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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 152 – The might of the snap of the fingers 1/2 Wei Chang and Lie Gu turned pale with fright as they shouted out involuntarily, “Your Honor!” The four maids heard Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s address towards the boss and were filled with confusion. Ye Hua’s gaze turned cold, and Wei Chang and Lie Gu immediately lowered their heads. Ye Hua placed the Qing Ya who was within his embrace in the tent. After tidying up Qing Ya’s hair, Ye Hua sighed and walked out of the tent. After walking to a spot that was 5 meters away from Ye Zizi, Ye Hua came to a stop. Wei Chang and Lie Gu revealed out a nervous expression. I don’t know just how His Honor is intending to deal with Ye Zizi. Ye Hua took out a cigarette box and took out a cigarette from the cigarette box, then lighted up the cigarette. With his brows slightly wrinkled, he said, “It’s been a very long time since I last fought.” Ye Zizi looked at the man that was in front of her and a trace of confusion appeared within her heart. This person gives me a sort of familiar feeling, but I’m not able to recall just who he is too. However, no matter what, he is still a delicious food. “Hehe, amongst everyone that I have met, you are the one that acts cool the most.” Ye Zizi said with a smile, and adorable dimples appeared on her cheeks. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Your guts have truly gotten much bigger.” “Humph~ My guts are super big~” Ye Zizi gestured with her hands, appearing seemingly adorable. Ye Hua was a bit confused, Ye Zizi’s actions and tone are still the same as before, just what is going on? Suddenly, Ye Zizi’s scarlet eyes became rather strange, her scarlet eyes seemed like they were revolving around in circles. Soon after, Ye Zizi cried out in surprise, “Wow! You are a big skeleton head~” The cigarette that was within Ye Hua’s hand immediately snapped into half and fell onto the side of his leather shoes. With a slight trace of astonishment, Ye Hua said, “Big skeleton head!" I remember that Ye Zizi calls me that in the past, because during that time, my body was still that of a skeleton. Even after reprimanding her a few times, she still wouldn’t stop calling me big skeleton head. “I didn’t expect that your true body would actually be a skeleton.” Ye Zizi was slightly astonished. Soon after, she looked towards the other side. A monster, and a skeleton dragon, things are getting interesting. Ye Hua sighed. And I thought that Ye Zizi remembered something. It turns out that she merely saw through my true body with her eyes. Excitement appeared within Ye Zizi’s eyes, “What an adorable big skeleton head, how about you be my pet? Then, I won’t absorb you~” The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth twitched slightly. Lie Gu who was at the side seemed to have recalled of the past and was feeling quite gloomy. Lie Gu remembered that in the past, Ye Zizi was very mischievous, and that there was also some problem with Ye Zizi’s esthetics. Every day, Ye Zizi would praise that His Honor is handsome and express that she also wants a skeleton creature as her pet. In the end, His Honor declined her request, and thus, Ye Zizi came and look for troubles with me, and even wants to ride me. To want to ride me, how was that possible? To have not been able to ride on Lie Gu was one of Ye Zizi’s biggest regrets before she died. “We will have to see if you have that capability or not then!” “Alright then~ I will go easy on you~” The real fight was about to begin at any moment, and Ye Zizi also started to become serious. Although Ye Zizi made it sounds easy when she spoke, she was faintly able to sense that the strength of the person in front of her was very strong. The two over there gives me the same feeling as this big skeleton head, and as for the four women over there, they can be disregarded. “Pavilion Master, it is right over there!!!” Suddenly, a big crowd of people rushed forth to the camp. Taking a look at the crowd, there were at least three thousand people. They were the northern powers that came along with Emperor Cang to the south. Originally, because they ran away too quickly, they lost contact with Emperor Cang, and right now, they did not know just where Emperor Cang went to. After thinking over it, they decided that it would be better for them to just head back to the north, to prevent any other accidents from happening. However, Extreme Thought Pavilion’s Pavilion Master He Feng suddenly recalled about the information that his subordinate reported to him, and thus decided to come over to this location to take a look at just what was going on. My people who went to that location disappeared one after another, I should go and take a look at the location before I leave. Xumi Monastery’s Shu Zhenhai and Phoenix King Bulding’s Man Kai followed along with He Feng to the location to take a look. For the two to choose to follow along with Man Kai, it could be considered as the two giving face to Man Kai. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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