t even have the strength to lift up her hand anymore. However, the pair of scarlet eyes were filled with reluctance. “Big skeleton head, Zizi doesn't want to die, Zizi wants to accompany you to play, Zizi wants to compete against Gluttonous Monster, Zizi wants to continue on riding Big Skeleton Dragon, Zizi wants to be together with all of you. Big skeleton head, Zizi feels very cold… very cold…” Feeling Ye Zizi’s body that gradually turned stiff, it was the first time that Ye Hua revealed out the emotion known as pain, and Ye Hua’s howl of grief rang out in the entire battlefield. Ye Zizi, the first sin that died during the battle. At that time, everyone went berserk, and even if they had to exchange injuries for injuries, they were determined on killing the three Overlords! She looks exactly the same as Ye Zizi. However, her body is the only thing that is the same as Ye Zizi, the soul that is within the body is no longer the same. Ye Hua wasn’t able to tolerate anyone contaminating Ye Zizi! Not even Ye Zizi's body! After taking in a deep breath, Ye Hua said faintly, “I will deal with her!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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